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From: RedRush773
Subject: MinotaurRuler,Gay SF/Fantcy, Chap 28,God's Fire As they came closer to the mountain, the ground became steeper.
More rocks and boulders and gravely ground. The air was very hot and the
entire area glowed a strange orange color. Even Tork had sweat running
down his body, his hair matted ing 16 year picture an wet over his entire body. Kag looked as
if he had just gotten out of the river. Marko was as bad, his fur matted
and soaked. All of them had to keep wiping their foreheads with their
hands to keep the sweat from stinging their eyes. Tork and Marko didn't have a very easy time as the ground got
steeper. Their hoofs slid until they dug them in deep enough to pass the
gravel covering on the ground. Kag's feet were sore and blistered. He
wanted to rest more then they were. It was only the pain plants that Marko
brought with that kept him from refusing to walk further. They reached an area where the ground disappeared and they would
have to climb the rocks. Marko pointed to an area high up the mountain
that looked like a dark opening, a wound made to the side of the mountain
rock. He told them that is where they must go to enter God's Fire. Tork
looked and knew it would not be an easy climb for him or Marko. Only the
strength of their arms and upper body would help them and hurt them,
because of the bulk and weight. Kag was more suited for climbing denmark 16 years nude rock so
steep. Tork thought Kag should go first, so that if either he or Marko
slipped, they would not knock Kag off the rocks. They all agreed and Kag
started to climb, followed by Marko and then Tork. As they climbed, they noticed 12years teens nudes that some of the rocks around them
were various colors, like you could see through them, reflecting sparkling
light from the orange sex14 year porno glow of the mountain. They seemed to increase in
size the higher they climbed. Tork slipped a number of times, his massive
muscled arms holding his body to naked girls under 16years
the rock, keeping him from falling down.
Marko slipped also, Torks hand pushing at his hoof, saving him from
falling. Marko's arms were beginning to feel the strain of having to hold
his body weight every time his hoofs slipped from loosing their hold. They were half way up the mountain when they finally learned how to
climb the rocks, finding ledges to move against, wide enough for them to
stand on. Marko became expert at spotting the ledges and what seemed like
hand holds cut into the rock. The climb became much easier from then on.
They had to slow down more, but the relief on their arms and shoulders was
well worth it. Tork noticed strange symbols here and there, carved into large
boulders or the face of the mountain. He didn't know the meaning, but knew
they had to have been made by the gods. No creature could have made them
standing on the mountain. It was impossible to let both hands free without
falling. Yes, it had to be created by gods. Marko and Kag noticed them
also, both thinking the same as Tork. Kag stopped to eat pain plants and
muscle developer plants. "The symbols had to have been put here by gods. No creature could
have made them" Kag said as he chewed on the plants. Tork and Marko were chewing also, all of them using a wide ledge to
keep their balance as they ate. "Indeed Kag. No 15 years young nudist creature could have made them. They are ancient
and no one has talked about how they were made or that they were here. It
is rare for anyone to journey here" Marko told Kag. "I HAVE SEEN HUMANS THAT HAD STONES AS THOSE SHINNING ONES ALL
Tork said as he ate. Kag stopped chewing and thought awhile and then said "Something
seems familiar russian 13 year nude to me about those stones. I don't know why, but when you
said you saw humans with similar stones, I remembered some of my past
memory. They were called jewels and were very valuable to humans. Lords
and warriors fought and took them whenever they were on their victims.
There were merchants that made ornaments for the body from them. I do not
remember how they got them." "You will have most of your memories back when you become as we
are, Kag" Marko said. "It will take time, but the memories will return.
You will have to deal with your feelings when they do return. It will not
be easy". Tork heard what Marko said and pussy 14 year he felt a strange feeling deep
inside. He began to feel a fear that Kag would leave him once he
remembered his former life as a human. Maybe he had family or even
children and would want to have them back in his life again. Kag was looking at Tork as Marko spoke and saw the strange look on
Torks face. He knew Tork was worried about him getting his memories back.
"Do not worry Tork. I will have my memories, but will have my entire life
with you and you alone. I could not return to my old ways, not now. There
may be some things I may miss, but 12years teen nudes I know I cannot return now. The life I
have with you is the only one I wish to have". Tork looked at Kag and smiled a wide wide smile. If he weren't on
the ledge keeping his balance, he would have leaped at Kag and smothered
him tight to his body, licking him all over. Kag had pleased and honored
Tork said in a soft gentle voice. Marko smiled at both of them and suggested they stop resting and
get to their destination. Tork and Kag laughed and began to climb again. The symbols were everywhere now as 12 years teens fucking
they were very close to the
cave. There seemed to be a flicker of bright orange coming from deep
inside the cave. When they reached very near, there seemed to be a path
carved into the rock, more like steps. They sat on the bottom nude 12 years fuck
of the steps
and rubbed their arms and shoulders. Marko was feeling the steps with his
hands, marveling at how they were carved into the rock. He couldn't
imagine the power of whatever made them. The steps were wide and steep. Tork was the only one that didn't
have trouble going up the steps. Marko was looking carefully for something
he was told by Aurin they would need before entering the cave. Kag had to
have in his possession certain gems of a particular color, in each hand.
Tork and he had to have gems of another color. He also had to look for a
long sharp gem that would be used as part of the change. When they reached the top of the stairs, outside the entrance of
the cave, there was a large deep bowl carved into the stone. It was filled
with gems of all different sizes and colors. Marko knew he would have to
find what they needed there. Kag looked at them and turned, to start
walking into the cave. "STOP. Do not enter the cave of the God's Fire Kag" Marko shouted
as he lunged for Kag, stopping him from entering the cave. Tork looked confused and so did Kag. "I thought we were to go into
the cave to do whatever it is the gods require of me" Kag said. Marko pulled them both close to him and kept a hand on each ones
shoulder. "There is ritual that must be followed. Aurin has told me of
the ritual. We cannot enter the cave without certain things, otherwise we
will all be consumed by the wrath of the gods. In this bowl of gems, you
must find 2 gems of bright sun color Kag. Tork and I must find bright sky
color gems, and long sharp gems clear as water." Tork turned to the bowl and began to move the gems, looking for his
sky and water gems. As he reached into the bowl, he felt tremendous
burning in his hands and up his arms. He jerked them way, not expecting to
feel that. He looked at Marko and Kag and said "THE GEMS HAVE THE FIRE OF
ANOTHER TEST OF OUR RESOLVE". Marko looked at Kag and Tork and said "Yes, this is one of the
tests to see if your desire and need are true and what you desire". Kag moved past Tork and moved his arms into the bowl, moving the
stones, looking for his bright sun colored gems. His hands felt as if they
were placed in a fire, racing up his arms and across his shoulders. He
winced in pain and yelled out, but he continued to move the stones. He
found one sun colored gem and then another. As soon as he had one in each
hand, the burning stopped and his hands and arms felt as if a snow fall was
covering them. He smiled and turned to Tork and Marko. "The pain is gone and my hands and arms are as if snow is covering
them" Kag said all excited. "I have the gems you said I must have". Tork smiled and stepped back to the bowl and plunged his hands in.
He bellowed in pain as the fire seemed to spread from his hands, up his
arms and across his shoulders. It was spreading slowly, covering his body
more and more, the longer he searched for the gems. He found the sky
colored gem and then the clear as water gem. It was long and sharp, he had
to hold it tight, cutting his skin on his hand as he held it. He felt the
fire pain turn to cool refreshing feelings as Kag said. He pulled his
hands out and raised his arms in the air, holding the gems. Kag saw the
blood flowing slowly down Torks arm from his hand. "You are bleeding Tork, let me clean your blood from your arm" Kag
said, moving towards Tork. "NO. You cannot touch Tork now. You have the gems and so does he.
He will not be 15 yearsold porno harmed, it is the price he pays for seeking favor. Do not
worry and do not move to touch Tork or me" Marko yelled, stepping between
Tork and Kag. Kag moved back away from Tork and watched as Marko went to then
bowl. Marko began some incantation and put his hands into the bowl,
quickly pulling out a sky colored gem and sixteen yearold girls fucking a clear as water one. He raised
his arms and blood flowed down the arm he had the clear gem in. Tork noticed how the clear gem seemed to be very much like a dagger
humans used, without a handle to hold it with. He thought it strange he
and Marko were required to have those. Kag noticed the same thing and was
thinking just about the same. Marko told them to nude 14 years girls stay behind him, Kag and then Tork. They were
not to touch one another or him, no matter what happened. They had to move
as Marko did and not stop once they started moving unless Marko did. Marko
started saying some incantation out loud and began to move into the cave.
Kag and Tork did as he instructed. Marko held out his arms high above his
head, slightly away from his body. Tork and Kag did the same, keeping in
step with Marko. Tork and Kag's eyes both got very large when as they
entered the cave, it seemed a tunnel was formed through a raging wall of
fire. They could feel the heat, but their bodies stayed cool and dry, not
even sweating. Kag was tempted to stop in 15 years schoolgirls sex amazement, but remembered what
Marko said and kept in step with Marko. They walked a long time through the wall of fire. Just as quickly
as it appeared, it was gone, replaced by a wall of ice. Tork 16 years naked pedo and Kag
noticed how the stones in their hands seemed to change from cold to warm,
making their bodies warm against the freezing air of teens 12 years naked the ice wall they were
traveling through. Tork was looking at the ice and wasn't sure, but
thought he saw images of some creatures locked inside the ice wall. Kag
noticed something locked in the ice wall and wasn't sure what it was, but
it was here and there as they moved. Marko continued with the
incantations, moving the gems down with his arms moved 12 year pedo pic
outward from his
sides. Kag and Tork did the same, keeping in step. The wall of ice changed to a water wall, raging fury as if it was a
fast moving river, glowing with orange hues. The sound was deafening and
they could feel the breeze of the force of the water moving fast around
them. They saw the floor they were walking on was the same as the walls
and ceiling, raging water, but yet their feet were dry and they could walk
as if on dry land. Marko changed the incantation and moved his arms out from his chest
and spread them wide. Tork and Kag did the same. The water wall changed
to darkness. They were in a large cavern, walking on a narrow path that
had sides that fell far below them, into a river of bright red thick
boiling liquid, that flowed as a river. Tork noticed the path was as wide
as the ends of his hands held out. He was glad he was so large, making the
path wider for Kag and Marko. They came to a large round shaped area with a center carved rock,
having slots in it that seemed to match the stones they carried. Marko
told Kag to stand in the center and Tork on the other side of Kag. "Place your stone in the altar as I do, when I do Tork. The sky
colored stone fits in the farthest space made for it. You must do it
together with girls 12 years fucking
me." Marko said. Tork watched Marko carefully and moved his hand down as Marko did.
Marko looked at Tork and shook his head as he lowered the gem into the
altar. Tork did as he said and matched his movement and placed the gem
into the altar at the same time as Marko. There was a rush of air and a
pillar of blue sparks shot up from the altar to the ceiling of the cavern,
turning the 16 year old blowjobs
entire cavern into a blue lighted room, walls sparkling with
gems of all colors. Tork couldn't help but let out a sound of wonder and
amazement. Kag's eyes were wide in wonder at the beauty of the room and
the look of the sparkling blue pillar moving fast to the ceiling from the
altar. Marko told Kag to look down at his feet and notice a step close to
the altar. Kag looked down and told Marko he saw it. Marko told him to
step onto it and slowly place his gems into the altar, into the holes that
matched them, but not to let them go, no matter what happened. Marko asked
Kag if he understood. Kag said he did and stepped onto the step that was
part of the altar. He looked at Tork and lowered his hands to the altar,
touching the stones into the slots. As soon as he did that, a bright
golden light swept all over Kag from the step and the altar, 14 year sex movie making him
glow brightly, as if 14 year girl nude the sun was coming from his body. He winced at first
but did not move his hands from the stones or altar. His expression soon
changed to contentment and pleasure. Marko said more incantations and told Tork to ask what he wished of
LIVE AS I DO, NOT AS A HUMAN" Tork said very seriously and in a deep,
powerful voice. "Kag, you must ask what you wish of the gods" Marko said, facing
Kag. "I Kag, wish for life as a god as Tork asked. I wish to be his
mate and live as he does, not as a human. I do this freely and with a
desire of my heart and entire being" Kag said solemnly. The golden light around Kag turned bright green and then red as
blood. The blue pillar from the altar changed to a brilliant orange and
red, as flames in a raging fire. Marko looked at Tork and said "Now nude8 yearfree image is the final 14 years old hardcore test of your
resolve and desire Kag and Tork. The gods demand a sacrifice for the favor
you seek. fucking 12 years girl The sacrifice is the life of Kag as a human. We must take the
clear stones and plunge them deep into the heart of Kag". Tork bellowed out in pain and shook his head. "HOW CAN YOU ASK ME
DISCOMFORT AND YOU WISH ME TO PLUNGE THIS INTO HIS HEART?" "It is the sacrifice the gods demand. Fail to give them the
sacrifice they demand, and Kag is dead forever. There is no turning from
this now that you and Kag have spoken your desires. The gods have given
their price and either you pay the price or he will die where he is now,
never to return" Marko said, tears running from his eyes as he saw the
agony Tork felt. Tork didn't know what to do. He knew if he didn't do as the gods
demanded, Kag would die anyway, but never to see him again. All the
pleasures and joys he experienced with Kag since he took him were flashing
through his mind. "Do not hesitate my Tork, my lord and master. I am yours and wish
to be forever. Grant me this favor and let me pleasure you for all of
time. I am not afraid and desire this more then ever before" Kag said,
looking lovingly at Tork, tears running down his cheeks. Marko watched Tork. He could see the struggle he was dealing with,
the agony and ripping of his heart. He knew there was no choice year girl artistic pre
if he ever
wanted to feel Kag again. Marko said "It is as it has to be Tork. The
sacrifice is from 14 years nude teen
both you and Kag. 12 years free porno
Kag with his human life and you with
your agony for his death. We must do it quickly, otherwise he will be
consumed by the pillar and lost forever to you". Tork looked at Marko with wide eyes, filled with tears and shook
his head yes. Marko raised his hand with the clear gem dagger, reaching
his arm straight out. Tork did the same. Marko started an incantation and
shook his head, telling Tork it was to be done now. Tork closed his eyes,
tears running hard from his eyes as he swung his arm with the dagger tight
in his hand towards Kag's heart. He felt it strike and tear deep into Kag.
Kag gasped and his eyes filled with tears looked at Tork. Tork bellowed in
agony as he let the gem dagger loose. Marko swung his dagger gem hard into
Kag and it went deep into his chest. He let go as Kag yelled in the agony
of death and smiled still at Tork. Tork was bellowing in such agony and
pain, he felt as if the daggers were ripping into his heart. Kag turned to
the pillar of fire and lifted his hands off of the gems he held, falling
forward, his body quickly taken up by the pillar. His body was in the
midst of the raging fire pillar. Tork screamed in pain and Marko moved
quickly to hold Tork from reaching to Kag. They both watched as Kag's head
lowered and a bright glow started coming pedo illegal 14years
from his heart. The blood that
was flowing down his body from the dagger wounds seemed to sizzle and
bubble as the fire consumed it. His skin seemed to bubble and disappear as
did his muscles and then his bones. Tork was screaming wildly, almost
throwing Marko into the pillar of flames. Marko tried his best to calm
Tork and tell him it was as it had to be and Kag would return. Tork screamed in anger at Marko and was in a rage of pain and
anger. He didn't understand what was happening. His Kag was devoured by
the pillar of flame and gone. "Watch the pillar brother. Do not doubt the power of the gods.
See, even now, there is a sky little fuck girl-13 year
color growing in the midst of the pillar"
Marko said, turning Tork back to the pillar. Tork looked and saw the flickering sky colored spot in the midst tgp 13 years
the flame 16 years teen pillar, and it was growing bigger and bigger. The pillar seemed
to be consumed by it and turned back to the bright sky colored pillar,
sparkling with light. He calmed down, still in agony that he had lost his
Kag. Then his eyes grew wide and his mouth was dropping open as he saw
inside the pillar, free porn 13year olds a form take shape. A beautiful muscled shape. It was
Kag, muscles more perfect then before and hair glowing a bright golden
color. His eyes were closed and he seemed in peace and pleasure. The
image opened it's eyes and smiled at Tork. Kag reached down and lifted the
blue stones from the altar. The pillar disappeared, giving Tork and Marko
a clear view of Kag standing on the altar, skin bright, muscles bulging and
flexing, looking better then he ever did. Tork laughed and put his hands
out to hold Kag. Kag reached out and put his arms around Torks neck and
Tork pulled him to him tight. Kag kissed Tork deep and Tork let his tongue
do it's magic in Kag's mouth and throat. Kag moaned in pleasure and
squeezed Tork tight. Tork felt the power Kag had and knew he was now a
demi-god as he and Marko were. He was overjoyed and thrilled that the
agony was gone and his Kag was now his forever. Kag made Tork put him down and he went over to 16 years sex foto Marko and hugged him
and kissed him deeply. He thanked him for making the desire of Tork a
reality. He let Marko know, they wouldn't have been able to do it at all
without him. Tork wrapped his arms around porn 14 year both of them and hugged them
tight, lifting them off the ground. Marko told them to take the stones from the altar and they could
now leave as they returned. Tork and Marko took one sky colored stone and
Kag took the 2 sun colored stones. Tork and Kag followed Marko back down
the narrow path. Kag didn't know why, but he held up his arms wide. When
he did that, the entire cavern turned a bright golden color as if the sun
were setting in the sky. Their way was lit brightly. They did not see the
water, ice or fire as they went through the cave, just he bright light and
sparkling walls, covered in different colored stones. When they left the cave entrance, the golden light left the cave
and it returned to darkness and the orange glow flickering inside it. They
all put the gems back into the bowl. When they did that, they heard a
rumble and a path on stairs behind the bowl of gems was there. They did
not notice it when they first came to the cave. Marko smiled as did Kag
and they walked towards the stairs. Tork couldn't hold it in any longer
and bellowed out in pleasure and joy as he grabbed Kag and wrapped his arms
around him tightly and swung him around, licking him all over. Kag laughed
and turned himself around in Torks arms and wrapped his arms tight around
Torks neck. Marko smiled at the joy they both had. Marko started down the
steps and Tork put Kag down and they followed Marko down. The steps
changed to a path that was wide and easily walked. As they walked, Kag was
feeling himself and noticing the difference in how his body now felt,
compared to before. He could sense the scents of Marko and Tork more
clearly then ever before. He felt strong and very powerful. He thought of
the pleasures 40year old naked ladies he and Tork had and his cock grew hard and was leaking a
heavy amount of ooze. Kag turned around and smiled at Tork. free porno year old Tork saw the
ooze and hard cock and knelt down, grabbing Kag by the ass cheeks and
sucked in his cock, sucking and licking the ooze from Kag. Kag held onto
Tork's horns and moved his head on and off of his cock. He moaned, feeling
a pleasure high he never felt before. He soon shot nectar deep into Torks
throat. Tork felt the difference in Kag's nectar. It was hot, sending a
tingling sensation down his throat and then throughout his body, his head
felt dizzy and deeply pleasured. His cock was hard and ooze was flowing
heavily. Kag pulled Tork up and knelt down, licking Torks cock, taking all
the ooze his cock was releasing. He sucked Torks cock into his throat and
moved his throat and mouth, caressing and sucking and licking as he moved
his mouth up and down Torks cock. Tork bellowed in pleasure from the
feelings of Kag's nectar and porno 10 years girls
the pleasure Kag was giving his cock. Tork
shot his nectar deep into Kag's throat and Kag sucked and sucked until
there was nothing more Tork had to give. free sex 14year hardcore
Kag felt the difference in how
Torks nectar and ooze made him feel. It was more intense then before, and
yet he had more control over it, so that he did not pass out from the
intense pleasure high as he did before. Torks nectar made his throat warm
and a tingling sensation spread down his throat and all through his body.
His pleasure high was extremely intense and every part of his body felt the
pleasure high. He stood and sucked in Torks tongue into his mouth. Tork
and he held each other tight and moaned in pleasure. They both felt each others pleasure and knew it was how things
would be from now on. Marko laughed at watching them, his cock hard and
dripping ooze. He was stroking it when Kag and Tork came up to him. Tork
moved behind him and Kag in front. Tork and Kag held each other with Marko
in between them, as they flexed their muscles in unison, sending Marko into
a pleasure high. Kag and Tork licked and nibbled and kissed their way up
and down Marko's body. Tork let his tongue slide deep inside Marko's ass
as Kag sucked in Marko's cock deep into his throat. Marko screamed and
bleated in pleasure. Tork sat down and pulled Marko onto his cock. Marko
gasped as he slid his ass down. As he gasped, Kag moved his cock deep
inside Marko's throat. Marko sucked and licked the ooze flowing from Kag's
cock, feeling the pleasure his ooze was giving him as well as Torks'. The
different pleasure feelings were intense and sent Marko into a deep
pleasure high. Kag shot his nectar deep into Marko and Tork quickly
followed, shooting his nectar deep inside Marko. Marko yelled and squealed
loudly as he was filled with nectar from Kag and Tork. Kag was amazed at
how much nectar he shot into Marko, after just sharing his nectar with
Tork. Marko's entire body was tingling and feeling the intense pleasure
high from both their nectar. He never felt anything like it before. He
knew the nectar of Kag was more intense and gave 13 year old tits a super pleasure high as
it was absorbed into his body. The combination of Torks and Kag's nectar
was almost to intense of a pleasure to stand. He moaned and realized he
had shot his nectar all over his girl 12 years-porn movie abs and chest. Kag pulled out of his
mouth and Tork moved Marko off his cock. Both Kag and Tork licked the
nectar of Marko off of his body and took turns sucking the remainder out of
Marko's cock. Marko's body went limp from the intensity of the pleasure
high. Both Tork and Kag laughed as Tork lifted Marko and put him over his
shoulder. They continued down the path down the mountain, Kag was now a
demi-god and was just beginning to feel the difference it made to his body. It didn't take them as long to go down the mountain as it did going
to the cave. The path down the mountain meant they could move at a quick
pace, rest when they wanted and not have to reverse kidsporn 14 year old
climb down the rocks
and steep slopes. All 3 nude 13 year of them were thankful to whoever made the path.
They began to understand the importance of the trials they faced in order
to reach the goal. It helped them stay focused and determined to achieve
their goal. There was no doubt at the final moments in Kag's years old pussy
mind that he
wanted Tork and would sacrifice himself if needed to get that. They reached the bottom of the mountain the next day. They didn't
have to stop to 16 years nude gallery
rest, but they did, in order to show Marko their
appreciation again, for helping them have their wish fulfilled. Marko
didn't feel he did all that much, but wasn't about to stop them from
showing their gratitude whenever they felt the need. Marko was in pleasure
highs so often, he was afraid he would pass on any further pleasure
exchanges with anyone else after having Tork and Kag together. Tork and
Kag laughed whenever Marko said that, it made them feel good they were
pleasing Marko that much. They both felt they owed him their life
together. Tork couldn't wait to reach Sage and bring him with them to his
lands. Tork knew Sage would say he wanted to go with them, he was so
lonely and needed guidance and companionship, which he was not getting in
his territory incest 6 year old now. When they reached the 13-years nude spot they left Sage, they looked
around, Tork thinking Sage would have returned to wait for them. He was
disappointed at not seeing Sage, but still felt he would go home with them.
Tork stopped in his tracks as he looked at the area where young teens 16years xxx Cytis fought
Sage. Tork sniffed all around and picked up the scents of Sage and Cytis.
Marko and Kag watched as Tork became more intense in his sniffing scents
and looking around the area. Kag decided to try his increased abilities,
and sniffed the area. He picked up the scent of Sage, and then another
strange scent, he didn't recognize. Marko knew Sage was involved in a
fight with something big. He showed Tork and Kag the impressions of a
large footprint. He couldn't tell what made it because it was not totally
intact, but could tell teens 13 years fukc it was big and heavy. Marko suggested they move towards the pond carefully, watching for
any sign of an intruder or Sage. They carefully and slowly headed towards
the pond and noticed the number of broken branches on small trees and
bushes, heading the same direction they were traveling. Tork knew whatever
it was, had beaten Sage and was carrying him teen voyeur 16 years
to the pond, probably then his
lair. He knew if whatever it was had it's own lair or was nearby, it would
have taken Sage there, and not returned to Sage's lair. At the pond, they looked around and saw more evidence of a large
creature going in and out of the pond. Marko told Tork he thought Sage was
carried to and from the pond, since there was no evidence in the area that
Sage walked or ran. The only signs were from the large creature. Tork
agreed and said he believed the creature carried Sage as he did Kag. Sage woke, seeing the massive muscles of 13 years girls pussy
Cytis as he opened his
eyes. He was amazed by the size and amount of thick veins and muscles that
seemed to stretch Cytis' skin tight, as if it would burst. He knew he was
only being used for the ogre's pleasures, but he didn't seem to mind for
some reason. He would have wanted to see what life would be like with
Tork, Marko and Kag, but thought now, he would not be able to know any of
that. They would return, not find him and leave without him. Even if the
ogre decided to let him go, he had 17years sex pic no idea where to go to find Tork. He
sighed. His movement made Cytis wake and Cytis moved slowly, looking down
at Sage under his body. He gently stroke Sage's face and shoulder and
moved his mouth to Sage's, biting at his lips and moving his tongue around.
Sage knew Cytis wanted him to let his tongue explore his mouth and throat,
Cytis liked that. Sage obliged Cytis, slowly moving his tongue into Cytis'
mouth and throat, making it go from thin to fat and flick all around.
Cytis held Sage tight to him and moaned in pleasure. Cytis stopped moving and put his hand around the snout of Sage,
holding him still. He listened and then got up from the bed, moving
towards the lair entrance. He sniffed the air and caught the scents of the
minotaur, satyr and another, that seemed strange. He smiled, knowing it
was the odd group that left Sage a few days before, heading to God's Fire.
Cytis moved quickly to the bed and before Sage could react, he put his arm
tight around Sage's neck and another on his head and squeezed and jerked
hard. Sage couldn't make a sound other then groans and gasps for air as
Cytis gripped tighter and harder, shaking Sage's head back and forth
wildly. Soon Sage's arms went limp and he was no longer conscious. Cytis
pulled Sage from the bed by his horn and dragged him to the entrance of the
lair. He stood there, legs spread, holding Sage's horn in 12 year old pussies the air, Sage
partially dangling and partially on the ground. Cytis bent his other arm
and placed his fist on his hip. He glared, waiting for the group to come
to the lair. Tork and Kag came through the brush first, stopped in their tracks
as they saw the massive ogre standing in the entrance to Sage's lair, Sage
held by one horn, partially off the ground, obviously not conscious. Tork
was going into a rage as Marko came around them and saw the monster ogre.
Cytis just stared at them and smiled. He even laughed as he saw Tork go
into a rage, snorting and breathing heavy through his nostrils, eyes
narrowed and head hung down, muscles flexed and bulging. Cytis was
surprised the other scent belonged to the human. He didn't smell as a
human any more and had a new scent about him. Cytis wondered if he indeed
had become a demi-god as they were. No matter, he would make a nice
addition to his new pleasure group. Kag and Marko moved to each side as Tork stayed in fucking 12 years old the center.
Cytis smiled at the tactic, knowing they would all 3 charge him, giving him
a good challenge and fight. He would enjoy this. Cytis let go of Sage's
horn and Sage fell to the ground. Tork began to move towards Cytis and so
did Marko and Kag. "What is it that a minotaur, satyr and human want with Cytis, lord
of this land and lord to Sage?" Cytis said, putting his free fist on his
other hip, flexing and making his back and arms bulge. "CYTIS IS NO LORD TO SAGE. TORK, LORD OF MY LANDS AND MATE OF KAG,
a little closer. Cytis laughed a hearty loud laugh and put a foot on top of Sage's
head. "Tork must be blind then. See how Sage is already mine". Cytis saw Kag pick up a log and hold it as a weapon. He admired
the courage of Kag and his obvious skill at trying to even the odds. Cytis
could tell by the looks on Kag and Marko's faces, they knew they were no
match for Cytis. Cytis laughed again and used his hands to motion them to come to
him, he was ready for a good fight. Tork snorted and huffed and bellowed
in anger. He moved as if he were going to charge, but didn't. 13 year old hentai Marko
missed the last part and charged to Cytis. Cytis slammed Marko in the face
with his arm and as Marko hit the ground, 14 years teen porno stomped hard on his throat
several times. Marko was holding his throat, gagging and choking. Tork
and Kag moved fast to get to Cytis before he could do more damage to Marko.
Tork made it to 16-year-old porno Cytis before Kag and Cytis had to deal with Tork first, not
expecting Kag a human to move that fast. Tork moved fast to Cytis and
lowered his head as if he were going to gore Cytis. Cytis was ready,
intending to slam the back of Torks head as he moved to the side when Tork
charged. Tork knew Cytis would do that and moved himself at the last
minute, forcing Cytis to face him as Tork porn foto 16 year
flew by, slamming his fist hard
to Cytis' face. Then almost at the same time, Kag hit the back of Cytis'
head as hard as he could with the log. Cytis was stunned. Kag teenager 15 year swung the
log again and connected at the back of Cytis neck, as Tork slammed his held
together arms as a hammer into the face of Cytis. Cytis grabbed his face
and staggered, but did not fall to the ground. Sage shook himself as he
sat on the ground, rubbing his head and neck. He looked and saw Tork and
Kag fighting with Cytis, who was free porn 12 year staggering, holding his face. Sage leaped
from the ground, crashing his horns and head hard into the small of Cytis'
back. Cytis bellowed in pain as Tork again slammed his hammered arms into
Cytis' face. Kag dove hard at the back of Cytis' knees and Cytis fell hard
to the ground. Marko was rolling on the ground, damaged badly, having a
very hard time breathing, and he was still choking as his throat was
swelling from the hits Cytis gave. Sage stomped hard on the back of Cytis' head with his hoof as Tork
did the same on his balls and 14 years teens nude back. Cytis teen 13 years porn bellowed in pain. Kag ran to
Marko and tried to see what he could do teen sex 12 year to help him. He could see Marko
was having a hard time breathing and his neck was swelling. He ran quickly
into Sage's lair and saw the drug pod and juice on the leaf, Sage took. He
took the leaf and pod and ran over to Marko. Tork and Sage were pounding
all over Cytis, especially his head and face, trying to keep him down.
Tork knew if he got up and recovered any, they would be in serious trouble.
He appreciated the size and strength the muscles of Cytis had. His size
made it free porno 15 years even more overwhelming, he had a long reach and could do damage
before you could even get close to do your own hit. Kag put some drops of the drug juice in Marko's mouth and rubbed
the pod in his hands, then rubbed the juice on his hands around Marko's
throat. It took a few seconds, but Marko seemed to relax enough to at
least take a long deep hard breath. Kag lifted Marko and put his arm
around Marko's back, holding Marko's arm over his shoulder. He yelled to
Tork that they had to leave now or Marko would not be able to make it home. Tork grabbed Sage and went to Kag, took Marko from him, flopped him
over his shoulder and ran, followed by Kag and Sage. They ran as fast as
they could, which was fairly fast. Kag was surprised at the speed he could
run and how he didn't feel tired as 10 year mpeg sexy he did when a human. They ran for a
long time, wanting to put as much distance between them and Cytis as they
could. Kag spotted a field of plants for pain and muscle development. He
yelled to Tork to stop and rest, Marko needed help to heal. Tork and Sage
stopped running and walked around, breathing heavy, but no worse for
it. Sage thought they had put a good distance between them and Cytis. Tork
agreed and gently let Marko down from his shoulder. Marko was still
choking and having a hard time breathing. His throat was a deep dark
color, obviously damaged. Kag came to Marko and chewed a number of plants
into a pulp and juice. He put small amounts into Marko's mouth and spread
more around his neck. He found large leaves to hold the paste on Marko's
neck. He pulled small 12 years kiddy porn vines and tied the leaf in place so that it didn't
cause Marko any difficulty trying to breath or put pressure on his throat. Sage said he knew where there was a river nearby, that wasn't far
and would be safe. He told Tork they had to be on the alert for Baclor and
the boarmen as they were near their territory, leaving Sage's. Tork went
to Marko and told Kag where they were moving. Kag 14 year kds porn
thought it also a good
idea, the water would probably help to relax Marko's neck and body, making
it easier to breath. Tork lifted Marko gently over his shoulder and Kag checked his neck
to be sure the leaf nudes 10 year old
holding the paste on his neck was still in place. They
walked quickly following Sage. Sage was correct, and there was a large
river nearby. Tork looked up and down the river and told Sage he wanted a
spot that was not easily seen from the shore, giving them maximum cover.
Sage said he understood and told Tork and Kag to follow him. Sage took
them around a bend in the river and moved into a thick cluster of brush,
reeds and small trees. Behind them was a small clearing, covered by soft
thick grass and surrounded by the thick brush, reeds and small trees. Tork
smiled, it was perfect. The reeds even hid part of the water so that they
could enter and exit the water unseen. Tork laid Marko down on a thick
bunch of grass. video 14-years-old sex
He waited for Kag to fix the paste again on Marko's neck
and then dove 16-year-sex
into the water. Sage followed him into the water, both of
them feeling the teen 16 years porno relief of the fast moving water against their bodies,
helping their muscles to relax and have a natural massage. Tork asked Sage how Cytis took him. Sage looked dejected and
started to tell Tork the entire story from the time they left him. Tork
stopped him and held his face in his hands. He licked Sage's face and told
him not to cheerleader yearbook photo feel weak or sad or angry he was beaten by Cytis. Tork admitted
he felt that if they wouldn't have all gotten their hits in and worked
together, Cytis would easily have beaten all of them and they would now be
his. Tork told Sage he never has seen any creature with as much and as
powerful muscles as Cytis. If Sage even lasted more then a few minutes, it
was a good fight, nothing to be ashamed of. Sage smiled and Tork punched
him in the shoulder. desnudas 16 years
Sage punched him back and both laughed. Sage
continued to tell Tork all about his encounter with Cytis. 16 years old porn
He told Tork
how confused he was by how gentle and kind Cytis seemed to be with him
after Sage submitted and called him Lord. Tork knew now that Cytis was not
like any ogre he had known, certainly not like Baclor in any way, other
then being a fierce opponent in a fight. Kag pulled out a pod he took from the lair and prepared the drug
juice for Marko. He used his finger to give Marko no more then 5 drops of
the drug liquid. He saw that it had an immediate affect on Marko. His
breathing was no longer labored and he seemed to totally relax, including
his throat. Kag was satisfied he had given Marko just enough to help him
heal but not keep him in a long deep sleep. Kag lifted Marko and laid him
down close to the water. He used his hands to gently move water onto
Marko's body, washing him and cooling down his skin. He lifted Marko and
placed him back on the bed of soft grass that Tork laid him on. He checked
Marko again and was satisfied Marko was healing. Kag turned to the river
and dove in, swimming far underwater, past Tork and Sage. When he
surfaced, he looked around and was surprised at how far he had swam under
water, so quickly without any problem or real use of his muscles. Tork
looked towards shore and saw Marko laying there by himself. He looked to
each side quickly, trying to find Kag. Kag laughed behind him. Tork
turned around and saw Kag had swam past them under the water, and he hadn't
even noticed. Sage laughed at the look on Torks face. "Kag is indeed no longer human brother. He no longer has the scent
of a human either. It would seem the gods granted you both favor" Sage
said. Tork laughed and started to tell Sage of their experience on the
God's Fire mountain. He told him about the hard climb, the heat, the pain.
Sage listened intently as Tork told him about the bowl of gems and what
they did walking into the cave. Sage had wide eyes as Tork described the
changes from bright fire, ice and then water walls, protected by Marko's
incantation and the gems held a certain way. Kag reached them quickly,
swimming under water, climbing up Torks back, resting his legs around Torks
sides, holding on to his neck and resting his feet on his ass cheeks. Kag
picked up the story, adding some parts that Tork skipped over. Both of
them were very excited telling Sage all about their experience. Sage asked
Kag if he remembered how it felt when teem 17year the daggers went into him. Kag
thought and told them he felt pain and his human life leaving him, but held
on tight to the sight of Tork in pain, already mourning his death, showing
his feelings were deep and strong for Kag. Tork reached his hands behind
him and slapped at Kag's ass cheeks, grabbed his legs and pulled him down.
Kag hit the water with his back, laughing, and swallowing a large amount of
water. Tork turned around and pulled Kag to him, moving his legs around
Torks waist. Tork wrapped porn 17 years
his arms behind Kag's back and pulled, lifting
him up out of the water and slapping his body into Torks. Tork held him
tight and licked, bit and kissed at Kag's nipples. Kag laughed and
continued to tell Sage about the experience of dying and coming back. Kag kept checking back at the shore to see if Marko was still
sleeping and healing. He told Tork and Sage that Marko would be healed
soon and they could go home then. Sage said he would go ashore and stay
with Marko till he woke. Tork smiled and told him not to be rough in any
way, but being gentle and kind was fine. Sage blushed some and swam fast
to the shore. Kag waited till Sage was swimming away before he reached
under the water, lifted Torks cock up and slid it into his ass and clamped
down hard with his ass muscles. Tork lifted his head and bellowed in
pleasure. Kag pulled his snout down and move it to his sex teen 14 years mouth. Tork let
his tongue do it's magic on Kag's mouth. Kag's ass responded with strong
tight constrictions and him moving slowly around Torks cock. Tork couldn't
help himself, moved his head up in the air and bellowed in pleasure again.
Sage was on shore and laughed as he heard and looked at Tork giving out his
bellow of pleasure. Sage laid down next to Marko and used his hand to
gently rub up an down Marko's body. He massaged Marko's balls and cock,
very gently and slowly. He licked it with his tongue now and again,
covering it in a thick layer of saliva. Kag moved himself back from Torks body, lowered himself till he
could slam his mouth tight on one of Torks nipples. He bit 18 years porno video hard and sucked
and licked. Tork continued to bellow out in pleasure. Kag stopped and
told Tork to stop the bellowing. They did not need the entire land of
creatures knowing where they were. Tork smiled and laughed. He wasn't
ready when Kag darted his mouth hard on his other nipple, bit hard and
sucked and licked. Tork was about to bellow, but instead, dunked himself
and Kag under the water where he could bellow without making a loud sound
that could be heard far away. Kag liked that and kept 12 year old boy working one nipple
then another, making Tork dunk them over and over again under the water as
he had to bellow in pleasure. Kag laughed and hugged himself tight to
Tork. Tork moved Kag's ass up and down his cock as Kag's ass cheeks
squeezed and his ass muscles stayed wrapped hard around Torks cock. Tork
was delirious with pleasure from the slow movements of Kag on his cock.
Tork noticed then that his cock was very deep into Kag's ass, with no sign
of damage or problem as when he was human and Tork was afraid to damage his
insides. Kag pushed himself hard down on Torks cock until his ass cheeks
were feeling Torks balls bouncing against them. Tork gasped in pleasure as
Kag's ass continued to work his entire cock inside his ass. Kag controlled
the movement all the way up and down Torks cock. Kag loved the feelings he
was getting from Tork being in so far and his muscles tight around his
cock. Torks body started to stiffen and his muscles flex and bulge. He
started to lift his head and Kag told him to go under the water. Tork let
his knees bend fast and they went under the water just as Tork started to
shoot his nectar deep inside Kag, bubbles forcing out of his mouth as he
bellowed and bellowed in pleasure. Kag made his ass muscles tighten even
more as he stroke up and down Torks cock, forcing out all of his nectar.
Tork finally surfaced and gasped for breath. He was in a deep pleasure
high, his tongue going wild over Kag's face, neck and 15 years fuck porno head. Sage was slowly rubbing and stroking Marko's cock and balls,
keeping them covered in a thick 12 year old kids coating of saliva. Marko's body started to
respond with moans and his hips moving in an up and down motion. Sage
licked his body and slowly sucked in Marko's cock, wrapping his tongue
around it and stroking it as he sucked gently. Marko's moans got louder
and louder. His body stiffened and his nectar started shooting deep into
Sage's throat. Sage sucked slowly, 13 years nudes
till no more nectar would come out 15 years girl pics of
Marko's cock. Sage's cock was hard and ooze was leaking out of it. He
turned Marko on his side slowly 15 years porn lollita
and moved his own body to match the sexy girls 13 year curve
of Marko's. He slid his cock into Marko's ass and held Marko close to him,
wrapping his arm around Marko, holding his head still so his neck was not
under any pressure. Sage slowly moved his hips forward and back, sliding
his cock in and out of Marko's ass. He kept it slow and gentle, even when
his body wanted to flex and tense as he shot his nectar into Marko. His
entire body relaxed and he pulled Marko tight into his body, resting
Marko's head on his nudes 12 years galleries arm and Sage's head on Marko's shoulder. Sage fell
asleep, feeling a pleasure high and liked the feelings he kept going for so
long as he took his time and was so gentle with Marko. He would remember
this. Cytis was on the ground moaning, holding his face and rubbing his
neck. He was totally taken by surprise by the attack of Sage. He was in
pain, but still smiled at the spirit and heart of Sage. He would have been
disappointed if Sage had not joined his friends against him. Cytis looked
around and saw they were long gone. He saw the leaf with the pain liquid
and virgin petite 15 year
pod in it where Marko was laying. He moved himself over to it, licked
the juice from the leaf and started to feel his 14years old naked girl body relaxing and the pain
fading. He thought he best move himself into the lair and the bed before
he was in a deep sleep. Out in the open, outside the lair was not a good
place to heal. He pulled himself up and staggered into the lair, falling
hard on the bed. He turned himself over and that was the last move his
muscles would let him do. They relaxed totally and his entire porn year photo body went
limp. He smiled at the feeling, thinking so this is what being weak was
like. He also smiled knowing he would track down Sage and Tork and would
have Sage as his no under 12 years fucking matter who was in the way. young nude 13 year He would not challenge 4 of
them again, but Sage and Tork would be fun. He lost consciousness with
that though and a smile on his face. Tork licked Kag and asked what Kag wanted for pleasure. Kag looked
at Tork, pulled his head down, and whispered in his ear. Tork smiled and
put his tongue deep into Kag's mouth, sending Kag into a pleasure high.
Tork held Kag tight as he moved towards the shore. He let Kag go and Tork
laid down on his back, grabbed his legs in his nudes 10 years old hands and pulled them up.
His ass was open for Kag. Kag moved himself between Torks legs and stroke
his cock as he moved a finger into Torks ass. He moved it around until he
felt Torks pleasure spot and then put 2 fingers in and began to massage and
stroke over the spot. Tork's head flew back and he moaned, trying his
hardest not to bellow in pleasure. Kag smiled as he saw Torks cock
flapping against his abs, ooze flowing freely from his piss slit, down his
cock and abs. Kag moved the head of his cock to Torks ass and rammed it in
hard, till his balls slapped against Torks ass cheeks. Tork gasped and
tightened his ass muscles hard around Kag's cock. 15 year young porno Kag moved his cock in
and out slowly, letting Torks ass muscles tighten and pull up and down his
cock. Kag looked down at Tork and put his hands on Torks biceps. He
lowered his face to Torks nipple and bit and sucked and licked. Tork let
out a muffled bellow, he was in a super pleasure high. He wrapped his legs
tight around Kag's ass and used them to slam Kag deep and hard into him
every time Kag pulled his cock out. Kag was moaning in pleasure and biting
hard on Torks nipples. Kag's body stiffened and he rammed his cock in hard
with Torks legs squeezing him into his ass as he shot his nectar. girl 16 year xxx Torks
ass muscles squeezed and pulled, trying to drain all of Kag's nectar into
his ass. His legs squeezed and pushed Kag deeper and deeper, tighter and
tighter they held him. Kag's body went limp on 15years old porno Torks, he hit a super
pleasure high. Tork released his legs from around Kag and pulled him onto
the shore, turned Kag on his back and laid down on him, sliding his cock
deep into Kag. It didn't take much movement for Tork to tighten his entire
body over Kag as he shot his nectar, again, into Kag. They stayed like
that for awhile, then Kag turned over, holding tight to Tork and both
slept. It was morning before any of them stirred. Tork woke first and
swam in the river, still feeling the pleasures he and Kag shared. Marko
woke, felt Sage wrapped close to him and his movement woke twelve year old pussy Sage. Sage
moved and licked Marko. Marko stretched his arms and legs and body,
feeling his throat and glad for the relief the drug liquid gave him. He
removed the leaf binding that held the paste around his neck. He sat up
and saw they were on the bank of a river. He asked Sage to stay with him
as he went into the water, not sure if he was strong enough to swim against
the force of the water. Marko felt secure with Sage having his arms
wrapped around his waist. The water felt cool and like a massage on his
muscles. He moved about, feeling secure in extrem porn 17 years his movements. He told Sage to
let him go and he would swim. Sage stayed close to Marko, watching him to
be certain he was indeed strong enough to swim on his own. Tork swam to Marko and wrapped his arms around him, licking him and
telling him how glad he was fine and healed. Sage and Tork and Marko began
to play in the water, splashing each other and dunking. Tork stopped and
looked at the shore. Kag was not awake nor was he moving much. Tork swam
quickly to the shore followed by Marko and Sage. Tork lifted Kag and pedofilia 13 year shook
his head. Kag moaned and his arm 14-year-old girl nonude flopped limp from his body. Tork took
him into the water and dunked him several times, to wake him. Kag had a
very hard time waking. Marko looked at Kag and felt his muscles and looked
at his eyes closely. "Kag is about to enter into his first deep sleep Tork. It is part
of his new life. I did not think it would happen so quickly, but his body
will turn into it's own deep sleep rhythm, just as our bodies have. " Marko
said, knowing Tork was worried Kag was ill or something was wrong with his
STAY AWAKE OR girls 15 years naked MOVE MUCH?" Tork asked as he pulled Kag's head to his chest. "I am well Tork, just hard to wake now. I will wake and all will
be well. I do feel deep inside like I will have to sleep soon, my deep
sleep. I can feel it coming and something inside me is letting me know it
is coming soon" Kag told Tork, holding on to him. "WE MUST TRY AND GET AS CLOSE TO OUR LAIR AS WE CAN MARKO. KAG
ATTACKED OR NEED TO FLEE, IT WOULD NOT BE GOOD FOR KAG" Tork said. "Then let us leave as quickly as we can. Your lair isn't that far
from here I would think Tork. Maybe we can follow the reverse of the
rivers flow. I am sure this is the river that we swim in near your lair"
Marko said. Tork knew there was something familiar about the river. The
current was the same and the smell was as the river near his lair. It
would make sense for them to follow the river against the current, leading
HELP TO HIDE OUR SCENTS FROM THE BOARMEN OR ROG" Tork said. Marko agreed. He led the way, followed by Tork carrying Kag and
Sage following.
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