moodle taskpro

During 2nd partner’s meeting in Viladecans (Spain) held in June 2007, it was presented a first version of the facilitator’s virtual collaborative platform based on Moodle, the popular online learning management tool.

After a trial period and feedback/discussions in Labro (Italy), the platform design was redefined to better deal with the main topics relevant for SME ACTor project:

After platform reshaping, it started to be effectively used by the end of 2007, with the first scope of being a space for knowledge share and discussions between First Tier Facilitators group (the transnational group of facilitators formed in Labro accordingly to the Facilitator curriculum).

Later on, the access to the platform was progressively enlarged to the participants of the Learning Laboratories, that is, the Second Tier Facilitators and the SMEs representatives.
The Collaborative virtual learning community is currently formed by some 100 qualified professionals/managers dealing with the project, being its future goal to become a relevant European virtual community of learning facilitators operating in favour of SMEs aggregates.

Important note: individual facilitators or networks who are not participating from SME ACTor project but are interested in joining this virtual community are invited to contact the CVLC coordinator.


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