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A facilitator is a professional engaged in supporting and valorizing people directly involved in aggregation and co-operation processes of SMEs, by promoting and making easier (i.e. facilitating) activities of inter-organizational non formal learning, networking and animation of local expert communities.

His or her role is based on the ability of managing co-operation processes using action learning methods, assuming that people learn more effectively when working on real time problems occurring in their own settings.

In assisting people in learning processes, the facilitator/mediator can play different roles:

  • to be a moderator in working groups, workshops debates, etc;
  • to be an expert in process management;
  • to train on specific methods and tools;
  • to coach participants.

A facilitator/mediator can be:

  • a consultant
  • a trainer of local VET structures
  • a professional or a manager from employers associations or local development agencies
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