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Related post: and A. Bassett Joxes, M. B., Lond., Military Orthope-
dic Hospital (Whitechurch, Cardiff, Late Temp. Hon.
Lieut. R. -\. il. C., Welsh Hospital, Xetley, Late Senior
Surgeon, Cardiganshire General Hospital. With a Section
on Pensions in Relation to the Eye, by W. ^L Beau-
MOXT. .Acting Ophthalmic Surgeon to the Bath War Hos-
pital, author of Injuries of the Eyes of the Employed,
Problems in Prognosis, etc. St. Louis, C. A'. Mosbv Co.,
1919. Pp. v-702.
The authors of this extensive volume, covering
700 pages, have succeeded in the difficult task of
the classification and analysis of pensions. The Albuterol Proventil
historical aspect is discussed, beginning with the
initial grants of land to soldiers. In every case, the
shortcomings as well as the beneficial aspects of the
various pension laws, down through the feudal
system and the Elizabethan statutes, have been
frankly portrayed. The growth of the pension
system, the reforms which have taken place, the
interrelationship which they bear to the various de-
partments of Buy Proventil state are analyzed. In addition to Proair Proventil
this, the provisions for treatment and training and
the description of the various ho.spitals and the
work which they accomplished is Order Proventil taken up with the
bearing they have on the pension system. A min-
ute analysis is made of the various relations of the
functions which are caused by Buy Proventil Online the luimberless in-
juries which have been the effect of the war. These
are sj-stematized and schematized with carefully ex-
plained charts. A special section on pensions in
relation to the ej'e, Proventil Inhaler written by W. M. Beaumont, has
been incorporated into the volume, \^'ith the close
11. i3
of the war, it is appropriate Coupon For Proventil that we have a
scientific analytical classification of the approximate
values of the various parts of the human being. It
may seem heartless to adopt a classification based Ventolin Proventil
upon the percentage grades of incapacity or the more
intricate grades of sensibility, but we are confronted
with the economic hopelessness of our returned
warriors and Proventil Coupon so have no alternative. We must face
this obligation and the aid that can be derived from
a work compiled by these eminent physicians should
be indeed welcomed. The earning capacity of an
individual has not been the basis of grading pen-
sions ; Proventil Price a physiological Proventil Coupons standard has been adopted.
' In certain chapters, tables have been appended giv-
ing the average assessment for particular regions as
laid down by French. German- Austrian, and other
Continental tribunals. This volume should prove
to be extremely helpful to medical referees, people
interested in insurance, pensions, and workman's
â– compensation, as well as to members of the legal
profession, and to political and social students.
The Fear of Living. (La Peur de vivre. ) By Henry
Bordeaux. Authorized English Version by Ruth
Helen D.^vis. New York: E. P. Diitton & Co. Pp
This story stands at a transition point between
the older idealized type of fiction and the more re- Proventil Hfa Coupon

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