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The main activities of the project are:

  • The context analysis, in which are traced the key characteristics of each territorial context
    involved in the project, designing strategic and operative objectives for SME aggregation processes and identifying the possible target audience of facilitators.
  • The learning laboratories - a ‘learning space’ where facilitators operating in favour of SMEs aggregations apply action learning methods on the field and identify possible ‘good practices’ of projects supporting SMEs.
  • The facilitator curriculum development – a training format and its supporting materials.
  • The collaborative virtual learning community of trainers and learning facilitators. The activities are actually running!
  • The field book for facilitators – the main product of the project – on how to act in SME contexts with action learning methods. The activities are actually running!
  • The valorisation and dissemination activities: the project website, articles in specialized magazines, workshops and a final conference, the launch of a European association of facilitators. The activities are actually running!

All the project outputs will be tailored as more as possible, according to the different target audience and the different territorial contexts.

Through the propagation methods envisaged by the SMEACTor project, after the formal end of the project it is expected to launch a large networking of trainers and learning agents aware of the AL methods, who will be introducing them in their training practice.

2006-2008 Smeactor