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Related to all project activities and to those expressly addressed to sketch out the facilitator professional profile (Labs, Field book, CVLC), promotion and exploitation went on both at local and transnational level.

An international event in Bucharest was planned at the end of October 2008. This final conference was focused on how AL processes can support SME growth. Its target audience were non exclusively trainers and training organisations,but rather: development agencies, SME agencies, local authorities, entrepreneurs.

Besides, three workshops in different countries (RO, IT, ES) were carried out before the end of the project and addressed to more specific audiences. They were monitored by project 1st tier facilitators. A learnshop in Rome was also a good opportunity for dissemination. A sustainibility plan of the project results was discussed in the Bucharest transnational meeting in last 0ctober 2008. Suggestions from partners were uploaded in Moodle platform.


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