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In the space of the first six-month period of 2008, 17 laboratories were carried out in the six countries taking part in the project (Romania, Hungary, Poland, Germany, Italy, Spain).

Till now, more than sixty 2nd tier facilitators were involved in specific learning laboratories by the group of the 1st tier learning facilitators (16 people).

In order to effectively set up the learning labs, people participated in a proper training/awareness on AL methods and tools.

The Labs were organised in sessions and addressed to managers, consultants, experts, trainers:

  • Basilicata (IT): n. 3
  • Bekescsaba (HU): n. 2
  • Arad and Timis Counties (RO): n. 2
  • Bucharest-Ilfof (RO): 3
  • Upper Silesia (PL): 5
  • Dortmund (Eastern Ruhr) (DE): 4
  • Catalonia (ES): 1

Twenty nine learning laboratories for SMEs were carried out by June 2008 in the six countries with more than seventy participants: entrepreneurs, managers, professionals in different sectors (see Labs results)

Labs results were presented and discussed in the project coordination meeting in Katowice and summarized in the Labs results, in view of providing inputs for the main product of the project: the fieldbook.

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