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Mall Punk Part Ten Gentleman; presented for your enjoyment is the lolicon 3d sex latest chapter of
Mall Punk. An ongoing, but completely fictional account of the
developing relationship between a man and a boy. Too much has
happened to summarize, so ranchi lloli mummy
if you haven't read the first nine
parts they're in the gay/adult-youth section of the Nifty Archive.
For those who have been following the story this loli 12 takes place
immediately after hard xxx sex lolit
the events in Part Nine but proposes a lot
happier future than the past revealed in that xxx video loli
All the regular caveats apply. All comments greatly appreciated.
Mall Punk is copyrighted 1997, 1998. bbs dark loli tgpboard preteen loli Mall Punk: Part Ten After saying good-bye to Lamont Sorrel, Jon's father, petite loliza slut I left
the mansion and took a deep breath. From the portico I looked
out over the large lawn and watched the two boys. On the
outside Joe looked more shaken than Jon. To an extent that was
understandable since he had been totally unprepared for what he'd
heard. preteen loliota modles
I figured he had a thousand questions racing through his
head as he tried putting together everything he'd learned today
with everything else he knew about the boy he loved.
I followed Joe's gaze and studied the boy I loved as well.
Jon was standing in the middle of the lawn staring out the
gate. No movement. No sound.
After forbidden lolit kds pedo five minutes I walked up behind him and put my loli teen nn
around him. He put his hands over mine.
"You've come a long way since the last time you went photo young lolit out
those gates."
"Have I Stya? I was so scared something was going to happen
in there. When he called for Reggie I was afraid it was a signal
for him to kill you and Joe. Then defloration loli Peter and I would get on a
plane to wherever the other two are and I'd get fucked to death."
He turned in my arms, buried his head in my chest and
started sobbing. I glanced over at Jon and saw the tears running
down his cheeks. I opened my arms and he ran over, putting one
arm around each of us and started crying too.
It took a while for us to get composed but what really
brought us tiny young loli
back to reality was the screech of tires speeding down
the pic loli driveway from the side of the house. I spun my head and saw
a white Ford Bronco rounding the bend way too fast. I was afraid
that the car would either flip or crash into the slowly opening
gates. Then I realized Reggie was driving the car. He saw us
and started to stop.
I started to yell for the boys to get back up on the porch
but Reggie changed his mind and kept heading down the driveway.
His hesitation had given the gates time to open and he just
squeezed through.
"Let's get out of here," I said.
"Yes Jon?"
"I never want to come back here again."
"What if..."
"Make him come to us," he interrupted.
"Where we going? Or do you want to take me home so you two
can be alone?" Joe asked.
"No, I need you with me," Jon replied quickly, "but I don't
want to go home either. I want to go somewhere loli dark and do something
"Yeah," Joe said.
"Into the car, I'll put the top down and we'll hit the open
road." We quickly left Longston behind lolicon henti and headed into little virgins loli
the more
rural northwest part of the state. We stopped at a McDonald's
drive thru and with some junk food in our stomachs the mood began
to lighten. Jon had taken his shirt off and was basking in the
warm late June sun. He started twisting little loli cp back and forth in his
seat next to mine to talk to me and Joe. I couldn't see what Joe
was doing in the back but when we got caught at a light Jon took
off his seat loli preview
belt and crawled over the back and next to Joe.
"There's a middle seat belt back sexy loli pics there," I said.
"Yes daddy," came a little boy's voice from the back,
followed by giggles. "Can you raise the roof Stya?"
I heard the belt snap shut as I pushed the button to close
the roof. I was a little nervous about what they were doing in
the back. On the other hand I loved those rare times Jon called
me 'daddy,' whatever the tone or reason.
From the back seat came the sounds of passion. Through the
rear view mirror I could see the two boys kissing, hands roaming
over naked chests. One hand from each boy disappeared from view.
Joe turned in the seat and pushed Jon back on the seat and
started licking and kissing his way down a virtually hairless
chest. Jon moaned as Joe sucked on each nipple and ran his hand
through his lover's hair.
Joe's head disappeared from view and Jon sighed with
Ten miles later Jon gasped and kicked the back of my seat.
Two miles later Jon sat up and the two boys kissed
"I hate to stop the fun but we're almost there," I said as I
threw a box of tissues into the back.
They had cleaned up and gotten their pants back on by the
time I turned off the road. Jon slid over to the other window
and was the first to spot our destination.
"What's that models lolittas nude
Stya? Is that where we're going?"
"Skylands Park, home of the Sussex Cardinals."
"That's that A level baseball team," Joe shouted,
"fantastic, I've never been free nude lolitta portal
to a pro baseball game."
"Your father's never taken you to the Yankees or Mets?" I
"He hates baseball, I had to beg him to come to my Little
League games. loli free preteen pass It's why I'm trying to be a better basketball
player. 'That's a real game. Action not standing around,'" Joe
lowered lolis under 18
his voice an octave to imitate his father.
"Well we're here and I need you two on good behavior."
Jon gyrated his hips as he got out of the car, "Why Stya?
Can't we fuck in our seats?"
"Not today, I talked my partner into loli tiny naked pussy getting one the luxury
boxes for the season and he's meeting us here with his wife young lolicon preteen and
twelve year lolis porn old twin sons."
"I think we can keep our lolicon pics and videos hands off each other for four
quarters," Jon said.
"Nine innings," Joe and I said together.
"You teach him," I said to Joe. On the way up to the box I bought them each a hat and
baseball shirt, which they quickly put on. My partner and his
family were already there watching the Cardinals warm up.
"Harry, Laura, I'd like you to meet my foster son Jonathan
Sorrel and his friend Joe Werner. Boys, this is Harry Lowell, my
business partner as well as my friend since grade school, his
wife Laura, and sons Reuben and Benjamin."
"I'm glad to finally meet you Jon. Stya's talked about
nothing else since you came into his life, and I don't think I've
ever seen him happier."
"Well that makes two of us. And I do appreciate nu loli teen models
your giving
him the time off when I've needed him. It's really made a
"My pleasure, besides from what Stya tells me lolicon tgp free without your
help at the trade show we wouldn't be able to afford this box.
Now why don't the four of you go get food for all of us before
the game starts." He reached into his wallet, gave Jon the lolicon and hard core money
and the four boys ran out together.
"You've been holding out on me partner."
I hid a shudder as I sat. "What do you mean?"
"That is Joe Werner as in the son of Donald Werner,
corporate counsel for Sorrel Enterprises and one of the top
candidates to succeed Lamont as COO."
"I've met his parent's briefly free lolitta archive and talked to Joe's mother lolitta underage picture
couple of times on the phone when the boys were trying to set
something up, but yes, little loliat images you've got him pegged. By the way Donald
hates baseball, this is Joe's first pro game. Never even been
into the city for a game. In the fall we'll try for a Nets or
Knicks game, that's his sport."
The boys made it back just as the Opening Day ceremonies
were beginning. Handed each adult one hot dog and one medium
soda and headed for the porch seats with a lot more loli ukraina than that
They put everything on the tables and stood for the Star
Spangled Banner. Curiously, while Jon and Joe were sitting next
to each other they were at different tables. Each sharing one
with a different twin.
"How much did you tell the boys Harry?"
"Just what you told me. They were really shocked that
parents could or would keep a kid that isolated and deprived. I
told them to behave naturally, he isn't looking for sympathy."
I turned back to the window. "They seem to have listened.
Reuben's really giving Jon a baseball lesson."
For the first few innings I spent as much time watching the
boys as I did the game. Then in the fourth inning the Cardinals
opened with a homer and kept going from there and I lost track of
them. At the seventh inning stretch the home team was ahead by
ten and I realized that Reuben and Jon had disappeared. When
they hadn't returned by the end of the inning I stuck my head out
the door.
"Joe, where did Jon and Reuben go?"
"There's batting cages at the end of the grandstand Mr.
Maskovitz," Benjamin responded, " Ru and Jon went to try them
out." Ten minutes later Reuben ran into the box by magic loli bbs image himself and
hugged his parents, tears streaming down his cheeks and
apologizing like mad. Harry pulled Reuben onto his lap as
Benjamin and Joe hurried in.
"What's wrong? What are you apologizing for?" The anxious
father asked.
"I'm the one who should be apologizing," came a voice from
the door.
I turned to see Jon shuffling his feet, not sure if he
should come in. I walked over and took his hand. "Why real lolicon snuff pics should
you be apologizing? What happened out there?"
"We were finished at the batting cage and we took a underground lolite couple
of empty seats by the field. Ru started bitching about his
parents and brother. teen loli russian
How I was lucky to have walked away from
mine and found someone who really loved me. I started telling
him how lucky he was to have two parents who loved him and did
things with him. A brother whose idea of playing with him was
Nintendo 64 and not, and loli toplist nymphet not." Jon stopped and took a deep
breath. "I lost it at that point and everything came out. I'm
sorry, I just. . ." Jon turned and started crying into my shirt.
"He told me I should get my ass up here and be grateful for
what I have," Reuben said.
I led Jon outside to the chairs, shaking preteen lolitta girls my svens board loli head as Joe
turned to join us. Jon crawled onto my lap, put his head on my
shoulders pedo loli bbs toplist
and closed his eyes.
After several minutes he fell asleep and my mind started
wondering what to do now. What to say to Jon? Harry, sexe hard galleri lolitta
Laura and
their sons? Joe? Myself?
As the game ended a shadow fell across us. "So that's
Lamont Sorrel's youngest son," Harry said.
I nodded.
"Don't worry, I'm not mad you didn't tell me the truth.
From what Joe and freechild loli
Reuben told us I guess I'd deny it too."
"We weren't totally denying it really. Part was security,
part not wanting to face reality. Then this morning. Did Joe
tell you?"
"Yes, horrifying, totally horrifying. I don't know how you
walked out of there without killing someone."
"Wouldn't have done Jon any good." I looked down at chaste cunt lolii my
sleeping foster son and lover. "Do you mind driving Joe home?" I
Harry put his hand on my shoulder. "No problem buddy. See
you at the office."
Joe came out to say he understood and kissed me on the cheek
as he said good-bye.
I sat with Jon in my arms as the maintenance crew worked
around us. About an hour after the game lolicon free gifs he finally woke up.
He smiled up at me and I kissed his forehead.
"Did we win the game?"
"Fourteen to three," I said with a giggle. "How you
"Better I think. Where is everybody?"
"Left an hour ago. I sent Joe home with them."
"Why?" He flared.
"Because we, you and I, need some time alone."
Jon nodded, got off my lap and headed inside. After a quick
stop at the men's room we walked out to the car.
As soon as we were in the car Jon started kissing me. A
long, deep, hard, passionate kiss. When we finally broke he
looked me in the eye.
"Do you still love me?"
I smiled. "Yes, I love you now and forever. Yes, I'm still
trying to make sense of today, but my love for you is
unconditional. I love you Jonathan Sorrel and don't you ever
doubt that." We kissed again. jap loli bbs
A couple of miles down the road I pulled into the Mobil
station free lolit legal for gas. Jon went in to the store and picked up two Diet
Dr. Peppers and a bag of chocolate chip cookies.
A few miles later Jon spotted a sign for a park and we
pulled in even though it was almost dark. A hundred feet in I
came to a small parking area near three picnic benches. We took
our sodas and cookies and walked over.
"Stya, I really am sorry about today."
"I ruined everybodys good time. Embarrassed you. Mostly
though I had no right to pour everything out onto Reuben. free loli porn He
didn't need to hear all my shit."
"If you lolit free owe anybody an apology for that it's Reuben. I'll
give you his kids lolihost
phone number and you can call him tomorrow if you
Jon nude child lolicon nodded.
"And if you feel you owe me an apology I guess I owe you a
bigger one."
"When Harry and I planned this it seemed like a good way for
everybody to meet each other. I didn't know about child fotos lolitta
this morning's
session with your father and brother. When loli incest cp tgp that was over I
didn't think about the affect it had on you. To do anything that
involved somebody besides the three of us was basically stupid on
my part."
"How could you know what I'd do? I didn't plan to tell him
my life story."
I shrugged. "Bet it felt good to let it out though."
Jon paused and thought for a moment. "Yeah, it did. I've
got to give Ru credit. He sat loli angel top there and listened the whole time.
I wasn't holding him down, didn't even touch him. And he never
made a move to split. When I was finished we sat there for a few
minutes before I told him to go upstairs and I felt a hundred
pounds loli incest 3d
"You did something you've really never done before.
Communicated with someone else."
"I've told you and Joe."
"But talking honestly to people is still new to you, isn't
it? Before this morning how much detail had you really told Joe?
Plus, especially after this morning, loli linkz
you're feeling the anger and
hatred you buried for years and you're trying to let go of it so
you can enjoy life."
"I see where your going, I think, but can we move on to
something else?"
I got up and took his hand. "Come with me."
I led him further into the park. Dim light bulbs lighting
our way. We imgboard list loli
finally reached another large open area. loli fuck links It was
deserted this late June evening.
"What's this?" Jon asked.
"A playground. You should have spent a lot of happy hours
in places like this. But you know what?"
"Tell me." I could see a mischievous grin creeping in.
"I still like playing on swings."
"I noticed that in the basement."
"I mean those kinds," I said pointing and then started to
run over.
I jumped on one and started up. Jon sat on the next one and
sat tentatively watching me. I stopped mine and walked over
behind him. "I'll get you started, OK?"
A gentle shove got him going and within minutes he had the
pumping technique down pat. Of course Jon's been good at pumping
since I've known him. I got back russian loli doll
on my swing and we both preteens models lolicon hentai
for the sky. We ran from the swings to the slide to the jungle
gym. Jon hooked his arms around the bars and swung loose.
"Fido knows how to use this toy."
"No dogs allowed, I said and unbuttoned his pants as he
continued to hang.
Our lips met as I slipped his pants down and a stiff prick
popped up. The snaps on his new shirt popped open and my lips
darted to his left nipple. My hand squeezed his cock as I
kissed, licked, sucked and bit first the left and then the loli model nn right
nipple into hardness.
Lust escaped loli bbs piss
from Jon's lips as the sexual animal bred into
him emerged.
"Suck me Stya. Suck me now!"
I responded to my lover's wish, swallowing model lolit his six inches
quickly. My nose nuzzled in the growth of pubic hair that
replaced the shaved look he'd free asian loli had when I picked him up at sexy lolitta pic the
mall four months earlier.
I grabbed his butt as I bobbed my head up and down on his
cock. When it was rock hard I pulled off and licked the precum
from his slit and then coated his cock with it. I bent over and
took first one ball, then the other and finally both succulent
sacks into my mouth and bathed them with my tongue.
When I felt his juices begin to surge I quickly dropped them
and licked my way up his throbbing prick. The sounds Jon made as
I swallowed his leaking tool were the most beautiful sounds in
the world to me.
They were sounds not only of lust about to be consummated
but of fulfillment, happiness, security, release and love. I can
only hope to God that you understand what I mean.
My mouth stopped working so I could listen to his music.
With a final beat he lolitta videos came into my mouth. I swallowed as blast
after blast flew from his loins into my heart.
When he was finally spent his cock slipped out of my mouth
and I gently lifted him off the bars and lay him down on the lawn
surrounding the playground.
I sat next to him, leaned down and kissed him. Jon lapped
up the remains of his cum from my mouth. Searching for every
drop that remained.
When he got everything he could Jon slid down and unbuckled
my pants, drew my cock out and duplicated my trick of slicking it
up with his cum. He slowly licked my loli forum newsgroups balls and cock into
hardness. Occasionally he would flick my piss hole but he never
took loli news pics my head into his mouth. Finally he looked me in the eye.
"Fuck me Stya."
"You don't"
"Shut up and fuck me," he said as he flipped onto his back
and finished kicking off his pants.
When he was ready so was I. I put my cock at the entrance
of his experienced but extremely sexy love canal and slowly
entered. Once I was all the way in I leaned over loli underage slut pics
and kissed him.
"Fuck me Stya. Fuck me long and hard."
I started off with trying to make it long. Long, slow
strokes in his relaxed butt. There weren't any noises now. Just
a smile.
Unfortunately I could tell long wasn't going to be in the
books so I made it loli imgboard
hard instead. I pounded his ass as fast and
hard as I could and rewarded my love with a huge load up his ass.
When I was finished I pulled out, lowered his legs to the
ground free lolipop incest and pulled his head around onto my chest.
"I love you Jon, with all my heart and soul. And not just
for bbs loli linklist moments like this."
"I love you Stya, especially when you're holding me in your
We sat quietly watching the moon and stars. It was a while
before either loli porn toplist of us spoke.
"Thanks Stya, I really needed this time alone with you.
I've been thinking, you know what I want to do when we get home?"
"Tell me."
"I'm going downstairs, get the leash and collar and throw it
in the trash. My brothers created Fido and I'm going to kill him
I brought him into my arms, "Nothing would make me happier."
Jon gave me a quick peck on the lips. "But don't worry,
Jonathan likes playing rough too." lolit sexy pussy
We could have probably slept the night in the playground but
a cool breeze and a light rain got us up and back into our
clothes. On our way out Jon lolite teen
spotted a loli hentai movies sign for a fund raiser to
improve the playground.
"Write the info down," he said.
"Why?" I asked as I pulled my note pad out.
"The Robin Sorrel Playground has a nice ring to it. We've
got to russian loli girls nude
have enough money in the account to get that done. Can
"Here or someplace closer to home?"
"The first one here, because of everything that's happened
today. Then we'll find one in Longston that needs fixing up. I took the long 3d porn loli way home and after splitting a pizza at some
strip mall joint kindergarten loli and cones at Dairy fresh preteen loli Queen we got home close to
The porch light was on which concerned me because I knew I
hadn't turned it on. As I was reaching for my cell phone to call
the police the front door opened and Joe came running out. Jon
flew out the car door and into Joe's arms. I was a sex world loli sex
step loliza pedo porn behind
him but stayed a step away.
When they stopped kissing I finally spoke, "What are you
doing here? I told Harry to take you home."
"He did, but when we got there we found a note that my
parents and younger brother had been invited to a last minute
dinner with Lamont Sorrel and they didn't know when they'd be
home. I told Harry I'd be all right, but as soon as they left I
ran over here and let myself in with the key Jon lolitta x gave me."
"Did you leave them a note?" I asked.
"No, didn't think of it. Maybe I'd better call."
We headed inside and I checked the answering machine before
Joe picked up the loli site russia phone. The first message was from Joe's
"Stya, since Joe's not preteen lolis home yet I presume he's still with
you. If he is please brazil teen porn loli have him call and leave a message lolitta on the
machine nude loli 12 if we're not home yet. Tell him everything is OK and
he's listening to the voice of the new Chief Operating Officer of
Sorrel Enterprises. Tell him I love him while your at it.
Thanks Stya."
Joe looked at us, "This can't be a coincidence."
"Call him, if they're home I'll drive you right over."
Joe dialed and it had to be his father who answered. After
"congratulations" Joe asked him what happened. A few very young lolitta sites minutes
later Joe said, "Cool, I'll be loli nymphets home in pregnant loli board
"What happened?" Jon asked before I could.
"Seems your father said he free outdoor loli movies was talking free 3d lolicon jpg things over with two
of his sons this morning and he decided my father was the best
one for the job."
"We never used your last name, how'd he know?" Jon asked.
"My father has his office plastered with our pictures. Your
father must have recognized me and just didn't say anything.
Wow, this is too much. What a fucking day."
"Yeah," I said. "I've got to piss before we go. We'll leave
when I get out."
"Sure Stya," Jon said and took Joe into his arms. On my way back I slowed before I reentered the living room.
Jon was talking softly. "I know you're all right Joe. You've coped with today
better than I could have lolicon movies tgp
prayed for. I'm so grateful you were
with me this morning."
"You don't have to do this baby."
"I do love, I do. I'm sorry I lied to you, didn't tell you
everything before but I'm still coming to grips with it. Today,
today was so, I finally had to face some things. Realize that
I'm not all right yet."
"You'll get there. But you know what? Part of you was
always there. That weekend at my house when you told me your
name was Jon gothic loli hentai showed me more of a real kid. The one I love."
"I love you Joe. I need you." They started kissing and I lolicon hentai gallery went into the kitchen to dry my
eyes before I reentered the living room.
As we got into the car I hugged Joe and whispered, "I love
you Joe and I appreciate everything you've done and said today."
"Thanks Stya," he whispered back, "Jon and you mean
everything to me."
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