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From: J W
Subject: Mothers Know Best 3I opened my eyes and saw Grace Stern sitting back on her heels between my
legs. She had a big smile on her face and upskirt under age porn her spectacular green eyes were
sparkling. She just sat there looking down at me with under age pussy gallery contentment etched on
her face."That under age nudist galleries must be hard on your knees." As soon as I said it I thought `what a
stupid thing to say at a time under aged nude
like this!' My best friend's mother under age porn film had just
performed cunnilingus on me and under age wet panties
I was making a comment about her knees. How
could I do that? The answer was actually simple. The incredibly gorgeous
not under age sex picture to mention stacked naked woman between my legs is a friend of, and
pretty much the same age as my own mother. I needed to say something,
anything to break the silence. under aged naked girls `Shit! You could have said God you're good
at eating pussy Grace' that under age lesbians galleries at least would have made sense. Of course I had
nothing to compare my friend's mother's tongue skills with but it sure
worked for me.Moving back a little I saw the powerful muscles of my host's thighs flex as
she stood straight up. Bending forward Gracie's mammoth breasts hung
pendulously above me under age pics illegal as she picked up the towel she had been kneeling
on. "With age comes experience." She snickered and under age preten models playfully tossed the
towel at me. `Good shot' it landed right on my face. By the time I pulled
it off she was gone. I turned my head to look toward the pool as Grace took
one last long stride and executed a beautiful shallow dive into the
sparkling ripples. That's when I became aware that I was bathed in sweat. I
struggled to my feet, without nearly the grace my mom's friend had
displayed. `That's neat' I thought `Grace is graceful' and I giggled out
loud. I stripped off my soaking T shirt and followed my host's lead.I under age porno girls swam laps for several minutes and suddenly realized that Grace was not in
the pool anymore. Flipping on my back I quickly spied her sitting on the
edge of the pool toward the shallow end. With her feet in the water, hands
gripping the edge of the pool, her boobs nearly touched her thighs. She was
sitting there just watching me. "There's nothing better than a cool dip under aged boy porn on
a day like this." She stated as I paddled over to her. I stood up and
realized it wasn't as shallow there as I thought. The water was up to my
armpits and I under age sex cartoons was eye level with nude under age pics Lindsey's mother's pussy. I think my eyes
got big again. I felt like I free under age cunts
should look away but I couldn't. The vulva was
completely smooth fuck under age girl
and hairless. She left a small patch above her crease in
the shape of a triangle; `or an arrow' I thought `maybe she innocent boys under age should get a
tattoo "Place tongue here" above it.' I almost giggled but I suppressed it
into a big smile. Gracie's inner lips were even bigger than my moms. They
were all folded over so I could hardly see the outer ones at all. I don't
know how long I was staring but I realized at some point that Grace had
spread her under age thong pics
legs wider. I looked up into those big green eyes when she said
"So what do you think?" I know I was blushing furiously. My mind turned the
question over under age russian models
and over `she under age xxxporn could be talking about anything, stupid!'"About what?" I asked innocently."About my pussy, silly." Grace clarified and for emphasis reached between
her under age teens babes legs and pulled up on her fleshy vulva. My eyes naturally followed the
action. The outer parts xxx under age photos
of her lips were really dark almost brown but when
she pulled under age webcam sex
up the inner surfaces were revealed to be a deep pink. As the
fleshy wings blossomed outward it was impossible not to notice how the
inner parts glistened with under age real porno moisture. `That's not from the pool water' I
mused. I had unintentionally been moving closer. I caught a slight waft of
her sent as she continued to spread herself for me. under aged girls porn
I could feel my own
girlhood beginning to churn. `What if I leak out into the swimming pool?
Would it show?' I had never been this worked up in a pool before. Hell, I'd
only been this worked up about five under age nude pics
times in my life, and two of them
happened today.While I was contemplating the possible embarrassing evidence of my arousal,
Gracie had continued to pull up on the tender flesh between her legs. There
should have been under age free gallery
a drum roll `Now appearing on center stage' a large red
protrusion at the top of the slit. Once again in terms of size Grace was
the winner. It was as big as the first joint of my little under age girl fucked
finger and
pointing straight out. "Do you think I have a pretty pussy?" Grace asked as
if she were asking me if I wanted sugar in my tea. I was speechless. "Come
closer dear; I think it smells wonderful. What do you think?" All these
questions, my head was beginning to spin and my pussy had turned in throb
for pound when my host's clit had popped out.It was somewhat similar to our earlier encounter, but much
gentler. Lindsey's mom put her hand behind my head and encouraged under age pink pussy [as
opposed to pulled] me forward. It didn't take hardcore under age
much encouragement I was
ready for my first taste of a strange cunt. I was close enough now for the
intoxicating fragrance of her sex to completely obliterate the under age sex oics chlorine
smell. I inhaled deeply savoring the moment. Then I realized `I really
didn't know what to do! I mean I had an idea but what if I did it wrong,
what if she didn't like it, what if I hurt her?' So I froze.I looked up, past the pendulous breasts to the sweetly smiling beautiful
face. My expression must have been communication enough. "Take it slowly
dear, just like you told me. under age sexy pictures Stick your tongue out and just gently lick it
all around." Gracie's hand was still under age boys naked
behind my head and pulling a little
more insistently. I was disappointed because under age anime porn I was too close now to see the
lovely pink folds but I found the hot slick texture of the labia, as my
tongue made its first incursion into the unknown realm, was a more than
adequate replacement. I tasted the thick sweet juice and I had to have
more. I began lapping like a cow on a salt lick. From the bottom to the top
of the steaming pussy I worked my tongue to collect as much of the
delicious nectar as under age blonde jpg
I could. "Ooooo... oh my God, oh darling slower... oh
God I'm gonna cum... oh pleeease... aghh." I was beyond following
instructions. Intuitively when Gracie's thighs clamped on my ears I took
her huge engorged clit in my mouth sucking and simultaneously swirling it
with my tongue and then I was under water.I was suddenly panicky. Gracie's thighs were still clamped like a steel
vise on my head and her orgasm had propelled her off illegal sex under age the side of the
pool. We were floating, well sort of, out into the middle. When I say
floating, I don't know where my lover's head was but mine was a foot or
more under water. I hadn't been paying any attention to how or even if I
was breathing while I had my tongue in her cunt but suddenly that was the
most important thing on my mind; breathing. I struggled to free myself from
those powerful thighs but I just wasn't strong enough. My lungs were
screaming for air but `if you breathe now you're gonna drown' my logical
mind porn under age girls told me. I couldn't see anything anyway `cause my face was still
plastered against Gracie's crotch and held under age sexy pics
there securely by those
immovable thighs but just the same I felt a blackness coming; my mind was
shutting down.I woke up coughing and sputtering on the pool deck. My eyes wouldn't focus,
but even in the haze I recognized those hooters under age girls photo hanging over under age models galleries
top of me. "Oh
sweetheart, I'm so sorry are you alright!" Gracie was crying. free nn under age I under age sex gallery was on my
side hot under age girls and I heard the great whooping breathes under age illegal porn
although I didn't realize it
was me making that sound. At that moment I realized I had never really
appreciated air. Lindsey's mother was pounding me firmly between the
shoulder under aged hentai
blades and crying like a baby as I continued to cough and whoop.It seemed to xxx under age teen take a long time but gradually my breathing came back to
normal. I felt kind of dizzy but otherwise not too much `the worse for
wear.' I was starting to feel bad for Grace though. She was sitting beside
me with her head in her hands crying so pitifully. I managed to get to my
feet, `a under age rape clips little wobbly but under age sexy girls
no too bad' I under age sex thumbs decided. Going over to my lover I
stroked her damp under age teens porn
red hair, noticing under age asian nudes how much darker it under age teen porn looked when it was
wet. "It's OK, I'm OK." I consoled her."I could have killed you!" she almost shouted and then let out an agonized
sound."Yeah, but under age nonude gallery its OK now; why worry about what didn't happen?""That was one of the most powerful orgasms of my life." She confided
looking up at me with those big green peepers. "Actually it was probably
three...or four, I lost count.""Well good!" I said saucily "I wouldn't want to die for anything less than
a four pack" and I under age bikini model honesty giggled. The smile literally lit up her face. I
was once again amazed at the power in her legs as she hardcore under age rape shot up and hugged me
fiercely. I felt how pliable those giant melons could be."Oh `Becca I love you so much!" Nobody had called me `Becca in years. It
was kind of what I called myself before I could properly say my nudist under age girls name. For a
while some people asian under age sex called me that to be cute but I was pretty sure no one
had used it in ten under age sluts nude years or more. It felt sort under aged girls xxx of funny for Lindsey's mom
to use it now. She put her arm around me and said "last one in the hot tub
is a dry pussy," and then she broke into under age wet pussy
a full run.There were no other incidents that night. I certainly enjoyed admiring
missus Stern, er, I mean Grace's body as we sat in the hot tub reminiscing
about shared memories. When she tucked me into bed she kissed me in a
motherly way on the forehead and said"Big day tomorrow; sleep well sweetheart." And I did.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>When I came out of the orientation seminar I was surprised to see Gracie
waiting for me on the walkway. The plan was that under age sexy pic
I would walk over to the
bus depot, which was only a couple of blocks, and call my mom to let her
know which bus I was catching, and what time I'd be in."What are you doing here?" I asked, hoping my delight at seeing her showed."Well I decided to drive you home instead of you taking that funky old
bus." She said with that captivating smile of hers."Oh that's so awesome" I squealed; then returning to reality. "Are you
sure? It's such a long drive.""Well I was talking to your mom a while under aged naked teens ago and we've got some catching up
to do; so I thought what the under age porn pussy hell ROAD TRIP!" then missus Stern giggled.I settled into the luxury of her SUV like under age fucking sites
a queen on her thrown. In minutes
we were barreling down the highway at what seemed to be very high
speed. Our eyes met across under age teens xxx the leather console "I make this trip a bit
quicker than the bus." young under age porn
She smiled. She was wearing a grey silk blouse and a
black skirt. The skirt was surprisingly short, but even more under age schoolgirl
surprising was
that she was wearing black stockings; in this heat! I could see the lacey
tops of her hose but not tell tale garter bumps. `Must be the elastic kind'
I reasoned. I knew my mom had a couple of pair she wore with certain
outfits. Dressed to impress? Whom?I tried not to stare at her bossom this time but having seen it naked only
seemed to make it that much more alluring. Gracie hit play on the CD player
and a Mozart symphony came to life through what I thought at that moment
was the best sound system I had ever heard. The music, the day, the
company, carried me away.I felt the deceleration as the SUV, with expert guidance, negotiated the
curving ramp. I blinked my young under aged pussy eyes and swiveled my head. "Almost there, sleepy
head." Grace taunted as she stopped nude under age russian
at the pussy under age traffic cumshot under age signal. I looked at the
clock glowing on the dash; seven pm. I shook my head and looked again. Yup
we had made the trek in two and a half hours; it took over four by bus
without stops. It seemed Lindsey's mom knew exactly where she was going
without any directions from me. We rolled into our driveway, the SUV
dwarfing my mothers Honda [in size Grace wins again]. Before we reached the
door my mom flung it open and grabbed me in a very tight hug"Welcome home sweetheart!" nn under age models
she said enthusiastically. Then the two most
significant adults in my life under age lollita
stood facing each other for just a
moment. They gripped each others shoulders and locked eyes"Gracie!" under age naked girl my mother nude under age broke the pregnant silence."Mandy!" Grace returned and they were now locked in a more than friendly
embrace. Even to an inexperienced teenager the sparks were obvious. I
marveled at how those two impressive bossoms managed to compress, mash, or
move to allow sexy under age nudist
these two women to engage in a kiss that frankly took my
breath away. They were gripping each other by the shoulders again"It's been a long time." Gracie offered"Too long!" my mother countered "Come on in. You made good time." We made
our way through our tiny under age teen bbs entry hall; I could smell my under age nudity mother's signature
dish, Veal Scaloppini bubbling in the oven. "Dinner won't be ready for a
half an hour would you like some wine now?""That would be lovely." Grace accepted as she moved with surprising
intuition toward the living room. I wasn't expecting to be included, so
when my mother returned with three glasses I was thrilled."You're under age free in college now" she said as she handed me the cool wine glass
"there'll be more than enough of this stuff rolling down your throat pretty
soon." And she under age girls pussies
gave me a wink. Mom turned away to face Grace. I noticed for
the first time how mom was dressed; a under age nn models
slinky black dress that had no back
at all and her own `stay up' hose on her legs. For some reason I felt very
nervous and had to sit down. I watched in admiration as these two free sex under age
figures under age porn gay of my existence held hands and chatted as though they were
lovers. I couldn't hear what they were saying, as close as they were, but
every once in a while one of them would glance in my direction. I just sat
there sipping my wine feeling sort under age sex pics of grown up, but the stupid yellow
sundress made me feel like a ten year old compared to what the other women
were wearing.After dinner my mom and Gracie retired to the living under aged nude petites
room. I went to the
family room and tried to get interested in something on TV; fat chance. I
flipped channels for almost an hour before boredom over took me. Since I
had napped on the ride home I wasn't really that tired. I decided I'd go to
my room and either read or play sexy under age boys some games on line. lesbian teen under age I innocently went to
say good night to my mom and Gracie.I stood in the doorway to the living room transfixed. Gracie's blouse was
completely off, so was her bra both in a heap on the floor. Her ample
breasts were subtlety visible in the light from the end table lamps. My
mother had one of those succulent nipples in her mouth. My mother was no
more decently attired. Her dress was down around her waist and her bra if
she'd had one to begin with was nowhere in sight. Grace had my mom's under age girls cunts
nipples between her fingers and was squeezing and pulling on under age cum shots both of mom's
breasts at once. I had to stifle a groan as an unexpected rocket shot up my
pussy.Holding on hot under age porn
to the free under age kdz
door frame I watched as the two women fondled and sucked
on each other's breasts. I had to reach under my ridiculous dress and grab
my crotch. I felt the under age asian xxx inevitable wetness and under age teen modles
let my finger under age nude photo tip trace the
sensitive outline of under age cuties my budging lips. "We gotta stop" my girl under age xxx mom finally gasped
"what if Becky walks in?" I made a quick move back around the door post. I
could almost feel my mother's eyes on the doorway where I had been only a
second earlier."Don't worry honey" Grace reassured "she knows more than you think she
does."I hated underwear models under age being blind. Standing in the hall I was afraid to peek around the
door again in case one of them was looking under age kiddy
that way. After Grace's comment
there was silence. It was killing me. When I couldn't stand it any longer I
did poke my head around the corner. There was no need to worry about one of
them noticing me. They were both looking directly at the doorway where I
was standing. "Come on girls under age nude in dear, the water's fine!" Gracie said with a sort
of laugh in her voice.
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