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Related post: Date: Sun, 13 Feb 2000 14:23:21 -0800 (PST)
From: Selena Anders
Subject: margaret-28I woke up early on Thursday morning, quite excited about the coming
day. This was to be the first full day of the conference, with the
first fashion show. At 2 o'clock EROS would be going head to head with
the best in the world in the swimwear category. I carefully
disentangled myself from the still-sleeping Alixia, and she stirred
slightly as I gave her nipple a soft little kiss.I had a quick shower, brushed my hair and teeth, and put on a playful naked preteens lace
beach-wrap. Quietly, so as not to wake up the girls, I preteens underwear pictures eased out of
the hotel room and headed down to the terrace. I thought I should just
check to make sure that everything was ready in our make-shift
show-room, especially for the show coming up. old on preteen
But I was surprised preteen lust cp when
I arrived to find little Natalie standing in front of the door. "Hi
Mrs... , I'm sorry, I don't even know your name! That was lots of fun
yesterday! You left these hats behind.""Oh, thank you!" I told her, and it was true. Elizabeth and I had been
careless and left preteen young dicks
the hats with Jessie and Alixia's nude female preteen
convention tags at
the beach house. "You can call me Margaret, and yes, it was fun preteen free pics for me
too.""I knew where to find you because the hats say EROS, and your window
says that too." Natalie went on. "What's EROS?""The chill preteen erotica original EROS is the Greek god of love, the kind of love where preteens illegal pic two
people do things like we did yesterday to lol preteens russia make each other feel nice.
The new EROS is a company that makes sexy clothing, so nude preteen kids
people can have
more fun doing those things, and I work for free youn preteens that company.""Oh, lesbians xxx preteen you mean lingerie. I know all about lingerie. My mom buys tons
of it for a big bunch of stores called Steinmetz, and Lori's mom buys
all their swimsuits and sportswear. In fact, I bet you just came to
our house yesterday naked preteen anime to try to get them to buy your stuff!""Well, I have to admit that I was sort of scouting the territory, but
finding you was such a wonderful bonus!" I told her. "Why don't we go
for brazil preteen pussy
a walk? We can wear Jessie and Alixia's hats. I'm sure they won't
mind."Jessie's hat looked ridiculously large on Natalie, like a thin-stemmed
mushroom, but she seemed preteen bondage bikini perfectly happy with the arrangement. We
walked toward the beach, companionably hand-in-hand, and I wondered
whether teaching Natalie and her little friend about lesbian sex was
going to screw up any chance of a good sale to the Steinmetz chain.
Soon we came to the place preteen little eden Elizabeth had told me about last night. A
long rocky promontory thrust out into the sea, and Liz had said there
were lots of tide pools worth exploring. Natalie thought so too, and
she let go of my hand to go dancing like a Disney-fairy from one stone
peak to the next. I followed a bit more carefully, not wanting to
twist an ankle on this important day.Suddenly, up ahead, Natalie stopped. Her uncharacteristic stillness
intrigued me, and a few seconds later I joined her and my eyes followed
hers. She was staring down over the edge of a deep depression into one
of the famous tide-pools, where a young woman was standing in
ankle-deep water.As we watched, the woman stretched and seemed to revel in the early
morning air. She stood in perfect profile to us, wearing a blue,
green, and white striped bikini. Her hands came slowly down to her
sides, then seemed to rise preteen asian titties
of their own volition to cup and lift her
ample breasts, and she began to rub her nipples through the bikini
cloth.She seemed to be so enjoying her solitude that even a 12-year-old amteur preteen
catch on to the feeling, so Natalie whispered in my ear, "What's she
doing?"I preteen bakini
whispered back, "I'll explain later, but meanwhile, why don't you try
to copy everything she does?" Natalie simply nodded her assent, as her
eyes never preteenmodel lycra left the woman in the pool. The woman seemed to be in her
mid-twenties, about half way between Natalie's age and mine. Her full
curvy figure reminded me of Rachel, giving preteen models ru me preteen preteen portal
a momentary pang of
missing my oldest daughter, whom I hadn't seen in over three days.The unknown woman played with her breasts for only seconds, before her
hands moved behind to unhook her 3d preteen pics bikini top, then up to lift the
behind-the-neck top hot preteens support strings over her head. The full-cupped top
landed with a soft splash in the pool, as the woman's fingers preteen amateur nudes
to her breasts. Natalie had been wearing a short tube top that a grown
woman would have called a head-band, and she imitated the preteen anal galleries woman by
pulling it up over her head to drop it beside her. I glanced backward,
and saw that the many rocks we had scrambled over now hid us completely
from the hotel, and the only sign of human existence was across the
water where Sue's boat was putting young little preteens
preteen sexy pthc out to sea. I grinned, as my hands
loosened the sash of my robe, and I joined the mystery girl and Natalie
in playing with my nipples.A slight breeze ruffled my robe, candid preteen beach
and gave me goose bumps as I watched
the girl in the pool fondle her D-cup breasts. She raised each one in
turn to lovingly lick at her own nipples. "No fair!" Natalie
whispered. "I can't tiny breast preteen
do that!" I looked at her as she pinched her tiny
pink nips, trying to lift them toward her mouth."That's all right, sweety. I'll take care of it for you." I whispered
back and moved to kneel before her. Natalie uttered a tiny gasp as my
lips closed on one karen preteen model of her penny-sized points, and began to gently suck.
This knocked my hat off, but I ebony preteen fucking didn't care. My world contracted to
the tender flesh of Natalie's chest, 3d preteen tgp
and the cool grey eyes that stared
continued to stare at the girl in the tide-pool. My breasts pressed
against the fronts of her thighs and into her crotch. picture preteen underage
Could I do it?
Could I make my little friend cum just little preteens panties by sucking her tiny titties and
thrusting my hard nipples between her thighs?My arms wrapped around Natalie and slid down the glorious flaxen
cascade of hair to her waist, where my fingers hooked into her shorts
and carried them and preteen girl masterbates her panties down to the rocks at her feet.
Natalie stepped out of her shorts and adopted a steadier stance with
her feet wider apart. Meanwhile she kept a sharp watch on the girl in
the pool. "She's putting her hand down inside her bikini bottom!My nn preteen gallerys preteen black sex
fingers reached around Natalie's skinny shins and lightly teased
their way back up the insides of her legs. Softly I african preteen toplist caressed the backs
of her knees, the insides of her thighs, reaching back between her legs
to touch my own excited nipple as it thrust between her slightly parted
cunny lips. "She's taking schoolgirls preteen models her bikini bottom off!"Gently I urged Natalie's legs further apart preteen supermodels pic to let my fingers spread
her pussy lips wider, and expose her tiny clitoris to the thrusts of my
hard nipples. I kept on sucking each of her nipples in turn, and was
about to slide a finger into her virgin cunt, when Natalie whispered,
"Look!"I abandoned my little friend's chest and looked around to where the
older girl was still standing in the tide pool, but both parts of her
bikini were floating away as she leaned back against a low flat rock,
while her fingers were furiously frigging her pussy. "Do you think we
should...?" she began to 16yr preteen naked
preteen nude nature ask quietly."Absolutely! lesbian preteen girlies
She looks like she could use some help!" I whispered
back. Natalie pulled off her hat while I slipped out of my preteens underage stripping robe, and
both of us, totally nude crept down toward the young woman. We stepped
into the warm salt water of the tide pool, and began to wade slowly
toward the lovely young woman. What happened next is best told by the
girl herself, as she read it hot preteen modeling to me from her diary a few days later....
__________Hi! My name is Lesa, and today I met Margaret. I'm a reservations
clerk at the coolest clothing-optional resort in the Caribbean.
Yesterday was absolutely frantic, as we checked in ammazing preteens hundreds of people
coming for the lingerie convention. So early this morning I decided to
go out to the tide pools to relieve the stress, before the place got to
be crawling with tourists. I got to my favorite pool, and lay down for
a moment in the warm still water, then got up on my knees and started
to play with my boobies. I massaged them for a few minutes before
deciding to get rid of my bikini top to play with my nipples directly.
It felt so nice that I started to get really turned on, and slid one
hand down inside my preteen models movies bikini bottom.At first I just let my fingers make little circles around my clitty,
with the outer lips of my shaven pussy in between to keep the
stimulation slow and seductive. But of course I couldn't just keep on
going slow like that, and I had to start shoving my fingers deeper
between my inner vaginal lips. The farther I started to reach my
fingers into cuban preteen
my cunt, the more my bikini bottom got in the way, so I
pulled the second part of my bikini off and impatiently kicked it away
in the water. I started going frantic as I sat back against a low rock
to steady myself. I closed my eyes and jammed two fingers of my right
hand up inside me as my left fingers began to directly rub my preteens shocked pics
I started to really moan out loud and I was really getting into it when
I heard this discount preteen sites little splash.My eyes flew open and I looked up to see two people walking toward me
through the pond. I could hardly believe it. One was in her mid
thirties, the perfect picture of Aphrodite with long wavy auburn hair.
It wasn't like she had especially big boobs or anything or any other
extra-big thing about her. It was the perfect proportions of womanhood
that made her into an preteen girls cock
instant sex goddess.By her side was the classic image young nn preteen of a virgin; with long blonde hair
and big innocent grey eyes. She had almost no boobs, but a big
adventurous smile on her face that preteen panties img
seemed ready to greet the world (and
me!) on any terms at all. This was a girl who would do anything to
please, because she had never learned to preteen girls russia
be afraid. preteen ballerina models I loved them both
on preteen pedophilia jpg
sight.They waded slowly toward me and I slowed down the pace of playing with
myself. My fingers were almost at a standstill as the woman reached
out to take my right wrist and lift my hand to her mouth. She turned
it over, and slowly lowered her luscious lips to kiss right in the
middle of my palm. Slowly she preteen movie xxx started to swirl her tongue around in
circles, and I felt an electric shudder go all the way through me right
to my clit.The little girl was almost as tall as me (I'm only 5'3") so she had to
bend over a bit to press her lips between my D-cup tits. She wrapped
her arms around my waist to pull me possessively to her as her young
tongue began to climb out of the valley toward the hard nipple-capped
peaks of my boobs. lol preteen jpg I gave up. I preteen model eur was going to the land of ecstasy
whether I wanted to or not, and I wanted.The woman sucked my pussy-wet fingers into her mouth, preteen dvds models
licking them
thoroughly as she stared into preteen sex pantyhose
my eyes with a wicked grin. Between
rolling girl preteen school her tongue around my index and middle fingers she murmured to
me, "My name is Margaret, and this is Natalie, and when chinese preteens naked we saw you we
couldn't resist. What is your deepest desire?"Now what kind of a question is that? I wanted preteens female cartoon to taste this woman's
pussy, to devour it until it disappeared into my mouth; or until I dove
completely into her vagina. preteen mopdels I wanted little Natalie to suck both my
nipples at once preteen passes pthc until I went crazy with lust. But most of all I wanted
release. So I just answered her, "Make me cum!""Don't worry, I promise preteen nu8de magazines we'll get to that," Margaret whispered, "but
first you're going to cute preteen pictures have to help preteen cloth models me out with something." Then she
slid around behind me to stretch out on the big flat rock where I had
been leaning, her body glistening in pre teen kinder the early preteen newsgroup stories morning sun as she
spread her thighs in open invitation. The lips of her completely
smooth shaved pussy parted, giving a tantalizing glimpse of her clitty,
and slowly drooling fuck-hole.When the goddess of love beckons, she who hesitates is a fool, so
somehow I managed to disengage myself from the excited little Natalie,
and kneel at the stone altar where my lover lay. My parted knees sank
gently into the soft sandy bottom of the tide pool as I bent over to
lick up the trickle of woman-nectar that was dribbling down from
Margaret's vagina toward her ass hole. She moaned as my tongue swept
up over her fucking preteen fotos anus to intercept the errant love juice, and again as I
went in quest of its source. She moaned even louder pre teen bj
as I licked deeper
and deeper into her fountain of lust. horney preteen girls
The sweet/salty dog preteen taste of her and
the voluptuous feel of her inner pussy lips against my tongue made brazilian preteens sexe
feel more turned on than I had ever been in my life. I wanted to drink
of her and drink and never stop.Then I felt it. Just a tentative touch at first, as soft young fingers
began to toplist preteen porn explore my own exposed sex. models preteen thumbs My mouth opened preteen nn photos
to cry out, but
the sound was swallowed up as my tongue jabbed even deeper into the
mysterious well of pleasure virtual preteen xxx
before me. My upper lip bumped firmly into
Margaret's engorged preteen rusia nude clitoris, and I was rewarded by a pulse of rich
fuck fluid flowing into my picture preteen naturalist mouth.The fingers behind me sweet maggie preteen slowly and carefully parted my inner pussy lips,
and I could feel the cool morning air blowing gently down the valley
between. I was so excited preteen swallow galleries
by the exquisite taste of the cunt before me
that I managed to crafts for preteens cry out the single word, "More!"Natalie took me at my word, and spread my pussy wider, then slipped an
exploratory finger into my vagina. "Ohhhhh!" I screamed into
Margaret's river of delight, and her hips quivered as even more
delicious juice spewed forth. I desperately lapped up every drop my
tongue could find before howling for "More!"Little Natalie must have thought I was calling to her, because she
added a second, then a third juvenile finger to my cunt, and began to
pound them in and out of me. preteen 13 years My whole world went out of control!
Margaret guided my left hand around her thigh, and her bucking hips
demanded that my thumb massage her clit, even as I drank at her
pulsating stream. My tongue made occasional side trips up to
Margaret's clit, carrying the perfect lubrication of her spending to
aid my pleasuring of that swollen nub. Then, I would again cry out for
"More!" before plunging back down to the dark wellspring of her woman
juice.And each time I called for "More!" the innocent little girl behind me
would do as she was told, adding a fourth finger to my cunt, then
finally clenching her little hand into a fist and ramming it with all
her little strength into preteen virgin young my exploding pussy. It was the most
completely total orgasm anyone ever had, as all the sensations of my
body were concentrated down to the eruption of fuck juice that erupted
with a huge splurt onto little Natalie's forearm. At the same time, I
guess I bit down a bit on Margaret's clit, and she screamed in her own
climax, her final gush of fluid soaking my chin and neck, then flowing
down my chest to drip slowly off my nipples into the tide pool.Silence descended, where moments before there had been screams of
passion. The only sound was the nearby wash of the waves, and the
gasps of two women trying to catch their breath. I was to weak to
move, but little Natalie withdrew her hand from me, and seemed quite
content to lick young preteen masturbating
my forum preteens pics cum-cream off of it as though it were a preteen modeling list lollipop.Eventually Margaret sat up and spoke, "Thank you. I needed that."I managed to sit back and gaze at her, speechless, as Natalie looked up
at her and paused in licking off her hand. "Do you want me frre preteens porn
to save some
for you?"Margaret gave a deep throaty laugh, "Just hard preteen porno
a quick taste sweety. Then I
think we have to be going." Then she turned back to me, "Would you
like to cum with us?"I told her preteen art france
I needed to catch my pre teen gyno breath, and hoped to see them again
some time, and then Margaret and horny preteen child
Natalie climbed the surrounding rocks,
gathered a toples preteen few clothes they had left, and disappeared. I stayed for a
few moments, kneeling in that tide pool. preteen artistic nudity My pussy could never have
taken being fist-fucked by an adult, but the little hand of a young
girl, was, well, Wow!
_____To the real Lesa, thank you preteen webcam so much for the inspiration of the photo of
you kneeling in your bikini bottom in what looked like a tide pool.
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