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Cytoxan Cost
Cytoxan Cost

Related post: describing the peculiarities of the various kinds of animal and
vegetable food, and the beverages, in use in various parts of
the world.
After a section upon the principles of dietetics, another on
practical dietetics discusses what, how much, and when to eat,
and how to prepare the food. Under the same head are con-
sidered diet for infants and diet for training.
The process of training has now become a much more ra-
tional process than it formerly was, and the diet given in the
Cambridge system (for rowing) is calculated to keep one in good
condition if continued for a much longer time than the con-
ventional month or six weeks of training. Therapeutic die-
tetics, dietetic preparations for invalids, and the dietaries of
many of the British hospitals and asylums, conclude the book.
From the sketch above given of the contents of Dr. Pavy's
treatise, it will be perceived that it is likely to prove useful in
various ways, since it presents, side by side, a sufficiently long
and quite fair statement of the present condition of our
knowledge of food in the wider sense, and, from a physiological
point of view, much convenient information regarding indi-
vidual articles of diet, and very suggestive hints upon die-
taries in general and special.
Art. II. — The Leprous Diseases of the Eye^ with Six Col-
ored Plates, By Dr. O. B. Bull, Member of the Norwe-
gian Medical Society; Privat Docent in Ophthalmology
at Christiania ; and Dr. G. A. Hansen, Member of the
Norwegian Medical Society, Physician to the Leprosy
Hospitals at Bergen. Christiania: Albert Cammernreyer,
1873. Pp. 27.
This little volume is a systematic description of the forms
of eye-disease which occur in leprosy, both in their clinical and
anatomical features.
The authors (listin2:nish tlie aftections wlii(;li are the imnie-
diate expression of the dyscrasia, from those not primarily
aflectiiig the eye.
Two varieties of leprous disease are recognized as affecting
the eye, i. e., " tuberous " elephantiasis, or lepra tuberculosa,
and *' smooth " elephantiasis, or Cost Of Cytoxan lepra levis. The cornea and
iris are the most frequently affected. Iritis is said to occur in
about thirty per cent, of the cases, and with equal frequency
in both varieties — in one (the tuberous form) as a direct de-
velopment of tubers in the iris ; in the other (smooth) as a
secondary affection, the result of paralysis of the orbicularis
The anterior portion of the choroid and retina are also at
times involved.
As a result of deposit of leprous products in the eyelids
and their vicinity, ectropion and paralysis of the orbicularis
muscle occur.
The plates aid very little in conveying an idea of the
changes in the cornea and iris so well described.
No little credit is due to the authors for their careful study
and description of these forms of eye-disease, which is a valu-
able contribution both to the literature of ophthalmology and
dermatology. We commend its perusal to those interested in
these specialties.
Art. III. — Erysipelas and Childbed Fever. By Thomas C.
MixoE, M. D. 8vo, pp. 131. Cincinnati : Robert Clarke
& Co., 1874.
Dr. Minor is an ardent believer in the unity of the espe-
cial poison of erysipelas and that of puerperal fever, seeking to
inquire into the relation the diseases bear to each other by
reference mainly to statistics taken from the census reports of
1870 ; indeed, the book is made up largely of statistics, with
inferences drawn therefrom.
The death-rate of the two diseases within a certain locality,
for Cytoxan Cost a given period, as based upon census statistics, affords no Cytoxan Price
definite idea of their precise relation, from the following facts :
1. The cases of each may have occurred remote from each
other, botli as regards location and time of occurrence. As
close a connection of death-rate might equally well be drawn
between any two diseases which are known to possess no caus-
ative relation. 2. The ratio of deaths of either disease to the
whole number of cases is unknown. 3. The proportion of

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