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On the second day of the illness tlie Hwellin^t of the face in
one case had hocome more marked, with well-dctined red rings
and swellinfi ahoiit the Order Selegiline Online eyes, and in the other ilepression en-
circled the eyes. The face was pale and contracted.
On .\pril 18th another patient was hroiijjht to me from the
country, who luid heen suhjected to the same cause as those I
have mentioned. The history of all the cases 1 shall give nt the
same time. The patient was greatly prostrated, which may in
part have heen caused hy his ride of seven miles. He looked
hoggurd and spoke in a feehle tone. His face and nock were
swollen and partly covered with an eruption Generic Selegiline similar in every
particular to the erui)tion ohserved in another case wiiieh I
have hefore descrihed. The eyes were encircled hy swelling and
red rings, Buy Selegiline Online the lipis were swollen and intianied, the mucous lining
of the gums, the edges of the tongue, and the cheeks were in-
flamed and ulcerated. The hands and wrists were swollen. The
skin eruption was visihle on the chest and ahdomen in Purchase Selegiline Online irregular
l)atches. Neither burning nor itching was comi)laiiied of. There
was slight stupor. The pulse was feelde and irregular and from
60 to 70 beats in a minute. The tetni)erature in the axilla was
QS'S" F. He complained of intense thirst and begged for iced
water to relieve the burning in his insides. The urine at first
was diminished in quantity and the act of voiding it attended
by burning ])ain. Now it had increased to about a pint daily.
The bowels were still disturbed ; the evacuations were watery
and passed involuntarily. There was numbness of the legs and
there was stitt'ness of the joints. There was a burning sensation
in the hands, which caused a desire to keep them immersed in
cold water. The stomach was irritable, but vomiting was not
frequent, and only when he drank too much water did it occur.
The condition of the patient remained practically unchanged for
two or three days, when a new eruption was observed on the
cheeks, on the chin, and around the nose. This eruption at first
was slightly papular, and each papule was about a line in trans-
verse diameter at the base, of a bluish-red color, encircled by
a red zone and some induration of the skin. The eruptions oc-
curred in groups and the papules were from one to three lines
apart. No itching attended this eruption. After two days a
slight serous exudation could be observed on the top of the
papules, which soon became incrusted with grayish-brown
crusts, and these crusts were shed between the seventh and
tenth days thereafter, leaving the skin red, smooth, and shining.
Desquamation of the face, neck, chest, abdomen, wrists, and palms
followed the former eruption. Purchase Selegiline Before the end of the second
week from the beginning of the illness, minute abscesses ap-
peared here and there on the face, neck, back, arms, and hands.
These little abscesses were very painful and from half to
three quarters of an inch in transverse Selegiline Buy diameter, indurated
around the base, purplish in color, and raised very little above
the surrounding surface. On the top the skin was of a grayish-
white color and shriveled in the center, and when first observed
tliey were found to contain pus.
A few days later this patient was advised to return to his home
in a healthful part of the country, and I have not heard the final
result of the Buy Selegiline abscesses, but from his friends I learn that he is
On April 19th I saw in consultation another person who had
been subjected to the same cause and was suffering in all essential
particulars as in the cases 1 have just described, except that I did
not observe any orujttion at the time of my vinit. 8inco then
1 have hocii informed that tiie |iatient has had much swell-
ing of llh- face, hands, and feel, and that his recovery has been
These cjiHCN have the followiiij; history:
On the lifteeiith day of April, 1H!ยป1, the |)atients, with seventy
others, ate of the feast that was serve*! at the now sad though
historic Snook-Herr wedding, which occurred at Lyndon, Ken-
tucky. With four or five exccjitions, all became sick within a
lew liours after eating, and presented essentially tin; same gen-
eral sym|)t

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