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(Oil).). The analysis showed C = 50.88 per cent., H =
6.70 Order Vasodilan per cent., = 42.42 per cent., giving a formula cor-
responding closely to C^Hj^O^. This is Purchase Vasodilan Online the formula of
teraconic acid, an unsaturated acid of tlie fatty series.
The cuhiin' medium upon which the bacilli were
grown, and from which these crystals were obtained, con-
tained potassium acid phosphate, ammonium phosphate.
* Read before the Association of American Physicians at the Tii
ennial Consress of American Physicians and Surgeon.s, Washington,
D. C, May fi, 1S97.
asparagin, and glycerin, the medium used and described
bv one of us (de Scliweinitz) (6) some years ago for study-
ing their products. After the growth on this media con- Buy Cheap Vasodilan
tinues for some weeks the licpiid becomes light yellow
in color, having the appearance of a pale urine, a cliaugc
which does not take place in the uniuoculated medium
kept under the same conditions. Elforts to obtain this
same Buy Vasodilan acid from the ordinary lieef-bniiii cuhures contain-
ing peptone and glycerin resulted in securing minute
amounts of the crystals only, which it was never possible
to purify. Afler noting some of the other properties of
—^ \c
'■ Buy Vasodilan Online k-^.
•^ "c
' !• ..
* J^^
, i

=» '''-^,:.
u :
7> .^ -■

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