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From: Lee Mariner
Subject: Mark 11______________________________________________________________________________WARNING: This is a gay fantasy depicting gay males involved in
homosexual acts. If you are not of legal age to be reading this material or
you do not approve, please exit. Thanks for your consideration.
____________________________________________________________________________Chapter #12Lee laid on his bed staring at the ceiling and thinking about all that had
happened in the last few days. chubby preteens Mark had grown into a gorgeously
ravishing young man and gay. He was at first shocked to hear his nephew
expressing his desire to want him and seducing him with his fantastic
body. He admitted that he had always loved Mark but his own sexuality
betrayed him when Mark came on so strongly. All of his arguments were
refuted by Mark as if he expected them and he could not really argue with
them. He could not deny how met preteen
much gymnastics nude preteen
he wanted his own nephew and
Mark gave himself with an abandon that comes with youth. Giving of
himself was unavoidable as Mark persisted in wanting him and he
wanted to feel Mark taking him. Lee tossed and turned before he finally
felt himself slip into sleep.A clicking sound woke Lee and looking over at Mark's bed, he saw nasty preteen models it was
empty. Lifting his head boy model preteen
he saw the light was on in the bathroom and then
he heard a strong stream hitting water, Mark was taking a leak. Laying
his head preteen beauty photos back on the pillow he closed his eyes until he heard Mark
opening the bathroom dark hole preteen door. For a moment before he snapped the light
off, Lee saw him standing there like a golden Adonis, he inhaled deeply at
the sight as the light snapped off darkening the room.With his eyes just open, he free preteen imgboard
followed Mark's movement as he walked to his
bed. preteen suck illegal In the dim light through the windows from the moon, he watched
Mark reach preteen sexy schoolgirls his bed and before laying down he stretched his arms over
his preteen russian photo
head, the muscles of his back rippling as he stretched. Lee could see
the broad shoulders and photo boys preteens
narrow waist outlined as preteen galleries porn Mark moved his hands
down over his chest to squeeze his cheeksLee watched as Mark laid down and pulling the sheet over his body , he
heard "Goodnight Uncle Lee."Thinking to himself, Lee wondered how Mark knew he was awake.
A knock on the door and hearing his brother John calling him "Hey bro,
you gonna sleep all day? Mark and Loretta are up already" woke him."No John thanks, preteen lemon party I'll be out in a few minutes" he said as he glanced at the
clock and saw it was 7:30. "Damn he thought. I just fell asleep not long
ago, " but he swung his legs out of bed.Getting up with his half hard cock urging him to piss, he walked preteen incest rompl into the
bathroom and stood at the commode, his cock hanging down preteen art incest as his
bladder emptied. As he milked it down a couple of times, he leaned over
and looked into the mirror. A shave was needed and his mouth tasted
like someone had dumped in it. Finishing up and dressing, he headed for
the door.As he walked into the kitchen, video preteen sex he glanced around and only saw John
sitting at the table with a cup of coffee. John glanced up preteens cp pics when he heard
his brother, "hey, get enough sleep last night. You guys were a little late
getting in."As he poured his coffee, he said "Oh yeah John, slept like a baby. What
time did Mark nix preteen get up, I didn't hear him?""Oh, lets see. I guess maybe an hour ago. He and his buddy Carl are
working out down below."John japanes preteens thumb could not help using his military terms, down below and not
downstairs.Sitting down, Lee asked if they worked out often together and John
answered about 3 times a week.Looking over his coffee cup John said "I like him to have someone with
him when he uses preteen 3d toon the freestanding weights. pantie for preteens The Bowflex is okay but not
the freestanders.""Yeah, I know what you mean. Those freestanders can hurt you if you are
not careful and even with a workout partner." Just then Loretta walked
in.Seeing his niece, Lee said "good morning Loretta. preteen nude modsls Any plans for the day,
how about lunch, we could go to your favorite restaurant. You still like
the Olive Gardens don't you?""Oh Uncle Lee you know I do, mamma told you last night. I can't pedo preteen porno
it today though, I have to help out at our church with the Youth Program
and we are going too Sharon Woods in the church bus.""I had forgotten about that outing princess, what time do you leave?" her
father asked.As she preteens model pics
preteen new stars sat down preteen sex chat with a glass of orange juice, she said "I have to be at the
church by 10 and hopefully we will get 30 kids on the bus by 11 so we can
have our picnic in the softball grove. The kids wanted to play softball and
some wanted badmitton. Should be a lot of fun...not.""Now kitten, you volunteered to help out so don't go sour grapes before
you get there." John chinese preteens glanced at Lee."I know daddy, but I wanted to spend the day with Uncle Lee and now I
can't. Mark was with him all preteen hacked day yesterday and I had that old junior preteen
interview." Loretta was a preteen model topless little upset.Taking his nieces hand, Lee whispered soft but loud enough for satin for preteens John to
hear "Retta, I promise we will spend all day together tomorrow and do
what you want. How about we go to the Brookwood Pottery instead of the
Olive Gardens, wouldn't that be better?"Loretta looked up preteen girls bikinis
real quick and her face brightened "Oh Uncle Lee can
we? The Brookwood is my absolute goth preteen pics
most favorite place, it is so cool.""Not to mention some really good looking waiters." John offered off
handedly as his daughter punched his shoulder.Finishing her juice, she stood up and placing the glass in the dishwasher
she called out "Gotta go, see you sometime tonight, should be before dark
though."Kids recover so quickly Lee thought. As he heard John "You handled
that like a pro bro, a real pro."Looking at his watch, John glanced at Lee and said "hell, I got to get
back on that Mill preteen sex gallerie St job, you gonna come by later.""Yeah John, I'll be by. I preteen art nmodels have a few calls to make and I want to get an
appointment to preteen asain modles service the Explorer. I'll be down, like to see what you are
doing.""Okay bro, check on Mark and Carl for me. I don't need them wrecking
the place with those weights." As he headed out the door.Lee could hear the clanking of the weights but resisted running down to
see Mark and his buddy Carl workout. He finished his coffee and had a
glass of V8 juice from the refrigerator before walking down the steps.Just as he got to the bottom he heard Mark "come on in Uncle preteens sex cartoons Lee, I
want you to meet my buddy Carl."Pushing the door in, Lee was not prepared for brazilian preteen girls what he saw. Mark was an
absolute Adonis but standing next to him was Apollo, the god of love. His
heart raced and he felt forbidden fotos preteen
a swelling in his cock and was thankful he had put
on a pair of sweats and not shorts. The boy was absolutely gorgeous.As he stood there with his mouth open, he heard his nephew introducing
his buddy. "Uncle Lee this is Carl, we work out together. He lives down
the russians preteens forbiden street. Carl this I my Uncle Lee."Carl stepped towards divine preteen model
Lee and extending his hand he said "Nice to meet
you sir, Mark has told raped the preteen me a preteen illegal nudes lot about you."Lee took Carl's hand and felt a good solid grip as he said "Nice to meet
you Carl. Mark trailer preteens
has told me about you but obviously not near enough.""Sir?" Carl said cocking his head slightly to the left."Oh sorry, Carl. Mark told me you guys worked out but he failed to tell
me how much of a body you had when he did. You look fantastic, how old
are you?"Blushing, he answered "I'm 19 sir, I have been working out a couple of
years longer then Mark but he is catching up with me. He has really put
on the muscle in the last year."
At that Mark pitched in "You should see him Carl, Uncle Lee has a
fantastic body. " preteen lesbian pussy
glancing at his uncle with a little gleam in his eyes."How about it sir, you want to lift some with us?" Lee moved over to the
BowFlex preteen nu bbs
machine and started to sit down."Oh no Uncle Lee, we are doing freestanders, I am up pretty topless preteen to pressing 210"
Mark said as he preteen beastiality pics laid down and Carl spotted for him.Lee watched as Mark eased the weight down to his chest and every
muscle was popping and swelling. He was wearing shorts but he could
see a slight bulge at the crotch. Mark pressed and then started preteen dark pedo another
but his feet lifted off the floor slightly when he started to press the
weight.Lee moved over and placing his hands on his nephew's knees he held him
down. He could preteen personals
feel the tightness in Marks muscles and the veins on the
inside of his thigh. He licked his lips and usa nude preteens noticed Carl looking at him a
she took the weight from Mark and placed it on the support rack.As Mark sat up, his stomach muscles rippling, Carl said "dude you didn't
spot your body and I didn't catch it, I'm sorry.""No harm done, Uncle Lee caught my legs for me." Mark flashed a
brilliant smile at his Uncle with a wink.Lee watched Carl sit on the bench and spot himself before laying down.
He had taken off the 10#'s of weight and added 50, 25 to each side a
total of 250#'s. Looking at Lee he asked "will you spot this for me sir?"Moving over to the bar, Lee leaned over and looking down he almost lost
his load at the sheer beauty of Carl's gorgeous body laying just below him.
He could see Carl's eyes on him as he lifted the weight and eased it down
to Carl's waiting hands. He stood there watching Carl handle the weight
with ease and his muscles swelling as he pumped the weight 5 or 6 times.
As Lee was looking down at him, he noticed a glint in Carl's ice blue eyes.
Lee boys twinks preteens
swallowed, his throat suddenly nudist lpreteen
very dry.Extending the bar up, Carl said "take it sir, that's it for me. How about
you, want to try a rep or two?" Lee heard the challenge in his voice."Yeah Uncle Lee, you can handle that can't you?" Mark piped up from
behind Lee.Looking into the gleaming eyes video preteen ass of his nephew, he said "put another 10 on
each end Carl." He winked at Mark whose preteen angels org
eyes suddenly widen."Uncle Lee that is 270#'s. you sure about that? Dad really get pissed at
me if you get hurt, he don't try that anymore."As he was laying down he asked preteen nn mopdels
"What does your preteen asian lot dad press now Mark?""Dad stays at the 240# now.""Mark, I am a few years younger then your old man and I think in a little
better shape." Lee reached for the bar as he said it.Carl looked preteens in swimsuit down at Marks preteen sexy modelling
Uncle and preteen model rompl said "are you sure preteen forum gay sir, I wasn't
trying to show you up or nothing.""Wait a second" Lee diaper preteen girls
said as he pulled his sweat shirt over his head.Laying back down and being sure he is spotted right, Lee asked Carl to
hand him the weight as he locked his elbows.Carl was looking down and he was mesmerized by the almost perfect
body displayed under him. His eyes ran up and down Lee's chest and darkcollection preteen he
noticed that he didn't have a six pack, he had an eight and it was perfectly
proportioned with a thin line of dark preteens movie porn hair leading from the belly button
down and disappearing into the sweats band. He stood and watched as
perfect pectoral muscles tightened with each press of the weight. The
wide shoulders and deep thick chest. The lats flexing each time he
pressed. He could see every muscle tighten and relax at picture russian preteen
the end of each
stroke of the cgi boards preteen bar. Carl's mouth was dry and he licked his lips as he
watched Lee's muscles swell with the blood and oxygen they obsorbed as
they preteen picpost worked to meet the weight preteen kiddy gallery they were being asked to lift. Carl's breath
quickened as he thought he would love to feel those steel bands around his
chest.Carl looked up at Mark standing and holding his uncles knees at the foot of
bench his eyes gleaming as he watched free preteen nonudes his uncle. Carl lesbian german preteen saw a deep
affection between the two of them and he felt just a little twinge of
jealousy as he heard hard preteens vids "take it Carl, that's enough."As he sat underage boy preteen up topsites preteen models
he heard Mark, "hot damn, that was great. You see that Carl,
that was great. That's my Uncle Lee, hot damn, he is cool." Mark
bubbled with excitement.Reaching over he tapped Mark's backside and said "easy boy, how about
a towel so I can wipe down?" Mark grabbed a towel and handed it to
him.Carl preteen cock stories
stood by the end of the bench after placing the weight back in the
stand. He looked up and said "Sir, Mark told me you had a nice body but
that was an preteen model brasil understatement. Outside of some of the muscle bodybuilders,
you have one of the most perfect bodies I have seen.""Thank Carl, nice of you to say. You and Mark are not doing bad
yourselves and Mark's dad had a hell of a body when he was your age.
Made me drool watching him workout.""Okay men, that's it for me. I got to get cleaned up and then have an
errand or two before I run cuban preteen slut over to that job John has on Mill St. dark preteen porn
So if soft models preteen you
will excuse me..." Lee leaned forward to get up.Looking at Mark, Carl said "I am finished sir, I have to be at work at
11:00 after I clean up. He younge preteens slipped his sweats back on and said "see you
later Mark and you too preteen sites porn Sir, I would preteen incest porno like to workout with you illegal preteen cumshot
before you
leave if we can?"Lee shook Carl's hand with a nod and said "see what we can work out
Carl."Mark walked with Carl to the door as Lee headed up to preteen fuck cum the shower. He
heard "damn Carl did you see the muscles he pumped up with that
weight? Talk about preteen tiny tits a body, I knew he was well built preteen lol sexy but not like that."Carl said "Mark that is the way I want to be someday, just like your
Uncle. I meant it when I said he had russian nymphs preteen
the most pre teen babes perfect body I had seen. I
don't want that bulky muscle bound crap. I want lean solid muscles like
he has and when I pump them they budding preteen models
swell and I can feel the blood
coursing and running through me."Lee walked on upstairs with a grin on his face but made a mental note to
tell Mark to warn yahoobriefcase preteen
him when he brought someone else around preteen asian stories like Carl.Standing under the shower, Lee let the pre teen hentai water run over preteen cp modell
his body. His
muscles were still pumped from the preteen young incest
weights and he ran his hands over
their smooth hardness and down his chest and abs to his bush of think
pubic preteens doing it hair. He liked to scratch his pubes and watch his cock jumping
back and forth as it swelled and lengthened. He soaped himself down
and paid a little more attention to his penis then usual. Rinsing off he
turned the water off and stepping out of the shower Mark handed him a
towel. He had left the door open and not heard him come bikini preteen thong in and he was
naked and smiling, his eyes glittering as he looked at his uncle.Pulling the towel back, Mark said "Uncle Lee let me dry you please. I
want to feel real photos preteens your muscles as I do. You sure set Carl up and he has not
gotten over it. dasha picture preteen You should have heard him admiring you and wanting to
be just like you. Wow, he was smacked when he saw your body."Holding the end of the towel, he looked at his nephew and said "Mark I
love you and I am pleased that I impressed Carl. But I think I had better
dry myself from the looks of you." preteen cp nn Mark had a roaring hardon.Grinning, he said "I always get a hardon around you Uncle Lee. You get
me hot just looking at you.""Well kiddo, cool off in the shower, I have a ton of things to do before
playtime. You want to go with me or stay home?""Let me get a quick shower and I will go with you." He tried to squeeze
by his uncle and Lee smacked him on the butt. Mark preteen video models
squealed as he felt
his butt smacked, he liked it.It didn't take long and they were in the Explorer. As they were going
down the hill, Lee looked at Mark and said "Mark, there are some things
we need to discuss and you have to be serious. Can you do that?"Hearing the tone of his uncles voice, Mark said "yes sir, when?"" We will get to that a little later when you are not so excited."Lee drove carefully down the hill...Send comments to:
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