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The project is focused on:

  • building a common background and basic knowledge among the project partners
  • designing and applying the learning path for facilitators in action learning methods
  • building and testing innovative tools for facilitators’ empowerment
  • promoting a European wide community of facilitators/mediators operating in SMEs contexts.

Duration: November 2006 – November 2008

Target group:
More than a hundred of trainers and learning facilitators of non formal training contexts: consultants, professionals/managers from local development agencies, trainers of VET systems

The SMEs in Eastern and Western countries

Six European countries covering different regions/areas characterised by potential and re-positioning SMEs aggregates: Romania (areas of Bucharest, Arad, Timisoara, Oradea); Italy (area of the North West and Basilicata region); Germany (area of Eastern Ruhr region); Poland (I sk region); Spain (area of Catalunya), Hungary (Békés in Dél-Alfold region).

2006-2008 Smeactor