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Related post: fame was more proftonci (that is
about all the French Order Topamax Online No Prescription I know) at
Oxford in later years than at Eton.
Those four bowlers are still alive,
and Topamax Online Buy I have seen two of them
who bowled in Gentlemen and
Players and " All England "
frequently, and we have a chat
over old times. Winchester had
first innings, and we scored 121,
and V. C. Smith, the immortal
" Fodder *' [named after one of
the heroes in the All Muggleton
and Dingley Dell match] , who
played five years for Winchester
and Topamax Price 50 Mg wound up with a score of 91
against Eton in 1843, owned Topamax Online No Prescription to
his intimate friends that he was
twenty- two years old when he
played his last match against
Eton in 1843, began bowling
against Eton. Unquestionably
'* Fodder " had reduced the
height of the hand in dfelivery
well below the shoulder, but
Good, one of the umpires, called
him three balls running. William
Caldecourt, the other umpire, re-
marked, *' Good is as green as a
yellow goose, the young gentle-
man's delivery is quite fair."
'* Fodder " threw the ball on the
ground, rather in a peppery man-
ner, and quoting Pickwick, re-
marked to Good, ** * Well, I am
damned,' as Sam Weller re-
marked " ; and to the field he said,
** Put on a second longstop, I am
going on under- arm." And goon
he did as quick as lightning. I
never shall forget Emelius Bay-
ley's, the captain's, face when his
wicket fell. He was certainly
one of the finest boy-bats I ever .
saw, as he was tried against four
or five Buy Topamax Weight Loss Marylebone bowlers — one
down, t'other come on, in the
morning of the Mail Order Topamax Winchester match,
and scored against Harrow (after
the Winchester match) 152 runs.
I saw him do it. He went in
first for Eton, and looked like
making a stand, when I saw his
wicket go down, with a crash, for
five runs to a " bail full pitch."
His look of astonishment when
he turned round and saw the ruin
behind him was never to be Topamax Yellow for-
gotten. We got Eton out for 94
Topamax Yellow Pill put on 195 in our second hands,
' and won by 106 runs.
And now please listen, ye
" scientific padders." Not one of
our fellows had ever had a pad
on, and nine out of our eleven in
our second innings scored double
figures. I do not believe that
one out of a score of the modern
*' average hunters " would have
faced that Discount Topamax terrific bowling without
pads, or could defend a wicket
under the laws of that day, when
it was Topamax Prices Pharmacy compulsory to defend the
wicket with the bat only to any
ball which pitched within a line
from bowler's hand to the inner
stump. The immortal " Fodder "
got thirteen wickets in the match,
pounding in the ball dead straight,
for he had no wides — though wides
were frequent in the public school
matches from 1839 till 1842, during
which Order Topamax Com period round-arm bowling
was a quasi - nowelty in school
elevens : most of it was half-round.
It Topamax Discount Card is a funny thing, but that defeat
of Eton still vexes Topamax Online Order Sir Emelius
Bayley Lawrie's (formerly Eme-
lius Bayley) soul, and I will tell
you why ; I am afraid I must
figure on the stage. It was in
his second Generic Topamax innings against Win-
chester, after he had scored 14
runs supported by one of the
greatest stickers I ever saw, who,
to our amusement, stopped bail
full pitches with a straight bat
(and much the wisest thing Topamax Discount Coupons to do),
and apparently doing the ** chop-
ping block," not dreaming of
getting runs, when suddenly a
ball hit by Bayley rocketed and
went straight up a skier between
the wickets. I was Topamax Price Canada some way off
at mid-oif, and I felt the catch
was mine, and shouted in agony,
** Let me come, let me come — I
have him ! " And Topamax Xr luckily, as it
happened, I was Order Topamax Overnight fortunate enough
to grab the ball just about the
height of my knees, and Bayley*s
wicket fell for 14 runs. I mention
I his as a curiosity for two reasons.
First, when I was in Canada
within the last ten years I re-
ceived a long letter from Sir
Emelius, whom I never saw since
1 84 1, when I met him as E.
Bayley, explaining what he ought
to have done with the fatal ball ;
and within the last fortnight a
gentleman whom I know very
well brought a friend (I fancy he
was an old swell, but I did not
catch his name at the time), who
wanted particularly to be intro-
duced to me. He told me that
he was a small boy at Eton in
the ** Bayley year," and saw the
match, and had recently seen a
good deal of Sir Emelius, who, in
talking over cricket days of the
past, was bitterly deploring the
loss of that Eton match, and his
bad luck at being caught by a
chance catch — Can I Order Topamax Online for that it certainly
was — ^to a great extent, as the
odds were against it.
But, if you please, I may add
that possibly the constant prac-
tice at catching and throwing had
something to do with its coming
off. And this is a good place for
congratulating gentlemen whom I
read of for commencing a system
of scoring dropped catches in
grand matches ; and I only hope
they will continue to do so.
I admit that it was a rash thing
for a fieldsman to ''claim'* a catch
for himself when three or four
fieldsmen were much nearer to it,
and I can hardly fancy what my
feeling would have been now had
I missed it, and that Bayley scored
152 runs against us, instead of Buy Topamax Cheap
against Harrow.
And here I may venture to say
that in the old days before rail-
ways, constant omnibus and tram
service existed, when cricket was
mostly a home amusement played
on open downs and commons such
as Blackheath, Chislehurst Com-
mon, Chatham lines, Mitcham
Common, Clapton, and such
places, where " boundaries" were
never dreamt of, and all runs had
to be run out ; the vanning or
losing a match depended for the
most part on excellence in running,
throwing and catching by the
field, and throwing and catching
— without bowling or batting —
were constantly practised at odd
times. To this day you will see
baily's magazine.
the Yorkshiremen throwing and
catching at grand matches, pending
the exit of one batsman and the
entry of his successor.
And this last remark brings on
the tapis (a second French word, I

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