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UNIMPRESA Romaniaproject leader - is an association born in 2003 as a result of the request coming from the Italian entrepreneurs working in Romania and from various Romanian authorities looking for an unique and representative entity as a counterpart for their development projects. The number of its members is growing yearly (on medium term more than 1500 companies are expected to join the union). The main goal of Unimpresa is to represent its members in front of public and governmental institutions no matter the sector and the level, minding the local rules and laws.
Unimpresa Romania is currently providing technical assistance to the Rumanian SME Agency, through the transfer of know-how and operating experience to the national entities that are responsible for the development and competitive growth of Rumanian enterprises

University of Dortmund - Sozialforschungsstelle Dortmund is the Central Social Research Unit of the University. Its main activity is empirical social research and consultancy in all labour-related issues such as organisation development, Human Resources development, vocational training, health and safety, regional development, etc. It’s focused on industrial and social change processes.

The Fundació Ciutat de Viladecans (City of Viladecans Foundation) is a private foundation set up in 1997 supported by the Ajuntament de Viladecans, the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, the Institut Català de Tecnologia the Club d’Empresaris de Viladecans. Its main function is the strategic planning of local communities and public and private organizations in order to achieve sustainable growth and development.
The Foundation has developed transnational experience in training and eLearning projects, mainly at European level (Equal, Delta, Socrates, Grundtvig).

The "Bekescsabai Vallalkozoi Centrum" (BIC) established by the local government of Bekescsaba town and the ECONOMIX Co. of the University of Economics in 1993. The mission of BVC is to support the local economic development with the establishment of the most appropriate means and services focusing mainly on SMEs. For 10 years with the same management they founded a Business Incubator Centre (BIC) that became the biggest in size in the country, started an Industrial Park in 2001 through a green-field investment and opened an Agricultural and Food-industrial Innovation Centre in October 2004.

Istituto Guglielmo Tagliacarne (IGT) has been set up by the Union of the Italian Chambers of Commerce in 1986. It is a foundation formally recognised by the Italian Ministry of Industry. The Institute operates in all the Italian regions to promote economic culture, with a special focus on local economies, by undertaking activities of research and training.
The transnational experience of the Institute has been developed both in socio-economic research (with a focus on local development systems and on learning dynamics) and in training (with a special focus on pilot projects for SMEs, training for trainers, analysis of competencies, especially within Leonardo da Vinci and Equal programmes). Among the most relevant transnational projects it must be mentioned the four-years project (2001-2005) “WEST EAST ID” - Industrial Districts' Re-location Processes Identifying Policies in the Perspective of EU Enlargement”.
The Institute has developed a large know how in non formal learning developed by action- learning methodologies mainly involving local authorities and SMEs’ groups.

FORIM – Formazione e Promozione per le Imprese is a training agency of the Chamber of Commerce of Potenza, which is devoted, since 1993, to the local economic development in the area of Potenza (Basilicata region). Its main activities are focused on training to different targets (vocational, managerial and entrepreneurial ones), services in business creation (vocational guidance, abroad marketings prospects for local enterprises).
It performs its services in an economic context where the presence of small and very small local entreprises is highly rooted.

Team srl is a service company established in Genoa in 1981 with the purpose of providing consulting and professional services to businesses, trade associations and public administrations in the fields of human resources, local development and innovation. It is organised in three areas, all correlated to its strategic and operational know-how as well as to specific action fields: project management, monitoring and evaluation of projects and programmes, business development.
For over fifteen years, Team has been conducting direct consulting activities on behalf of the EU Commission either as the project leader or as a partner in several research, training, monitoring, and assessment projects.

The Karol Adamiecki University of Economics in Katowice (UNIKATOWICE) is the oldest public higher education institution teaching economics and conducting research in Upper Silesia (PL). The University successfully combines rich tradition with innovative approach to academic challenges in order to strengthen its position of modern research, expertise and education centre. It organizes Bachelor, Master and Post-Graduate degree programs. It has an extensive experience in inter-organisational co-operation aimed at regional policies development in several projects co-financed by the EU, by the government and foreign sources.

The Universitatea "Aurel Vlaicu" (AVU ARAD) is located in the Western part of Romania, in the city of Arad. The organizational structure comprises a spectrum of faculties including a center of Open Distance Learning, a department for Continuous learning, a department for the trainers’ training. The University, which has been cooperating since long time with local authorities, has developed several initiatives in transnational cooperation, participating in many European programmes like a Phare 2005; “Industrial Districts’ Re-location Processes: Identifying Policies in the Perspective of EU Enlargement” or a Phare 2003, “European Construction Process”- Jean Monnet 2002.

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