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Subject: Chapter 1.5Warning! This story contains sex between minor boys. If you are underage,
this is illegal in your country, or do not like this type of story, please
do not read this. bbs virgin pedo MATT and MIKE Chapter One and a HalfThey entered Mike's bedroom and he locked the door as he had promised. He
removed his towel and slowly walked over to Matt and removed his, also. He
wrapped his arms around him, and gave him the first bbs sex lo passionate kiss of
either of their lives. Matt hesitated at first, but then he kissed back
just as passionately.They finally broke the kiss, and Mike backed up chil bbs and smiled at Matt, as his
hands went to his waist. He slowly and seductively removed his suit, until
he was standing in front of Matt like before. He was soft, but showed signs
of coming back up once again.Matt couldn't take his eyes off the younger boy. He was beautiful. But Mike
didn't give him much of a chance, as he slowly walked towards him. When he
was directly in front of Matt, he darkside bbs knelled in front of him and started to
take off Matt's suit for him. Matt just stood boylove bbs reply
in front of him and let him
do whatever he wanted.Mike wasted no time in pulling Matt's suit down and off. Matt picked up
each foot to help him, wondering where they were going from here. He was
taken completely by surprise when Mike schoolgirl galleries bbs didn't get up. He leaned closer, and
took Matt's now fully hard penis in his mouth. Matt almost fell down from
the shock. The feeling was better than anything he had ever felt. He
started moaning immediately.As Mike ran his tongue up and down his shaft, Matt did finally stumble, and
fell back on the bed. Good thing david hamilton bbs he had been standing in front of the bed,
or he might have gotten hurt, and spoiled the whole thing. Mike didn't miss
a beat, he just crawled with the falling boy, never letting his penis
completely slip from his mouth. Matt just lay back and let the wonderful
new feeling take over him. But, incest bbs adult Mike had been right back downstairs in the
pool. This was Matt's first time with anything not attached to his wrist,
and he didn't last long. He shouted out as he came. They would both have to
work on that.Mike erotic cartoon bbs
went to the door to check and see if anyone had heard him, but no one
was coming. He returned and looked down at Matt, who was still out like a
light. He had a big grin on his face when he finally opened his eyes and
returned to the real world."Well, how did you like your first time?", Mike asked."Awesome! I thought I was going to burst a blood vessel.", Matt panted. "I
thought you said you had never done anything with a guy before. How did you
know what to do?""Oh, I read a lot of stories over the Internet. The Nifty Archive has lots
of stories posted, and free lola asian bbs you would be amazed at what you can learn if you
read.", Mike stated, grinning even more."You'll have to write down the address for me. If that is what you find
out, I want to read the stories, too.", Matt said."Oh, I will be glad to write it down for you, but I don't think that's how
you have to get password xxx bbs board your information. I will be glad to teach you anything you
want to know. The only thing better than a good story litte virgin teen bbs is a nice, warm body
to play with. I think you will know a lot more before you go home
tomorrow.", Mike added."I sure hope so.", Matt said, giggling. Mike joined him in the laughter,
their friendship growing stronger."Come on, let's get a shower. There are lots of things you can do when you
are both wet.", Mike said.Matt didn't need to be asked twice. The two boys almost ran into the
bathroom, giggling and trying to stop the other from beating them in. Mike
turned on the water and waited for the water to heat up. They smiled at
each other and Matt leaned in and kissed Mike. This was his first attempt
at initiating teen panties bbs anything, but certainly not his last. They broke the kiss and
climbed into the shower together. They both got their bodies wet and Mike
grabbed for the bar of soap. Matt was surprised when he started soaping
down his chest, stomach, and pubic area and not his own. The feeling of
Mike's hands running all over hot pedo bbs
his slick front was driving him wild. He had
already started to get hard again, and he had just come only a couple of
minutes before.Matt took the soap from Mike, and lathered up Mike as he had done
him. Their hands flew over each other's bodies, now erotica bbs board able to lola bbs child sex touch each
other as they had only been able to dream about up to now. They embraced
and kissed once more, as darkcollection bbs biz
their hands roamed up and down over each other's
backs. Their hard penises rubbed up against each other against their
stomachs as they ground their bodies together in ecstasy. Mike's hands were
rubbing over Matt's buttocks, and finally went between the cheeks. He found
what he was looking for easily, and his index finger penetrated Matt's
virgin anus for the first time. Matt groaned loudly, but did not pull away.Mike had read about the prostate, which Matt did not even know existed, and
immediately felt around bbs yong sex for it. Matt's response and accompanying moan told
him he had hit the spot. Matt almost came right then, but he grabbed Mike
by the shoulders and hung on for dear life. They continued to grind against
each other, as the finger fucking Mike was giving Matt aided them in their
gyrations. Matt was about to come, and Mike was far behind. Mike pulled
backwards slightly and his penis slipped below that of Matt's and was
trapped pointing downward. If anything, this slowed his process of getting
off. Matt could girl young bbs feel it against his thigh, and opened his legs to bbs kids gays boys allow it
to go between them. He then closed them tight, allowing Mike to pump back
and forth between his legs and below his balls. This heightened his sense
of pleasure, and soon, he had caught up to Matt. Matt was the first to
come, blasting his load against their chests and stomachs. Mike came
quickly afterwards, coating Matt's legs and the wall behind him with his
load.Nothing was said. Nothing needed to be. They just held each other tight
until they had finally recovered. "Let's finish up and get dressed. I don't
want anyone coming up here, wondering where we are, and finding the door
locked.", Mike said. Matt didn't want to let go of Mike, but he knew he was
right, so they quickly finished their shower and rinsed off.They got out and dried off. lo toplist bbs
Who knows if they missed any spots, because
their eyes were on each other. They finally came back into Mike's bedroom,
and got dressed silently. Being together and fully dressed just didn't seem
to be right anymore. Before going back downstairs, Matt pulled Mike to him
and kissed him once more. "Let's go down and make sure you can spend the
night. You are learning lol bbs imageboard
fast, movies download bbs list but I still need to teach you a few
things.", Mike said, giggling. Matt giggled with him. They grinned at each
other, and unlocked the door and walked down the steps.Both boys knew that their mothers were easier to convince than their
fathers were, and were happy to see their two mothers talking in a corner,
both holding wine glasses. The didn't see their fathers, which also was
fine with them. No use in pre bbs sex pedo them overruling their mothers until it was
settled. Mike was always the aggressor of russian bbs portal the two, and he spoke rika bbs up
first. "Mom, can Matt spend the night? We bbs pedo kds xxx are having a really good time
together. We really didn't know each other very well before today, and we
are becoming good friends. We won't be any trouble, and will even help you
clean up after the party."Mike was a smart boy. He could usually convince his Mom to let him do what
he wanted, but he knew that if he volunteered his and Matt's services in
cleaning up the house, it would be a cinch. He was right. "I think that is
a wonderful idea, vombat incest lists bbs Mike. You can never have too many friends, you know. Is
that all right with you, June?", she asked."I think it is a really good idea, too, Sara. We seem to have hit it off. I
hope our boys do, too. We can just run home and young models bbs sites get some clothes for Matt
and drop him back here afterwards. kdz boys bbs fotos
I think it is a splendid idea!", young models kids bbs she
answered.We just looked at each other and grinned. We seemed to have the same
thought at the same time. "You can toplist bbs models
never have too many friends, you know."
"I think it is a splendid idea!" This is the same kind of conversation we
routinely got at home. What do you expect, when both of your parents are
college professors? If you don't talk like this, the other professors will
think less of you, and you will lose standing in the social pecking
order. bbs lol That couldn't happen, now could it?We didn't care. We had won. We had gotten what we wanted. "That won't be
necessary, Mrs. Jones. Mom buys me clothes a size too big most of the
time. russian bbs teen I have plenty of clothes Matt can wear. If we become friends like I
think we will, I probably will be over at your house a lot, and I can get
them back later. Or, we might just keep a change of clothes at teen bbs top list
each other's
houses for last minute decisions like this. If it all right if I come over,
that is.", Mike said.He was a pro. His little speech had my Mom eating out of his hand in no
time. I was impressed. He was lots better at "party games" than I was."Oh, Mike, of course we would love to have you over to our house. Thank you
for offering to share your clothes with Matt. That would be a lot more
convenient than having to go home and return afterwards. You 100 nn bbs how men can
get after a party like this.", she said, addressing her last comment to
June. June just nodded. They both knew their husbands would both be
sloshed."Why don't you bbs teen liste go and tell your fathers about the arrangements? We need to
catch up on a little campus gossip.", my Mom said.We dreaded the next part. All of our carefully calculated plans could mom fuck boy bbs be
crushed in seconds. We walked outside, and saw our two fathers together by
the grill, finishing the cooking. No one else was around. They were joking
and laughing together like they were best friends. Bosom buddies. Soul
mates. Both of our mouths dropped. Were these our two little bbs
Dads, who were always
sour in demeanor? Who sex kds bbs very pre boy bbs seldom laughed, or joked around? They were
acting like they were our age, and were as close as Mike and I were. We
didn't suspect, but we found out later. They were!WE approached carefully, knowing that sierra model bbs
wrath could come at any time. Mike,
as always, took almost heaven bbs
the lead. "Hi, Dad, hi bbs sun models Mr. Jones. It looks like you are
having a good time. Can I get you a fresh drink, bbs gallery forum or can to bbs teen Matt and I help
move any of the food inside? You know, kind of make it a father and son
team effort? The food looks great, and we would love to be able to help if
we can.""Thanks, son. Sure, you can help. I think both Mr. Jones and myself could
use a fresh scotch and water. You know how I like it, so could you please
get us one?", he said, already a little tipsy."Sure, Dad, coming right up. Anything I can do to help. By the model bbs teens
way, Matt
and I have become friends. Thanks so much for bringing him, Mr. Jones, I
would have been bored silly if I had to be here by myself. Matt has helped
me so much. Mom has agreed to let him spend the night with me to help bbs list image sex pay
him back. Isn't that great?", Mike said enthusiastically."See, I told you that you children sex bbs would want to come. He didn't want to come
earlier. He begged me not to make him come, because he didn't know
anybody. And, now, he has made a friend. I ought to not let you spend the
night, just because of your reluctance before.", Dad said angrily."Oh, please let him stay, Mr. Jones. We will help you finish cooking. Matt
didn't know he was going to have a good time, he was just being lo pics bbs shy since
he didn't know anyone. I would have been the same way. Please don't spoil
our fun, now that we know each other.", Mike begged."Sure, let him spend the night. What would it hurt. Our wives seem to have
hit it off. ls bbs models kds Maybe, we could plan a vacation together german teen bbs at the beach. We could
rent a three bedroom condo together and split the cost. It would be a lot
cheaper than renting one individually. We could have a lot of fun on a
vacation together.", Mr. Smith said, smiling at Dad."You know, I nn portal bbs hadn't thought about that. You are right. We are friends. Our
wives are friends. We should encourage our sons to be friends. I like the
idea of a condo together. With the extra savings, we might could rent one
for two weeks, instead of one. We could have lots of fun.", Dad answered."OK, it is settled then. If we get our drinks back here in less than two
minutes. You are on the clock. Go! And don't spill free nude teen bbs
any coming back out
here.", Mike's Dad said.Mike and I dumped the rest of their drinks on the grass, and ran for the
kitchen. Our fathers just laughed behind us. I had no clue what to do. Mike
took over, and poured scotch into the glasses, then ice, then filled each
with water. He looked like he knew what he was doing. He had been well
trained.We easily made the time limit. At least, they hadn't been wanting a mixed
drink. Scotch and water is as easy as any drink to make. We moved some of
the already cooked food inside, and then walked around for a while. "Be
back in 30 minutes, Mike. We will be ready to eat by then.", his father
ordered."Sure, Dad. We will be back in plenty of time.", he answered.We walked through the woods at the back of their girl of bbs house, stopping at a
creek. "We are going to have lots of fun tonight. My parents should ranchi guide bbs go to
bed early, and all the liquor should make them go to sleep and not hear
anything until morning.", Mike said."Great! I would like to try sucking bbs early toplist you, too. It felt awesome. I didn't
think I would ever want to, but now I know I do. I want you to do it to me
again, also.", Matt answered eagerly."I am still one behind. Why bbs pretens gallery wait until tonight? If you want to suck me, we
can do it right here.", Mike said, grinning."What? Are you crazy? nudist child bbs What if someone walked up and found us. I don't think
so. You'll have to erotic stories bbs
wait until tonight.", Matt answered."Let me just show you something I tgp bbs children found several years ago. If today pics lol bbs you still
don't want to, then I will wait.", Mike said, leading Matt deeper nude 100 model bbs into the
woods. They climbed a hill, and came to a thick wall of bushes. Mike lead
the way, as they pushed their way through."Where are we going? This is crazy!", Matt exclaimed.They finally pushed their way through, and entered a small clearing. It was
surrounded on three sides by the bushes, and on the fourth looked down a
steep hill to the creek far below. klass bbs lol I was really a nice little
hideout. "Like it?", Mike asked."Oh, yeah. It is great. How did you find it?", Matt asked."I used to spend a lot of time when I didn't have anything to do exploring
these woods. I looked up one day Young models bbs guestbook and saw the clearing bbs pictures nude from below. I hunted
till I found the entrance. Since I learned to beat off, I made this my
special place to do it. Look at this.", nonude bbs Mike answered, and pulled out a
plastic trash bag hidden under a bush. It was sealed tight to keep out any
moisture. He pulled out an little nudes angel bbs old blanket and a tube of KY Jelly. "Always be
prepared.", he kidded.Matt just grinned, and helped him spread out bbs paradise gateway the blanket. He was no longer
worried about being seen, and was anxious to try what had given him so much
pleasure a short time ago. The blanket was crusty from Mike wiping off the
jelly in it amature sex bbs so many times, but neither boy cared."Why adolescents model bbs don't we undress each other?", Mike said huskily. "You can do me
first, since I pulled your swim suit off. Then, I can show you something
new.""Fine with kds sex bbs me.", Matt said, grinning. He wasted no time in free petite bbs reaching for
Mike's shorts. He quickly had the russian bbs 13yo
front undone, and Mike carefully stepped
out of them, laying them across a limb of a bush."See, we even have instant clothes hangers.", Mike giggled, returning in
front of Matt. Matt pulled his shirt over his head and allowed him to also
hang it up. He grinned at Mike, and lowered his briefs, leaving him naked
except for his socks and shoes."We had better keep these on, Matt. We don't have much time.", Mike
said. He didn't take his time undressing Matt like he would have liked to,
and quickly, Matt was as naked as he was."Lie down on your side, Matt, and then I'll lie down next to you.", Mike
said. Matt did as he was told, eager to find out what came next. He was
surprised when Mike lay down in the opposite direction, but quickly caught
on when Mike bbs teen fun took his penis into his mouth. He hesitated only shortly. He
licked tentatively around ranchi list bbs
Mike's head, finding out bbs illegal rompl
it really didn't taste
bad, then took the shaft into his mouth. He immediately loved both giving
and receiving, especially at the same time. In ls models forum bbs a few minutes, both boys
were coming at almost the same time.Mike swung around and laid by bbs model index Matt, and they cuddled as they
recovered. When they both had returned to the conscious, they looked at
each, smiled, and kissed. "We had better get dressed and get back. If we
are late, my Dad might get mad, and not let you stay.", Mike said."Your Dad? Mine, too. It gay movie bbs doesn't take much to get him in a bad mood, if I
am around. Let's hurry. I don't want to miss any more private lessons.", he
replied.They hurriedly got dressed and almost ran back to the house. They slowed
down before they got there, because they saw their two father's still
cooking."Perfect timing, boys. We are just taking the last of the meat off the
grill. Can you take this in for us?", Mike's Dad asked."Sure, Dad, anything to help out.", Mike said. He best gallery kds bbs
really was laying it on
thick. It made them happy though, and that was all Mike had bdsm movies forum bbs in mind.Dinner was great. We ate until we teenager bbs board were ranchi rompl bbs stuffed. I love barbeques. I finally
said, "Mike, I loved exploring the woods little girl bbs pussy
earlier today. Do you think we
could go back for a while?""Sure. I would like to show you around some more. Is it all right with you,
Dad?", he asked."OK with rompl bbs nude us. Matt's Dad and I need to talk over more of our vacation
plans. You boys have a good time, but don't little girls bbs stay out past dark.", he
answered.We ran off towards the woods as fast as we could. It was even better than
before, because we could take our time. Mike taught me to stop when we were
both getting close, extending the arousal. We made love almost for an hour
before neither of us could stand it any more. Again, we came very close to
each other, but I beat Mike by seconds.We were really tired, and we just laid together for a long time. It was
beginning to get dark when we carefully folded the blanket and stuffed it
in the garbage bag. We just smiled at each other, and climbed out of our
love nest. We didn't know it then, but we would russian bbs nude use this place many times
over the summer. It young teen sex bbs
became our special place, and no one else was ever
allowed to enter.We got back, just as the party was coming to a close. Just as Mike had
promised, we helped clean up all the mess from arkan bbs the party. His Mom put on
one of her old CD's, which I was surprised that I kind of liked. It took
about 30 minutes, but we got the place back in order, and his Mom
vacuumed. We were finally finished. It was 10:00."It has been a long day, and I think I am going to bed.", Mike's Mom
said. "Your father is already conked out in the den. I am going to try to
get him up and to bed as well. Why don't bbs offhost you boys go up to Mike's room. I
know you aren't sleepy. You can do young russian girls bbs anything you want, as long as you don't
make too much noise. Is that all right with you?""Sure, Mom. We won't disturb you. I think we will just listen to some CD's
and play some video games. You know me, I'll probably keep Matt up most of
the night. Please don't wake us up in the morning.", he answered."I won't. Thanks for helping me clean up. Thanks to you too, Matt. You are
a really nice boy. I hope the two of you become really good friends. Well,
good night, boys.", she said, hugging Mike. I was surprised when she also
hugged me. Too much wine, I guess.We each got a coke and then ran up to his room, locking the door behind
us. We both had big grins on our faces, eager to begin again."What do you want to do now?", I asked."I want you to fuck me.", Mike answered, calmly."WHAT?", bbs korean sex Matt exclaimed. elite toplist bbs
To doll bbs Be ContinuedAny reader's comments or criticisms are appreciated. fozya bbs sven The more comments I
get, the quicker I will forward more chapters. Again, I am trying to tell
the story using actual facts, but I do bbs ranchi forum
insert parts nudes teens bbs
of the story that did
not really happen. The boys always give me permission, before I submit my
version. I hope movie bbs you like this method of telling a story. Any comments can
be sent to fsw99mindspring.com. The only gratification I really get out of
writing is your comments. I have made good friends out of Matt and Mark,
and could lola bbs nude use some more.
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