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Subject: My First Day With Mr. C.Standard Disclaimer:
The people used in this story are real, whereas the story itself is
a work of fiction. If you are too young to read this, don't read it. If
not, enjoy! My First Day With Mr. C. I couldn't quite believe it. I had failed a history test. History
was probably my best subject and for me to beautiful girls underage
fail was, well, extraordinary.
Naturally, I did the only thing I could think of...I begged the teacher to
let me underaged asian sex
retake the test. Mr. C. simply looked at me and shook his head.
"Rob, you failed naked underage toplists
this test all on your own. Why should I let you re-take
I searched for an answer, and finally found one. "Look, this is
our last test before the provincial exam. Because of this failure, my
entire average is being dragged down. Not only that, but my final mark
will be way lower as a result." Then, using every acting talent I had
(acting being my prime obsession) I looked him straight in the eye and
pleaded with him one final time. "Please. I need this more free underage teens
than you can
It worked.
"Alright," he said. "But you can't re-write the test. There isn't
enough time for you to write it, have me mark it, and then enter your new
mark into the computer all before the school wants the final marks." He
must of seen the look of confusion on my underagenude face as he answered my un-asked
question. "Tomorrow is a Pro-D day. You're going to help me sift through
files, organize reports, and help me enter all my marks into the school.
And in doing so, we'll change your mark for the last test. Deal?"
What was I supposed to say? Here he was, offering me a chance to
get at pass on a failed exam. I agreed instantly, hot underage sluts thanked him graciously,
and began to walk out of the classroom. "Hang on a minute," he said,
stopping me in my tracks. "We're not going to be doing this in the school.
All my stuff is at home. We have to do it there." He wrote down
something on a piece of paper and then handed it to me. Reading it, I saw
it to be his home address and the underage nudity gallery
time I was supposed to be there. "See
you tomorrow," he said as I exited the room.
I walked home in an elated mood. Not only was I improving my mark,
but I now had the home address of the man I had had a crush on since I
first met him a year earlier in his Social Studies 11 class. He had underage illegal pussy an
amazing personality, and although he wasn't underage erotic angels
a particularly 'gorgeous' underage gay teen man,
he had a sort of ruggedness to him that I found very appealing. He stood
just indian underage a little taller than me, probably 6'1" or so. Like many Social
Studies and History teachers underage drinking indiana
I had had, he was also a P.E. teacher, and
because of this, was in exceptionally good shape underage fuck pedo
for someone of the age of
forty. However, as I had never seen him with his shirt off, all I could
deduce was that he underage japanese pussy had broad shoulders, well developed arms, and a nicely
toned upper chest. He had thin, short sandy brown hair and a chislled
facial structure underage girls squirting which held his underage pedo movie thin pink lips and the nose which, he underage pre told
our class on several occasions, "Has been broken three times."
None-the-less, he was underage erotic clips perfect in my eyes, and that's all that really
matters, doesn't it?
I got home free sexy underaged and went straight to my room to grab my journal. holynet underage models
I sat
on my bed for underage girl hentai
a moment and thought of what to underage models russian write.January 22, '99
So after pleading with Mr. C., I finally convinced him to underage teenz change my
mark on my test. But I'm not re-writing the test (probably a good thing
since I failed it last time.) Instead, I get to go to his place and help
him organize all his stuff underage thailand prostitutes
for the end of the semester. Boring laborious
work, underage school hotties
but I get a free underage girl
pass! underage child pussysex underage bbsfuck the underageunderage lesbian nude The rest of the day went per usual: I myhost underage teens finished up some last underage exhibitionist minute
homework, cleaned up anything of mine laying around, ate my dinner, went to
my dance lesson, came home, and went underage hussyfan to bed. Normally, underage 3d girls
since there was no
school the next day, I would stay up rather late either reading underage russian teen or writing,
but Mr. C. wanted me to be at his place by eight thirty and, underage bbs photos seeing as he
lived on the other side of town and I had to catch the bus, I needed underage soft porn to get
up by seven o'clock. Needless to say, I was not looking forward to
tomorrow morning. I awoke the underage babies photos
next morning to the delightfully shrill sound of my
alarm. Seven o'clock, right on the dot. Grudgingly, I rolled out of bed
and turned my alarm off. Deciding that this was going to be a long and
arduous day, and not really caring what I looked like, I put on pedo illegal underage my most
comfortable ensemble: black track pants, a t-shirt, and a sweat shirt. I
was one of my of my only friends who put comfort before fashion. After underage sex babysex
quick breakfast, I hentai game underage grabbed my jacket and bus pass, and headed out for the
bus stop.
The bus underaged porn board
ride only took about half an hour and so I arrived about
fifteen minutes early. In an attempt to underage illegal photos kill some time, I went into the
nearby 7-11 and bought myself a multi-flavoured icey-suck (the school term
for slurpee). By eight twenty-five, I was bored out of my mind and decided
to arrive a few minutes early. Icey-suck in hand, I walked up his front
stairs and knocked on underage fuck movie Mr. indian underage gallery
C.'s door.
No answer.
'That's odd,' I thought. 'I wonder where he could be?' I waited a
few minutes and tried again. Slowly, the door opened and there stood
Mr. C., dressed in almost exactly what I was wearing (which he wore almost
every bbs lesbian underage
day anyway) and half asleep. Putting on the biggest smile I could
muster, and using the cheeriest voice I could find, underagerussian nude I underaged angels young
said loudly, "Good
"Yes...good morning." underage sex ilegal
he said groggily, then he stood aside and
opened his door. "Welcome, to my hell." underage little girls I wondered what he meant until I
actually walked into his main room and saw the mess of papers lying
everywhere. I quickly turned around and looked at him. He nodded and
said, "We get bbs underagedivine cuties underage to organize this," the last word emphasized as he indicated
the room with his arms.
"Well then, shall we underage cheerleader pictures
raped underage movies start?" I asked.
"Not yet. Need coffee." underage hardcore pedo
I couldn't help but laugh to myself as he
slowly stalked into the kitchen underage teen cuties to get his sacred coffee. Upon returning,
he seemed a little more coherent and ready to work. "Alright. Let us
And so the day went. Every single paper had to be identified by
grade, date, and what it was. After that, every mark had to be recorded
and naked underage sluts then double checked after we had finished. As simple as the task was,
it was tedious and took us a good five underaged wet pussy or six hours (we had stopped for a
half forbiden underage hour lunch somewhere in there.) At underagenude girls pics
the end, we went back to my
History 12 class and changed my last test mark. No longer did it read F.
My new mark was a bright shiny A. Needless to say, model underage underwear
I was more than underage upskirts pics happy.
Well, the day was done. I had underage first gallery done what I needed to do and was
getting underage kds nude ready to leave when Mr. C. stopped me. underage fantasy xxx Looking straight at me, he
said, "I just want you to know how ukranian underage nude
much I teen tgp underage really appreciate this. I know
you were doing it to get a better grade, but this has taken a ton of stress
off my mind. Thanks."
I looked back and said, "No, thank underage kiddie pedo you. Now I can go into the
final with an A and I can even possibly get an A over all. You've helped
me naked underage asian immensely." underage slut Then there was just a moment when we underage angel looked at each other,
neither saying anything. I was about to turn and leave when he slowly
raised his hand to move a stray piece of hair that was covering my eye. He
then put his hand on the side of my face so that tiny underage teens his fingers were curled
around the back of my neck. That made me melt. I almost didn't believe
what he did next.
"You are so beautiful," he said teens underage whore in the softest, kindest voice I had
ever heard him petite underage teen use. I couldn't speak. I felt my face turn bright gay underage sex
red as I
smiled and lowered it. Placing his index finger under my chin, he raised
my head and asked, "I'll take that as a thank-you?"
"That's what it was animated underage porn meant as," I said quietly. Ever so xxx underage torrent slowly, he
leaned forward and, before I knew what was going on, his lips were touching
mine. My first instinct was to pull away, but nudity underage
this somehow felt
He pulled away and had an incredible amount of sorrow in his eyes.
"I'm..." He couldn't even look at me. "I'm sorry."
I reached forward and took his hand in underage loita bbs mine. nude underaged females
He looked insest underage up for a
second, long enough for me to say, "Don't be." That was enough to restore
his confidence.
"There's just something about you that underage kiddy incest
enthrals me. I can't quite
explain it. But I've wanted to ukrainian underage nude
do that for such a underage sex magazines long time."
"I feel the underage panty tgp
same way." He pulled me towards him and kissed me
again. It wasn't a soft, gentle kiss like the one before. This one was
full of passionate intensity, passion I returned whole-heartily. His
subtlety amazed me as I suddenly found ourselves walking to his bedroom,
still kissing.
We fell onto free underage trailers
his messed bed and continued to kiss underage schoolgirl galleries
with the same
vigour as before. Our hands then began underage drinking preventions to topless underage teens explore each other's free underage nudism
His upper chest, as I imagined, was covered with a soft layer of hair. His
stomach, while not incredibly defined, was flat and strong. Very quickly,
my shirt came off and his hands were exploring my back. His hands were
surprisingly soft, and the horny underage boys contact felt so good. I'm a very tactile person
and situations, much like this one, are far more sensual than sexual for
me. This was no exception. I then removed his shirt and we continued
kissing like that for what seemed like hours. Finally, we stopped, and we
lay together, forum underage galleries my head on his chest. His heart was racing, just like mine
was. Eventually, he underage erection boys spoke:
I lifted my head underage sluts dancing to look at him. "Thank-you? For what?"
"Everything you've done for me today. My underage underware tgp
school innocent underage virgin work, and myself."
He smiled a little and kept talking. "I'll treasure this day forever."
I smiled and then leaned forward to kiss him lightly on his
forehead. "Mr. C..."
"Call me Walt."
"Walt...I should thank you, for everything. foto underage Not only did I pass
the test, but I got to be with you in way I never thought possible." I lay
my head back down and just felt the warmth of him.
However, the time moved on quickly, and eventually I had to go
home. Walt gave me a ride home, but it was not the last time we saw each
other. We continue to see each other almost every week. In Walt, I have
found a true friend, someone I can talk to openly about underage free model anything and
everything I wanted. Our physical relationship has never progressed
farther than it did that day, underage rompl model and for that, I will always be grateful.Comments? Send any questions to"Of all the things I've lost, I miss underage naked teenies my mind the most."
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