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From: silent killer
Subject: Manipulating Dad.txtManipulating Dad (MM, inc, cons, gloryhole)
by kyoushumanhotmail.comNumber two in a series of gloryhole stories.Ever since I was kid, I wondered what it would be like to suck my dad's
dick. It all went back to a shared shower when I was about ten. My dad and
I were standing in a hotel shower female model hands together trying to wash off before
bed. Dad got hard and so did I. I reached out to feel his cock and he
smiled for a moment before gently moving my hand away. young models 9f I had already fooled
around with some of my friends so I knew that I liked cock, but until now I
had never fooled around with a grown man's penis.In retrospect, I know that Dad's cock wasn't massive or anything, but at
the time it seemed huge in comparison to my little two-inch thingie. His
was japanese model girls at least six inches long, about five inches around (I could barely get
my hand model ships around it), and about an inch and a half wide at the widest
part. He had a lot of dark pubic hair and heavy nuts which hung neatly
beneath his cock.That night as we lay in the hotel bed together, I cadillac 2001 model
reached to play with
Dad's cock again. This time he let me do it for a little longer, models asian prteen maybe ten
or twelve seconds, before he firmly moved my model cream pie hand away and told me that
little boys absolutely do NOT do that with their fathers. I was crushed
with disappointment but I never tried teenmodel list 13 anything with him small model
again after that.I did continue to play with my friends though. Usually it would just be one
kid and me alone somewhere, maybe in a backyard fort or in someone's
bedroom or basement. We'd play with each other, rub our cocks together, and
suck each other.When I was 13 I met two brothers who knew a whole lot more about sex vladmodels message board than I
did, especially gay sex. One of them was 14 and the other was 12. They had
oral and anal sex every night because they shared a bedroom. When I spent
the night with the older one (Jeff), the younger model nudes one (Steven) was supposed
to sleep on the couch, but instead he would come into the bedroom and fool
around with both me and Jeff. We would all look at model seminude porn that we had younger nude models stolen
and then we'd take our cocks out and start sucking. Jeff would fuck Steven
or me and I would fuck Jeff or Steven. Steven's penis was too small to fuck
us with so we just sucked him a lot.Anyway, after meeting those two I knew as much about gay sex as I thought I
ever would. young bun models Towards the end of high school Jeff stopped hanging out with
me, so I started looking around for other guys to fuck and suck. It was
then that I discovered that not everybody is into fooling around with
members of their own sex.The rumors ran around school and I was pretty miserable, even though I children models had
some good friends who helped me cope. I was even able to come out to my Dad
and he took it pretty well. But when I graduated from high school, I picked
a college far away where nobody knew me.At college I could reinvent myself as a gay man. I had a lot of sex during
my freshman year because lacey model
there was a pretty good gay scene at that school,
with an singles group, dances, and everything. Of course that was part of
the reason I picked it.While at college I discovered several new things. One was that I liked
girls too. I was out drinking with a friend of mine who was a bi woman and
she basically said, "Let's go back to ukranian teen supermodels my 15yo model bikini place and orum sandrateenmodel
fool around," so we did
and I really liked it. But I still liked guys better.Something else that I discovered was that I sierrachildmodel com
had a talent for graphic
design, art, and photography. It became my major and I threw myself into
the work.The other thing I discovered was porno shop gloryholes. Occasionally me and
my friends would go into town to one of the porno bikini models raunchy
shops, look at the videos
and toys, and go into different booths and watch the porn. We all jacked
off to the porn too but we didn't discuss that too much. sandy child supermodels We mostly kidded
each other about it.I really enjoyed watching the videos and jacking off in the private booth,
so I kept going back to the porno shop without my friends. I even had a
favorite ameteur bikini models booth -- back in the corner away from all the others.One night I went down there and found that my favorite booth was
occupied. I stood around for a minute waiting, but I got nervous and
decided to take another booth. So I went down the row to a booth at the
other end and shut the door.I was already sitting there jacking off and watching a good porn when I
noticed a flash of light on the wall. Oh shit, there's a huge hole in the
wall, I thought. The light was from another customer zeb atlas model
going in the booth
next door. For a few minutes teen models alt
nothing happened, and then the supermodels nude other guy stuck
his cock in through the joung nude models hole.It was a beautiful cock, too litle sexy model -- smooth, with a nice rounded head and no
hair on the shaft. I knew what to do. I got down on my knees and sucked
that strange cock. It was wonderful. I could feel the guy thrusting against
the wall and I could hear him moaning a child boys model
bit. When he shot his cum on my
tongue, I shot my own wad all over the wall and teen youg model my pants. But I didn't
care.As soon as he was completely drained he pulled his cock back through the
hole and exited the booth. Sometime during this encounter, my video machine
had run out of money. I fed five dollars into it and waited.Soon another person entered the booth next to me and stuck
hisprisons.txtdaddick.txtDesktop FolderI was back just about every night after that, though. I took two dollars'
worth of doctoramor haleemodel
quarters every night, but usually I just needed a dollar's worth
before I got some cum in my mouth. When I would get a lot of money at once,
I'd take ten or twenty dollars' worth of quarters and stay in there for
hours, sucking nonude premodels lots of cock and drinking lots model gallery sex of cum.I had origami models gotten to the point where I was getting choosy about whose cock I
would suck. I'd peek through the gloryhole as the other guy walked into his
booth, and if he bikini model show was too old, or too sleazy looking, or if there was
something else I didn't like about him, I wouldn't suck him. I'd just let
him poke his cock through the hole and I'd sit there and wait. Eventually
he'd pull it back and leave the booth.So one time I was peering through the narrow little gloryhole, waiting for
my next "customer," when a man who looked just lia model schoolgirl like my Dad stepped into the
next booth and put some quarters in the slot. It wasn't my Dad, but it
looked so much like him that I had to stare for a few minutes.The guy glanced down at the gloryhole, pulled his cock whores models florida out and stroked it
for a fiine bikini model few minutes. When it was good and hard, he turned and pushed it
through the hole. My mouth was waiting. I sucked that cock more lovingly
and passionately than any other. I was deep in a fantasy about sucking my
own father's cock. Finally the guy came, pulled his cock back through the
hole and left. I sat back, pulled out my cock, closed my eyes and jacked
off furiously, young model topsites replaying the scene lsmodel photos
in my head, except with my Dad.While walking home I thought about my Dad. Did he ever go model womens xxx to porno shops
and watch movies in the booths? Did he ever get sucked off by a horny gay
guy through a gloryhole? The very thought got me hard again, and as soon as
I was safe in my room I got undressed and jacked off to another orgasm.I started scheming. I had to figure out a way to get my Dad in one of those
places. I knew that straight guys went in all the time to get sucked
off. Could I get my Dad to do it?I came up with a plan. I spent the rest of the semester working on my plan
and by the time summer vacation models kids erotic
rolled around I was ready to implement it.When I came home, Dad was very alina teens models
glad to see me. We spent the first couple
days catching up and hanging out, then he gave me a little space to go see
my old friends. During that time preeteen models films
I went around and checked out the nn rusian model adult
bookstore scene in my hometown. I didn't even know it existed before, but
now I was pleasantly surprised. We had four shops, all with video booths,
all with varying amounts of action. There was one downtown that had the
heaviest cruising, where you had to almost wait in line to get a booth
alone. The only problem was that there were no locks on the doors, so
anybody could just stroll inside your booth while you were busy sucking
somebody off. A lot of people didn't mind, but I did.There was a really nice one way out in the middle of nowhere. I'd see
straight kid underwear modeling
couples (and a few lesbians) in there buying toys or nude girls modeling renting
videos or even going in the booths. It was a forty-five minute drive from
my Dad's house, though, so I only went there a couple of times.The third one was the best. beauty models photos It was close to a college campus and had total
privacy (and locking doors) in the booths, and every booth had a
gloryhole. That was sveta teen model the best place to suck some young cock, so it was the
one I attended the most that summer.The fourth one was going girls models preten to be the one where I'd get my Dad to go. It was
closest to his house and pretty respectable without being too well-lit or
snooty. There were only ten booths but only one gloryhole, which was
between the last two on the end. It was dead in there most nights because
the action, such as it was, happened mainly during the day. It was called
the Blue Palace.I decided to put my plan into action. For the last month at school I'd been
working on a fake advertising flyer for a generic adult video store. The
flyer promised "Private Video Booths!" and "Friendly, Discreet Staff!" When
I had some time alone, I put the Blue Palace's coed models tgp address information in the
flyer and stuck it in an envelope. Then I typed my Dad's name and address
on a mailing label and put that on the envelope before I dropped it in the
mail. hardcore xxx models Dad would wonder how his name got on their mailing list, but
hopefully he'd be provoked to check it out.I happened to be home alone when the envelope arrived a day later. I smiled
and put it on top of the mail and the newspaper so Dad would see it when he
got home.That night after dinner, he sat at his desk lttle models to go through the mail. I
watched him surreptitiously from the couch in front of latinamodels
the TV. He slit the
envelope open, pulled out the flyer, quickly read it and then threw it
away."God damn it," I swore to myself. I started to feel like this would never
work.A couple of days later masturbation models I was in a cleaning mood so I did some laundry and
cleaned the kitchen and bathroom. I emptied all the trash cans, too, and
when I got to the one next to Dad's desk I decided to fish the fake flyer
out. I dug through the torn envelopes and ripped-up billing statements but
I couldn't find the flyer. I super kid model ended up dumping the contents of the trash can
right there on the carpet and going through it piece by piece.The flyer was gone.Dad had changed his mind.Holy shit, this was going to work!I had no idea when Dad would go to the Blue Palace. He greenlee model 770
could go sexy models forum before
work, during his lunch break, after work, or nude prepubescent models
anytime during the evening. He
could say "I'm going to the store" and swing by the model fresh teens Blue Palace for a quick
blowjob. He could wait until I went out with friends and then spend all
night there.I was going to have to either follow him around all day or wait at the Blue
Palace all day.I tried waiting at the Blue Palace on a Thursday. As soon as he left for
work, I got up, got dressed and sped runway model slips
over there. His car wasn't in the
parking lot outside, so thai model gallery
I sighed and walked in. sandra agency model I got twenty dollars' worth
of quarters, parked my ass in one of the teens model toplist gloryhole booths, and waited.I sucked a few cocks while my 80 quarters slowly ran out, but none of them
belonged to my Dad. Every time model kid sandi the door would open I'd peer through the
gloryhole to see if it was him, but I was ethiopian models always disappointed.When I ran out of quarters, I decided to sit in the teeny model portal booth for a while and
wait until I got kicked out. I had been sitting for half an hour when
someone stuck his hard cock through the hole, and after I'd finished
sucking him, I realized that the Blue Palace staff wasn't going to kick me
out any time soon. Maybe they'd forgotten I was here.I sat there for several topmodel porn hours but I never saw Dad. Around seven pm I
decided to give child sex model
up and head brittney teen model home.Dad was heating up some leftovers when I walked in the door. "Hey there,"
he said beautifil bikini models
warmly. 13yo models "Where you been all day?""Visiting the temp agencies," I lied.We ate dinner together, making small talk. He said something about a news
item he'd read in the paper, something about a gay-basher who had been
arrested for assault, so we talked about homophobia for a while. Somehow
the conversation got to the frequency of same-sex experiences among
straight men.All of a sudden he seemed embarrassed, but he didn't stop talking or
listening. He told me that he thought it was normal for boys to fool
around, and when I pressed him for details he admitted that he had done
some experimentation as a boy."In fact," he said, "I thought that it was a young dolares model phase you were going through."I wanted to hear more about his same-sex experiences and less about my
alleged teenage phases, so I ignored his comment and asked about who he'd
fooled around with.He waved my comment aside, unwilling to go that far in the discussion, so I
offered to "sort of change the subject."Dad shrugged.I plunged ahead, nervous as all hell. "Well, I was model torrent having this argument
with this guy at school. A straight guy. He was saying that straight guys
who, you know, receive oral sex from, uh, gay guys ... aren't really
straight. And I was telling him antique diecast models that, you know, uh, sure they are. Straight
guys get, uh, oral sex from gay guys all the time. And my friend, this girl
Ramona, she agreed with me. And I guess that your example, you know, proves
it. I mean, not just you, british models nude
but any straight guy who's ..."My dad was blushing and looking at his feet. I took that to mean russian models young that he
had gone to the Blue Palace and christina model passes gotten blown."Well, nevermind," I said lamely, getting up from the table. "I'm gonna
have a shower and hit the hay. Gotta go job hunting again tomorrow.""Good night," Dad said brusquely, also standing up and heading for the
living room.The next lingre models night Dad said he was 3d model cad going out for a few minutes. southern belle models I was sitting
on the couch watching TV, and when I looked up at him canterbury park model I knew where he was
going.He was young models photographers
wearing a hat and a jacket with a high collar -- a disguise. He was
going to the Blue naked litle models
Palace to get his cock sucked.I stood up and stretched. "I think hot models fucking I'll go out too," I said. "Might go over
and see what's going on at the Varsity." The Varsity was a popular sports
bar in the trendy part of town, far away from Dad's neighborhood."Oh, OK," Dad said, looking a little taken aback. I realized male teen model that he didn't
want to drive anywhere while I was still around because he didn't want me
to see where he was going.I grabbed my keys off the table and said "See ya," then jumped in my car
and drove straight to the Blue Palace. model 15y nude I bought ten dollars' worth of
quarters, sat in my favorite booth, and waited.It seemed like half an hour later when the booth next door lit up and my
Dad walked in.It was definitely him -- same hat, same jacket, same handsome face. And
after he had put in his quarters and pulled out his half-hard cock, I knew
it was him.His cock was still as beautiful as my childhood memory told me, and when he
finally turned and pushed it through the gloryhole, I couldn't help but
moan with excitement.I took my father's cock in my art body model hand and stroked it for a few minutes,
examining it from every angle. God, it was exactly how I remembered it. I
licked the head, then shuddered. I had wanted to do this for years, and now
here it was in front of me.Slowly I took it into my little topmodels mouth. When his soft glans pressed gently against
the back of my throat, I inhaled and held it against my tongue for a few
seconds, allowing my tongue kacy model torrent to taste its flavor and explore its
curves. beautiful orgasm model Then I moved my head back so top models porn that teens models fotos just the head was between my
lips. I pressed my tongue against the little slit, then sucked hard with my
lips.I heard a soft groan from the other side of the wall. Oh, yes.I models galleries
started sucking in total earnest, practically throwing my face against
the wall on the downstroke. I wished I could hold his ass in my hands or
feel paradise teen models his balls against my chin or reach up and squeeze his nipples. I
wished we could be naked in bed russia teen model together in a 69. I wished he would kneel
behind me and fuck my asshole.All too soon my Dad started cumming. I kept his whole shaft in my mouth as
I swallowed, my face burning with lust, my mind churning around a single
concept: I WAS EATING MY FATHER'S SPERM ... THE VERY SPERM THAT CREATED ME.Oh, God. It was wonderful.Unlike most men who get sucked through gloryholes, my Dad left his limp
cock in my mouth for several seconds after he had ejaculated. Then he
slowly modell girl 14
pulled himself back through the hole, zipped, and exited the booth.I stood up, yanked my cock out of my pants and shot off all over the wall
without hardly having to touch myself. Then I slumped down and caught my
breath.I had just sucked my father's cock and eaten his cum.I HAD JUST SUCKED MY FATHER'S little nimphets models COCK AND EATEN HIS CUM!As I walked out of the Blue Palace, I smiled to girl pre models myself and hummed a tune.
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