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With the support of a conceptual framework on action learning methodologies, and of an operative framework for the context analysis, partners traced the key characteristics of each territorial context.

Targeted SMEs and main local actors working for SMEs were identified so as to prepare the launch of the pilot Labs (1st and 2nd tier facilitators and SMEs Lab).

The targeted areas were:

  • Basilicata (IT)
  • North West (IT)
  • Bekescsaba (HU)
  • Arad and Timis Counties (RO)
  • Bucharest-Ilfof (RO)
  • North West and Cluj Napoca (RO)
  • Upper Silesia (PL)
  • Dortmund (Eastern Ruhr) (DE)
  • Catalonia (ES)

A comparative short report, that is still an internal deliverable, summarizes all context analyses, including a section on pre-conditions for launching the learning laboratories (LL).


2006-2008 Smeactor