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Yasmin Ed Tablets
Yasmin Ed Tablets

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Within the last few years the importance of this
subject has been more and more impressed upon my
mind, and, while I shall not offer anything new as to the
symptoms or Zarah Generic For Yasmin treatment) of this dread disease, I believe
that these symptoms and the importance of their early
recognition should be repeated and repeated and re-
peated, until they can not be overlooked nor forgotten.
Coming in contact with many cases of this disease,
both in early and in advanced stages, I have noted time
and again Generic Name For Yasmin the woeful carelessness of medical attendants
to whose notice these symptoms had Yasmin Generic Brand been brought. I
say carelessness, because after all that has been written
and rewritten on the subject of uterine cancer, I can not
believe that any man of ordinary intelligence who reads
can Buy Yasmin Online Uk be ignorant of the symptoms and signs of this disease
when they an' plain and unmistakable. I believe, there-
fore, that repetition again and again is the only way in
which to impress the importance of early symptoms of
this disease upon the profession at large. And upon its
early recognition depends the only hope of successful
treatment. The observation of symptoms pointing to
cancer depends, Yasmin Generic Price as a Ocella Generic For Yasmin general rule, upon the family physi-
cian, the successful treatment Yasmin 3 Mg in most cases upon the
spei mIi-i. and the recognition of symptoms of the dis-
ease in its early stages is of as much importance Generic Brand Of Yasmin to the
one as to the other.
But a Buy Yasmin Uk few days ago I took the histories of Buy Generic Yasmin two Yasmin Generic Name women
with cancer of the uterus too far advanced for any
except palliative treatment. Both of these women had
danger signals pointing to cancer of the uterus for
months and had consulted their physicians about these
symptoms. In both instances the trouble had been
ascribed to the menopause, and no examination had
been made until too late. The histories I obtained
from these women did not lead me to believe that either
id' their physicians were ignorant men or that Generic Version Of Yasmin either
failed to suspect the true state of all'airs; yet both pa-
* Rend before the Sncirh c.l the Alumni ol the CitJ (CharitJ I Hos- Yasmin 28 Generic
pital, October 14, 1898.
tients were allowed to go on for months with the old
threadbare Generic Form Of Yasmin explanation of the menopause to account for
every symptom until the last hope of successful treat-
ment was gone. To make matters worse still, each case
gave a family history of cancer.
Now what is the explanation of this? How is it that
an educated physician within twenty-five miles of New
York — yes, even under the shadow of the Academy of
Medicine — can attribute frequent and increasing uterine
haemorrhages, sanious and watery discharges, and pro-
gressive anaemia, sometimes accompanied with pelvic
pain, to the menopause, and make no examination,
though consulted again and again? Is it ignorance?
In this age of societies, books, and journals one can
scarcely think so. Yet if this be true in some instances,
the early signs Yasmin Buy Online and symptoms of cancer of the uterus
must be repeated until, like the child's a, b, c's, they
must be recognized. How is it that the haemorrhages
must Yasmin Ed Tablets even become foetid before some physicians seem
to suspect or wake up from ergot, styptics, etc., to the fact
that something must be done — when nothing can be
done? Is it because of the fear of losing fees or that other
men may get the patient? A greater mistake is never
made, for if perchance, as often happens, the patient finds
there has been a failure to recognize so serious a trouble
until too late, and that valuable time has been lost, not
only the patient and her family, but often all their friends, Generic Yasmin Zarah
seek other advice and spread their story far and wide.
How is it that a physician does not discover that a
case is beyond all chance of benefit from his treat-
ment until it is beyond the skill of any one? Is it be-
cause he considers cancer of the uterus incurable — that
it is sure death any way, and therefore unworthy of his
best effort? He should read and he will find that sta-
tistics show a large percentage of permanent recoveries
from early removals. While all these things Yasmin 21 Tablets may play
some part, I believe that most of the failures to make
an early diagnosis of this disease, when it presents symp-
toms, is due to carelessness. How prone one is to say to
himself when consulted with reference to some of these
symptoms, which at first appear trivial: " Oh, this woman
can't have cancer — I know Generic Brand For Yasmin all the family and there is
no history of cancer in it. It is not convenient to ex-
amine her now, and besides, it is only the menopause
Causing a little disturbance. I don't want to frighten
her by treating the matter seriously, and it must be all
right." So you prescribe something, and ascribe the
symptoms to the menopause — remarking that when
that is over she will be Buying Yasmin Online well. This, to her, explains every
ill, for she has from her youth heard stories concerning
the change of life and is prepared to expect anything.
So she goes away and the symptoms continue, but as
she does not Buffer she does not consider it necessary to
consult you again. Then you begin to think your linger-
ing fear of cancer in her case was groundless, as you
hoped it was, and you get rid of your twinges of con-
About the time your last twinge is gone you

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