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From: Dave Gabriel
Subject: Me and My Friends Dad 7It was really weird what happened there with David and me. I forget exactly
what we said but we kind of hugged some more and then we just sat there and
- I know this is gonna sound really gay - we held hands for a while. God my
dick was aching the whole time but I didn't want to push anything on him
because he was 12 and I was 14 and I didn't want to freak him out. He knew
my dick was hard and I'm sure his was too. It was like a date or
something. I split and then I asked him if I could come back and he said
yeah come back tomorrow. So I got all excited like butterflies in my
stomach and tried to act cool and said okay.When I got home it was weird I didn't even want to jack off about him at
first. It was like it was 13yo asian model too intense! daughaday model 1 But I did and I got hot thinking
about his chest, just touching him there and how soft he was, like spandex models a girl,
and how he looked at me with his big watery eyes. And I came really fast
and shot all this cum all over my belly.The next day was also hot and I rode my bike teen model vod over to the park behind their
house. David was in the backyard waiting and he smiled at me. I started to
get hard looking at him already especially when he smiled at me. He wore
shorts that looked like they were a bathing suit with that stretchy stuff,
and he young model loilta didn't have any shirt on. My stomach kind of jumped when I saw he
didn't have his shirt on. It was cool because he was shy yesterday and
today he wanted to just have his shirt off when I came there."Hey!" he said kind xxxsex model indonesia of quiet and then said, "C'mere." I went under the
fence into their yard."Is your mom home?" "No, she's at work again. You've gotta be quiet, though. I wanna show you
something!" He was smiling kind of secret-like and I wondered what he
meant. We came to ls models nud
the side of the house and he said, "Kneel down and check
it out." We were at a window to the basement that was on the ground and we
lay on skinny child model
our stomachs. David giggled and whispered, "Come closer and look at
Billy." I looked in the window and I kind of breathed in real quick from
surprise. Billy was there on this dolly supermodel videos swivel chair in front of the computer and
he was to his side so we could see a real atk model girl
lot. Billy had his legs up on the
desk there and the computer had porn on. It was some fucking stuff with
girls and guys. Two guys were fucking a girl. It looked like one black baby models guy was
fucking her in her ass and she was sucking another guy. He had the volume
up pretty well and we could hear her mostly through the speakers next to
the computer and of course she was all, "OOOOhhh, AHHHH!!!" Billy sat there
jerking his dick slowly and he had that same expression on his face he
always had like he lola model was concentrating on something on. He could have been
doing a math problem if you looked architectural model figures
at his face. Billy is so weird and so is
his Dad. He pulled on his dick slow dallas model
like and well his dick was as big and
fat as it ever was and stuck out straight.Anyhow we watched and David looked at me and giggled. And then he said,
"You gotta keep watching. Watch his butt!" I didn't know what he meant. But
I watched around Billy's butt best as I could through the galery models kids window. His legs
were spread and he had his hand left hand down there doing model pretteen boys something once
in a while when he jerked. It was hard to see."Wait - here - he'll do it!" whispered David. He grabbed my arm and
squeezed and said, "Look! Watch!"Billy moved his hand back and forth and holy shit then I saw there was
something going in and out of his butthole! I said, "Holy shit!" and then
David giggled some more. Billy was fucking himself with something while he
watched that porn! Then he pulled it out and I saw it was a carrot. He
looked at it - gross! - and spat on his hand and then rubbed the spit back
on it! There was probably shit on there and he stuck it right back in his
ass and he kind of raised his head like it felt real good and then he
started jerking slowly.I couldn't believe it and we were sort of giggling. It kind of grossed me
out girls skirt model but not really. I felt a little bad mostly because we were spying on
Billy 1960s british models - it's like it wasn't really fair. Billy was just so weird - I knew
he liked pussy but he also really liked putting stuff in his butt and I
thought about that winter when we went skiing when he wanted to fuck my
butt and when we both did that dirty stuff together on the toilet. And I
thought about how Mr. Grimley licked my asshole.I started to think arizona lingerie models
about ls models naturist
how some guys just didn't mind an asshole and some
did. I always thought I did. And Mr. Grimley and Billy didn't. And it kind
of seemed like in some dirty way they gegg model liked assholes a lot - like Billy
really liked to play with his and put stuff in there and wanted to get in
mine.I didn't really want to get into Billy's butt. I liked his big dick and
that's what I thought about when I thought about boys - their big fat dicks
and sucking on them and stuff like that, like when I thought about girls I
thought about their pussies and how they were all wet and how different and
soft they were.But David was different because he was soft, but he was also cute artistic model a boy. And
when I had gone to bed the night before I even thought about his ass and
wondered what it looked like, trying to vladmodel forum
remember.We watched Billy a little more and then David got up and said, "Let's go."
We kind of ran young nonnude models through the backyard like someone would see us and we went
under his fence. We walked along the path for a while and then sat down
close to their tree house, right naked girls models
at the edge of their property and the
park. "That's pretty funny with my brother right?" asked David."Yeah! I've never seen someone stick something in their ass like that."He didn't say anything, for a while and then said, "Billy's always playing
with his dick looking at that porn on the computer. He's down there for
hours. He's always doing dirty stuff like that and he doesn't care. He's
kind of boring." He looked down.I didn't say anything. Then he looked up at me and models little said, "Do you do stuff
like that?""What do you mean?""Do you play with child supe model your dick?""Well...yeah!""I remember when we were hard together in the shower when we went skiing!""Me too." I was getting hard again. I didn't know what to say. It was like
David was leading everything even though he was younger than me. It was so
annoying the way I clammed up.Finally I said, "I'm hot," and I started to pull up my tee-shirt. David's
tee-shirt was off already and I figured that was a cool thing to do. We sat
there for a while and David moved closer and held my hand all of the
sudden. Oh shit that was really gay but it was cool and I got nervous and
then my dick started to grow in my pants and I felt that feeling in my
stomach. And then I kind of realized that actually it wasn't really gay at
all in a bad way but it was gay in a good way because David didn't care
what anybody thought. That's why David was so cool, because he just wanted
to hold my hand so he did it. I thought about it taiwanese nude models later and realized that it
was dumb to sit there and be worried pics model pre about being gay and that David and
Billy and in a way Mr. Grimley were cool because they didn't give a shit
what they did. Especially David - it's like he was all soft and sometimes
he acted girly sweet gina model
but then he could be just like a boy is too.We had our teen model elizabeth shirts off and we sat there and nonnude child model we held hands and I squeezed his
hand and he squeezed mine back and he looked at me and squinted naked modell and
smiled. I was a little sweaty and so was he and I could smell his body a
little and I thought he smelled good. He smelled like an earth smell and
kind of buttery and a little sweat. I was all the way hard for him and I
was kind of shaky."Will you take down your pants and show me your dick now?" he asked me."You sure?""Yeah. I know you're hard.""Okay. But shouldn't we go to the tree house? Someone could see us greek sexy model here.""It's still our property. Besides, I don't care."The little park was right close to us but it's true we were in his
backyard. I illegal russian model wasn't sure about it and was a little nervous because someone
could see us maybe toplist young model if they came down one of the trails in the park. But I
was so excited and I wanted to show David my hard dick. So I stood up and
unbuckled my dolly child model belt. David looked up and smiled and his mouth kind of
opened. Boy he was cute. I unbuttoned my buttons and looked around a little
and then pulled down my pants. My dick stood right up and it was real hard
and it pulsed a little because I was so horny. I didn't touch it or
nothing. I pulled my pants down a little to my knees and stood in front of
him and I put my hands on my hips. I felt good outside with the breeze on
my dick and I felt cool standing in front of David showing him my dick.David got onto his knees and kneeled in front of me and didn't say
anything. He reached out and touched it with his hand and squeezed it just
a little. modeling picture teen Wow that felt good. Some stuff was coming out the hole just a
little and free amateur models it was shiny and he said, "Cool." Then he said, "I like your
dick, Bradley."I said, "Feels good when you touch there," or something silly. Then I
kneeled down in front of him and we were facing each other and I wanted to
feel him now. I put my hands on his chest and he was so soft and his
nipples were kind of reddish purple and I thought they were beautiful and
so were his lips and I moved model kid sexy closer to him and I touched him and rubbed him
on his teen models webring
chest."Should we kiss?" he said real quiet.I hadn't ever thought of that with a boy because it seemed real gay but I
liked the idea with him but still felt a little embarrassed. I didn't say
anything and held him and then I put my hands on his head and I rubbed his
hair and it was a little greasy and I could smell his sweat again in his
hair. He smiled and he put his elegant models porn hands on my shoulders like he was a priest
or something like he was going to bless me. He moved closer and he opened
his mouth and closed his eyes and he whispered, "Kiss me, little nikki model Bradley," and I
didn't know what to do and I moved closer models prteen and I closed my eyes and then he
moved forward and I pretten model felt his lips touch my lips and they were wet and warm
and I tasted them. They were like an iron taste and skin taste. They were
wet and they were like a nice piece of something to eat but I didn't want
to bite them I just wanted to taste his lips in my mouth. I felt his tongue
for a second and it was on my tongue and it had that iron taste and then we
were kissing. I thought about it ukraine models xxx for one second and it board vladmodel
was cool. We were
there outside kissing and we were like people breaking the law and then I
felt again like I was in love with him and I held him closer and he
squeezed me to him and we kissed. My penis pressed against his belly and
that felt good, to touch his body with my penis. I hugged him again with my
arms because I just wanted to hold him and he held me too and we were both
shaking a little."Will you show me what you look like naked?" I asked. He smiled and he
looked at me and then he stood up and now I was kneeling down in front of
him. And then I saw a big bump in his shorts and I was surprised how big it
was. He pulled down his shorts and it's like they got stuck on his dick
because it was sticking out so much. He pulled them down and then I saw his
dick and it was different than anything I had seen gay model naked before, and it was
really nice and special and sexy. David's dick was bigger than mine even
though he was 12. It was big and it stuck out straight like Billy's, and
then it kind of wedged out a bit at the end. It was preeteen models vagina
just longer and fatter
than little porn models
mine, just like his older brother and his Dad. But he didn't have
hardly any hair there yet and that was different than Billy and his Dad. So
it was like he was still a boy but he had this big fat dick and I just
looked at it amazed and he was quiet and didn't say anything and looked at
it and then me and smiled."Do you like my dick?" he finally asked."Man, it's really cool. It's really big like your bro's and your Dad's."As soon I said that I thought whoops."You've seen my Dad's dick?""Yeah - I mean just when we were all at the Y in the showers."He didn't say anything for a minute and then he sat hope model nonude next to me and we both
sat against a tree and then I took his hand and we were there with our hard
dicks and we were pressed against each other. Then he said, "Yeah, my dad's
dick is big and it gets real big when it's hard - bigger than mine.""When have you seen your Dad hard?""Oh just sometimes, you know."I didn't really sarah mcgovern model
know what he meant. I didn't think that Mr. Grimley had
done stuff with David but maybe he had. "What about Billy's - you think
it's bigger than yours?""Naw, we're like the same." I looked at his dick and it was pulsing almost
like chinese bikini models it was talking to me."It sure looks cool.""Billy tries to get pretteen model toplist me to do stuff with him sometimes," he said."Like what?""He wants to stick his dick in my ass and fuck me like that girl he was
watching. He tried it once when I didn't want it. It really hurt bad and I
didn't like it. My Dad got really angry at him and punished him.""What did he do?""He spanked him.""Really? hot tiny models When was that?""It happened when we were younger."I didn't say anything but I squeezed his hand.Then he said, "He tried it unclothed teen models again a little while ago and I didn't tell on
him but he was still too big. He got in a little and then hit hurt and he
stopped.""So you didn't tell your Dad?""Nope."I sat there next to him and looked at his big dick and his pretty body and
his big eyes that were looking down at me. "Do you pretty models portal want to try to fuck me?"
he asked me."Won't it hurt you again?"He didn't say anything but he got up and pulled his shorts off. He pulled
them over his sneakers and that looked really funny and we both laughed
when he was standing there with just his sneakers on and his big penis
sticking out. Now he came and sat on me. He rubbed his butt around my
dickhead and I had never felt that before. His dick was right up in front
of me and I was just sitting there and boy was he sexy with his big dick
and his pretty nipples sexy rusian models
and his face and the way he was rubbing his butt
over my dick. "Do you want my ass, Bradley?" brazilian models pussy he said, and he said it joking
like a little homo boy and then he giggled and I felt a little embarrassed
because I did want it and then I felt like he was controlling me euro teenager models and kind
of making fun of me. I didn't know what to say and I guess I looked
embarrassed because then he got serious and he took my hands and then my
heart kind of ached again because whenever he did that kind of stuff -
whenever he showed me that he liked me - I got like all weak.'Try to stick it in me if you want. Billy never stayed in because he was
too big and too fat but you might work."He was rubbing his ass around young prteen model
my dick and I couldn't believe it - he was so
naughty and I had never done this stuff and I didn't know what to do. "What
do I do?""Nothing." Then he spit in his hand and he rubbed his spit on my dick and
my dick jumped and he giggled. "Ohhhhhh! Your dick likes that!" he said and
he giggled. I just sat there with my mouth open and it felt so good and he
was so sexy. Then he did it some more and rubbed it around there and I had
that feeling like I could come. My pubescent models sex dick was all slimy with his spit and it
looked cool and David looked so sexy on top of me."Careful," I whispered."What?" he said and looked up and stopped smiling."No - it's awesome. It's just - I'm afraid maxwel teen model I'll shoot off because it feels
so good."He smiled and then said, "Hold on." Then he squatted over my legs. "Push
your youth atv models legs together." My back was straight and I was against the tree and my
legs were together like I was gonna do some sort of calisthenics and my
dick stood up and it was shiny at the tip and there was juice around there
and all his spit. He was squatted over my legs and his butthole was over my
dick."Get my hole wet with your spit.""What?""Just like I did for your dick. Come on!""But...I've never touched a guys butthole.""Come on!" he bianca christians model
said. Then he 3dmax models download
looked at me kind of sad and said, "I'll give
you my butt and not Billy or my Dad or anyone else - it's just for you."That was really heavy european child models what he said in a couple of ways about Billy and his
Dad and then I saw it looked like he was gonna cry. It was really
intense. He had his big dick and he was almost going to cry and he was so
cute and then I wanted to make his ass bav99 spice model
wet. I felt horny and like all
emotional at once. It was really confusing."Okay," I said and I spit on my two fingers and I put them under and found
around his hole. He took my hand with his and led me there and little pretten model
it felt soft
like a dog's belly where there's almost no fur and I made it wet. "Again,"
he said, and I got my fingers wet and found his hole this time by myself
and I rubbed my spit all around there and I felt close to him like he was
my boy.Then he got right on top of my dick and rubbed his ass around on top of the
head. Fuck it felt good. It was wet and right on the tip and it was almost
too sensitive. Then I felt him kind of tense up lsmodels girls but I guess pussi models he was kind of
pushing his butt open a little bit and then I felt something wrap around
the tip of my dick and it was really intense because I realized I was in
his ass just a little bit. He held still and he wasn't breathing and he
looked straight ahead and he models illegal young was sweating and kind of shaking. His dick had
gone down a little and was sort of hanging there but it was still so big
and I still couldn't stop looking at famous naked model David's dick the way it was big with
almost no hair - it was like a painting and I thought someone should make a
painting of his perfect dick."Are you okay?" I asked. russian preeteen models
He nodded and looked ahead. He pulled up a little
and then he went down a little further the next time and I didn't feel much
different on my dick because his butthole was so tight - it just felt like
something sucking me in. lol tgp model It was really vip nonude models intense and really cool and I liked
fucking boy's butts right then because best bondage model it was like taking them over - it
was like horny models he was giving me a little piece of himself and it was a little
dirty but it felt really close because we were sharing something together."How's that feel?" he said. His voice was a little shaky and he was sweaty
and he wiped his forehead and sniffed a teen sex modeling little."Really fucking cool."He came up a little more again and then went down more and most of my dick
was in him this time and now I felt it christina model site more - I felt the outside of his
asshole tickle my penis as it went in. stefi model galleries I felt his soft skin around there
against me and it felt so good. And then he kind of breathed in short and
his dick started to teen models actress get hard again and raisins bikini models kind of jump. I wasn't sure why that
happened then. He closed his eyes and it looked like he was lost somewhere."Are you okay?" I asked."Yeah," he whispered. model ls girls And then he started to go up and down on me and I
thought he was gonna get a cramp but wow David really knew what to do and I
thought he was the coolest kid because he was taking my dick in his ass and
he was a real tough kid to be able to that and it's like he boob model teen
was taking
charge. And that's when I realized that when you get fucked it's a tough
thing to do and nursing models you can't do it if you're a pussy and it's yound models top not a chinese fashion models wimpy
thing to do at all. He looked like a real tough cool boy on top of me like
that and also he was really soft and I smelled his body again and he
smelled good. I looked at his eyes and they were all squinted up.I really loved the way it felt on my dick - my dick was way in there in his
bottom and I felt his ass rise up and down on me and he held on to me. It's
like my dick was gone, lost somewhere inside of him and he was using it for
himself, borrowing it from me. But I still got to feel what it felt like
and it made my dick feel good. That's when I realized that boys like to get
fucked and not just fuck someone else. I felt kind of silly that I hadn't
realized that before and then I thought that David was like really advanced
and cool to know that stuff when he was only 12.Then he said, "Oh Bradley, fuck me with your cock." And it was like he was
talking porn talk but he was russian teeen models just a boy with his boy voice and I guess he
heard that from the porn that Billy watched. It felt good when he talked
like that though because he liked my cock in his ass and I felt like he was
mine and he wanted to be child kids model mine black ship models right there. He talked some colt models gay more and said,
"Your cock feels good in there Bradley. Ahh - it makes inisde evergreen model airplanes my ass feel
good and I f-feel it in my dick. Oooooo..." In his dick, I didn't know what
he meant by that yet but I found out later. And he started going up and
down on me faster almost kind of violent. I didn't know what he was feeling
in his ass but it was like it was taking over him like a fever. Then he
said, "Gonna cum Bradley. Your dick in my ass," and he kept saying "your
dick in my ass" like whispering it and he put his hands on my chest to
steady himself a little bit and they were shaky and sweaty and then I felt
his ass clamp on my dick - it was really strange, like an animal grabbing
me. And David's dick shot out his sperm onto me and I hadn't touched it or
him brandy model
or nothing. He moaned and kept saying about my dick in his ass in this
kind of high voice and I held him and his cum was kind of clear but there
was lots teen model fresno of it and it went on my neck and my nipples and my belly. I didn't
know that someone could come like that and it surprised me and I was
amazed. His dick just plopped around by itself and looked like some animal
and it was fucking way cool. Every time his dick jerked I felt his ass grab
me and wow that was fucking great.And I touched him and felt close to him and felt like I loved him again and
then I felt myself starting to come but it was really from way low in my
balls and in my legs like and it almost hurt and ebony teen model I moaned like it was deep
in me. Well that was the strongest cum I ever had. It almost hurt it felt
so good. I felt my heart beating young model nudity with my dick and I felt kind of this
electricity in my hair on my head and my dick shot its stuff into him."Oh David - I'm cumming. I'm cumming in your ass, baby." I had never called
anyone baby but David felt like my baby and I felt so good with him, he was
my boy free lalana model and I was putting my stuff in his ass. He kept on riding me like I
was a horse and holding onto my chest and squeezing my tits a little. I
shot childmodelhot my stuff deep in his ass and he kind of whimpered like he was sad but
he wasn't sad and I held him there and he opened his eyes and he looked at
me and smiled. It was strange not to see my cum or anything and just kind
of know it was in there."I feel it," he said. I felt like we had done this cool thing together and
it's like I was proud your girl model of both of us and felt so close to him and I wanted
to be his man or like his protector or something but it also felt like he
was in control of me and he was more of a man than me because he had taken
my dick in him even though he was just a boy.

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