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Periodical transnational meetings have been held since the Kick-off meeting in last November 2006, All the countries taking part in the project were present in

  • the Kick-off meeting in Bucharest (RO) (09-10/11/2006) in which the intertwined activities of the project were revisited by the participants with a strategic and operational approach, includine the valorisation activity.
  • the Dortmund workshop (DE) (07-09/03/2007) where participants identified contents and methods of the facilitator role and started up to plan the field activities in territorial contexts
  • the Viladecans workshop (ES) (27-29/06/2007) in which participants shared results of the various context analyses and planned out the facilitator curriculum and the collaborative virtual community of trainers and learning facilitators
  • the Labro learnshop (IT) (15-20/10/2007) was a specific opportunity for the 1st tier facilitators to practice a spectrum of AL methods and tools. The meeting was also focused on project management items
  • the Katowice workshop (PL) (26-28/05/2008) was mainly focused on the results of the laboratories in order to start to assemble inputs for the fieldbook. The launch of the collaborative virtual learning community was also agreed by all participants in the perspective to extend it at a lager scale.
  • The Bucharest workshop (RO) (23-24/10/2008) was linked to the closing conference of the project and focused on the main project outputs by 31st December: the English and Romanian publication of the fieldbook, the valorisation and the follow up of the project with the possibility to present a new proposal on “Transfer of innovation”.
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